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Development and Gender Disparity in Haryana: The Nature and Extent By Monu Kumar
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The word gender refer to the socio- cultural definition of men and women, the way of societies distinguished men and women and assign them social roles. Gender is seen closely related to the role and... More > behavior assigned to women and men based on their sexual differences. As soon as a child is born, families and society begin the process of gendering. The birth of the son is celebrated, the birth of a daughter filled with pain, sons are showed with love, respect, better food, and proper health care. Boys are encouraged to be tough and outgoing; girls are encouraged to be homebound and shy.< Less
Engaging Gender for Counselors: Essays on Meaning, Madness, and Mattering By Marc Anderson Grimmett
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Engaging Gender for Counselors is a collection of short essays written by counselor and higher education graduate students while taking the gender issues in counseling course at NC State... More > University in Spring 2015. The writings reflect ongoing personal gender journeys within a world of often rigid gender role expectations. Gender identity development can be a challenging process for which counseling can provide validation and support. Counselors have to learn how we do gender in order to be helpful in undoing the harm gender can cause and uncovering the power and beauty within.< Less
Teens, Young Adults, and Gender-Workbook for Professionals By Kimberly Quinn Smith
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This workbook for professionals accompanies the DVD, On The Fast Track Part III-Teens, Young Adults, and Gender. It addresses the issues of teens, young adults, and gender, primarily in the areas of... More > sports, politics, sexuality, as well as the effects of the media on social interaction and the concept of gender-marketing. In the documentary, we interview a group of young adults, as well as leading experts in the fields of psychology and gender-studies. The full-color design of the workbook makes seminars and workshops enjoyable in addition to being a highly effective learning tool for professionals.< Less
Gender, Patriarchy, and Mass- Media –A terminological introduction By monica sharma bajpai
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An academic introduction based on the sociology and linguistics of 'gender' and 'patriarchy'. For further guidance, reference material is mentioned in the bibliography.This can be a useful... More > introduction for gender-studies, mass media and gender-sensitivity in work sphere. The author is an M.A and M.Phil in Sociology,having specialized in Gender Studies, from Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi,India .< Less
Who upholds the sky? First Worldism and gender By Prairie Fire
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This excellent work by Leading Light Commander Prairie Fire takes on a sacred cow of the First World activism: feminism, or, more precisely, bourgeois, liberal, First World feminism. In both its... More > mainstream and “radical” forms, First Worldist feminism is an imperialist ideology. The book breaks new ground to suggest that First World women benefit in important ways from global patriarchy at the expense of Third World women. It debunks the dogma that all women share the same interests as females. Furthermore, the books knocks down both liberal and traditionalist answers the sexual and gender problems facing the world today. Both liberalism and traditionalism are two sides of a reactionary coin. Instead, this work pioneers the important concept of proletarianism, proletarian feminism, Leading Light Communism. This book offers a new foundation to revolutionary gender theory today.< Less
How to Jedi Mindtrick Your Gender Dysphoria By Felix Conrad
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This book is based on the idea that a transgender person's interpretation of concepts like 'femininity' and 'transgender' can either increase or reduce gender dysphoria. As Conrad demonstrates,... More > theories such as feminine essence - while seeming helpful - add an urgency and intensity to dysphoria and create a bias towards non organic treatments. Conrad concludes that if certain concepts have a negative effect on gender dysphoria then there must be others that are positive. Thus Conrad deconstructs contemporary transgender theory and reassembles it in a way which unequivocally affirms transgender identity but makes it less taxing on your wallet, your body and your family. To achieve this, Conrad has written a powerful self help book which objectifies gender dysphoria as a hard taskmaster that makes specific and real demands on the sufferer. Conrad examines these demands and looks for tricks, shortcuts and concepts that will satisfy the need for authentic gender expression without wholesale transition.< Less
Crossdressing in Context, vol. 1 Dress & Gender By G. G. Bolich, Ph.D.
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The first in a five volume set, this book reestablishes dress as a foundational context for crossdressing. This major study demonstrates the interplay between sex, gender, and clothes, especially as... More > these relate to transgender behaviors, of which crossdressing is the best-known.< Less
Dress & Gender: Crossdressing in Context, vol. 1 By G. G. Bolich, Ph.D.
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The first in a five volume set, this book reestablishes dress as a foundational context for crossdressing. This major study demonstrates the interplay between sex, gender, and clothes, especially as... More > these relate to transgender behaviors, of which crossdressing is the best-known.< Less
Were Jesus and Paul Gender Equality Activists? By John Humble
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When I was growing up, my first belief in the superiority of men came from Sunday school and what Christian preachers were saying. As I began to study the Bible for myself as an adult, I was amazed... More > at the great extent to which the New Testament elevated the status of women, especially when compared to how women were regarded in Roman law and society. Both Jesus and Paul actually elevate the importance and the status of women to being EQUAL players in the Kingdom of God. This work explores all the scriptures which clearly point this out. The average conservative Christian will be surprised to learn that gender equality ideas actually have their beginning in New Testament teachings.< Less
Masculine Gender Role Stress and Anger in Jamaican Men By Kaycie-Ann Lynch
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This is the first book to examine the psyche of the Jamaican man from the aspect of Masculine Gender Role Stress. Before this work, the concept of Masculine Gender Role Stress has never before been... More > employed to analyse the behaviour and thinking of the Jamaican man. The author conducted detailed research which showed that many Jamaican men were undergoing high rates of Masculine Gender Role Stress. The uniqueness of this book concerns the fact that finally an explanation has been put forward to account for behavoiurs that are often talked about, but never studied from a perspective that yielded valuable explanations.< Less

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