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The Play's the Thing! New Plays from Broome County By edited by Paul Juser
Paperback: $19.97
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(1 Ratings)
A collection of 1-act plays brought from page to stage by Theatricks by Starlight between 2003 and 2005.
ANAHIT, WARRIORESS: Princess of Hayasdan book 2 epic saga By Brenda Terzian
Paperback: $11.54
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Dedicated to famous persons, in Hollywood, who have done much good for the First Christian nation, Armenia, and who have done good humanitarian deeds, including taking a stand against GENOCIDE. Such... More > persons include: Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Danny Glover, Cher, and Arnold Schwarzenegger...Book 2 of the trilogy of ANAHIT. The Swashbuckler, unfolds the story, the invading lords, naxarars, brought darkness upon the face of the earth. Anahit, Princess of Hayasdan, must lead her people to fight off sieges their kingdom suffers. Together they cope with inhumanities, and defend themselves for their survival, and the future of all mankind.< Less
The Comfort Zone By Nathan Williams
Paperback: $11.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
When the main branch of the Boston Public Library relocates to a wealthy neighborhood, the librarian and two of her most frequent visitors become the targets of a relentless campaign of scare tactics... More > instigated by two of its snootiest residents.< Less
Wish You Were Here By Kyle Oddson
Paperback: $13.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Attending photography school, tasting the world of fashion photography, experiencing real poverty, learning the meaning of 'starving artist', working low wage jobs, visiting the abyss of loneliness... More > and depression, reaching the point of insanity--Wish You Were Here, the memoirs of a young artist struggling to survive in Paris.< Less
x,y... By Tejas Bhatt
Paperback: $6.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
A play in one act.
Two Bizarre Short Shorts By Mahsa Sedaghatian
eBook (ePub): $0.99
In a Cemetery's Bottled Secret, one man after living a comfortable life, for most of his adult life, suddenly hits rock bottom. He immediately uncovers that what he learned while lavishing in the... More > high life has no bearing in his new downtrodden way of life. So alone and miserable with no escape he resorts to the eighty percent proof bottle of distilled spirits. His new found friend, whom temporarily ameliorates his hopelessness and misery, uncovers vicariously that his addiction can actually be the gateway to his old life. In a Fiery Contract, the world of timed schedules and countless contracts many times resurrects in certain individuals the drive to undertake short cuts for a quick-fix payout. And in spite of the potential for risks, one individual has nothing to lose but everything to gain. So as he finds himself thousands in debt, he desperately signs a contract with his life as collateral.Ultimately, he risks ending up spending eternity in a vicious and infinite cycle of repetition.< Less
Starlit Daybreak By Ben Thomas
Paperback: $8.92
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Collected poetic works from 2004 and 2005
Paperback: $14.52
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Human survivors on a hostile island; the battle for life and self respect; Darwinism on acid. The judge at the inquest into the deaths would describe their achievements as a monument to human... More > society; a tribute to the courage, team-work and intelligence which is the very fabric of civilisation. Malcolm could see the Judge’s logic, he wanted to see the Judge’s logic. He remembered the bow that Felippe had built, the ‘lizard killer’ as they had fondly labelled it. The awesome gaping genius of it and the way it had transformed both their situation and the way they saw themselves. They were impressive. Malcolm wanted to share in their pride, to share in their boasts, to enthusiastically clap the Judge, but he could not stop thinking of the fellow survivors that they had inevitably murdered along the way.< Less
Chipwell Boys' Biggest Day By Peter Brown
Paperback: $12.41
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Streakers who bare all in Chipwell’s worst snowstorm for years; a fictitious legend that comes to life to inspire an up-and-coming pop group, and the village pub which has to shut its doors... More > after the unthinkable happens and it runs out of beer! And if that’s not enough, wedding bells are in the air for one of the best-known residents; someone has a close encounter with a flock of sheep and the lads have the sort of night out that they will never forget. Yes, the Boys are back for the third in the series of Chipwell Tales, and this time things are never going to be quite the same again!< Less
Sooty By G.P. Cowley
Paperback: $8.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
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On All Hallow's Eve of the year 1930, two eight-year-old children--Shim and Sooty--embark on a nighttime adventure exploring the darkened hills of their small hometown. They had heard rumors of... More > danger in the hills after nightfall, and yet on a dare they venture forth, sure they can withstand any challenge. This seemingly naive childhood enterprise would eventually endanger the life of one, enslave the soul of the other, and pit them against the most powerful, vile witch Merackabell, hell-bent on insuring her own immortality. Warning: The subject matter in this book is not for children.< Less

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