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Controlled Query Evaluation in General Semantics with Incomplete Information By Johannes Martin Werner
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Inauguraldissertation an der Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Bern. The thesis describes possible mechanisms that allow manipulations of query-sequences in... More > order to hide secret information from a potentially malicious query-agent. This is investigated in a strictly formal way: The surrounding information framework is reduced to general semantics and allows modelling of incomplete information.< Less
Morphosyntax and semantic type of noun phrases in Turkish By Micah John Walter
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Chierchia (1998) proposed that the semantic type of nouns varies across languages: in some languages, nouns denote entities; in others, nouns denote predicates; in yet others, nouns of both types are... More > attested. Chierchia posits the existence of two parameters to account for this division—namely [±arg], which determines whether a language contains nouns denoting arguments, and [±pred], which determines whether a language contains nouns denoting predicates. Chierchia then makes generalizations about each group. This paper examines the noun phrase semantics of Turkish. My analysis shows that not all [+arg, −pred] languages have nouns that act alike: while Turkish patterns in key ways with Chinese, a [+arg, −pred] language, it does not follow all of Chierchia’s predictions for [+arg, −pred] languages. In particular, it appears that some Turkish nouns, while being “mass” in the sense that they denote kinds, are countable.< Less
What Do You Mean and How Do You Know? By Nicholas Johnson
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We are the only species able to talk ourselves into difficulties that would not otherwise exist, from divorce to war. Here's a book full of practical suggestions on how to use our language to improve... More > our lives.< Less
An American Dictionary of the English Language By Noah Webster
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Two volumes in one. A compact reproduction of the 1828 first edition. Intended to exhibit, I. The origin, affinities and primary signification of English words, as far as they have been ascertained.... More > II. The genuine orthography and pronunciation of words, according to general usage, or to just principles of analogy. III. Accurate and discriminating definitions, with numerous authorities and illustrations. To which are prefixed, an introductory dissertation on the origin, history and connection of the languages of Western Asia and of Europe, and a concise grammar of the English language.< Less
Cosmology By Vitvan
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Vitvan’s correlations between the self-development process and modern science provide insights not available in any other work we know of. The way in which the cosmic process and the... More > self-development process are related is made clear and understandable. In Cosmology he reveals in detail how the forces of the psychic nature influence body chemistry and how students can develop conscious control of those forces. Sections on cytoplasmic tectonics and colloidal dynamics provide the scientific explanation for how the psyche and the body interact. Man’s relationship to the cosmic process is also established on scientific grounds. The cosmic process has been the study of seers since ancient times. In Vitvan's view, a new approach is necessary for the modern student who no longer thinks in mystical terms, but requires a correlation of the ancient wisdom with the language of modern physics and general semantics.< Less
The New Hermetics Equinox Journal Volume Three By Jason Augustus Newcomb
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This journal contains many exciting essays expanding the scope and practice of the New Hermetics. This is the most diverse collection of authors and ideas so far. Included in this volume are articles... More > on talismanic magick, candle magick, Tarot divination, General Semantics, and many other topics including two memoirs of advanced magical experiences, a new translation of the tantric text Vijñänabhairava, and a supplement containing most of the extant English source materials of the Bavarian Illuminati including extensive extracts from initiation rituals and instruction.< Less
HX Assembler software - manipulating chaos By andrew hennessey
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[HX] Assembler is a logic programming language, innovative general systems theory and knowledge representation system that models the solution to infinite recursion in computation and object... More > labelling noted by Turing and Goedel. It presents a non-arbitrary way to overcome the Halting problem. Infinite objects can be classified and mapped as sets of finite transactions anchored in empirical ergonomic values such as Volts or Watts. Further development given the one-off creation of an empirical object database would form the basis of all mapping of the external world by the AI system. HX Assembler and its metaphysics could adapt one of the public domain PROLOG compilers to include mapping an inverse competitive relationship between two objects in context e.g. an inverse; square, cube or attenuated relationship. e.g. Ohms Law< Less
Sanskrit syntax By Peter Scharf
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Sanskrit syntax is the publication of selected revised papers presented at the Seminar on Sanskrit syntax and discourse structures organized by the editor at the Université Paris Diderot,... More > 13--15 June 2013. The program of the seminar is posted on the Sanskrit Library website under Events. The theme of the seminar was the exposition of current theoretical knowledge concerning Sanskrit syntax and the application of state of the art methods of computational linguistics to Sanskrit. The book includes twelve papers by seventeen contributors from divergent backgrounds in European and American linguistics, Pāṇinian grammar, and computer science that converge in dealing with contemporary issues in Sanskrit syntax. Hock provides a general survey of research on Sanskrit syntax. Other papers deal with word order, discourse analysis, word classification, ellipsis and lexical argument structure, and Pāṇinian methodology, rule syntax, and computational implementation.< Less
A Proof Of Syntactic Incompleteness Of The Second-Order Categorical Arithmetic By giuseppe raguní
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Actually, Arithmetic is considered as syntactically incomplete. However there are different types of arithmetical theories. One of the most important is the SecondOrder Categorical Arithmetic(AR),... More > which interprets the induction principle by the socalled full semantics.Now who ever concluded that AR is sintactically (or semantically, from the categoricity)incomplete? Since this theory is not effectively axiomatizable, the incompleteness Theorems cannot be applied to it. Nor is it legitimate to assert that the undecidability for a statements is generally kept in passing from a certain theory (e.g. PA) to another that includes it (e.g. AR). Of course, although the language of AR is semantically incomplete, this does not imply that the same AR is semantically/sintactically incomplete. Pending a response to the previous question, this paper presents a proof of the syntactic/semantical incompleteness of AR, by examples based on the different modes of representation (i.e. codes) of the natural numbers in computation< Less
An Overview of Pop-11 By Aaron Sloman
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This text provides an introduction to programming with Pop-11. Pop-11 is a versatile language suitable for rapid prototyping and artificial intelligence. It has list processing capabilities similar... More > to lisp, but with a more readable algol like syntax. Contents: CHAPTER.1: INTRODUCTION — THE ROOMS EXAMPLE CHAPTER.2: INTRODUCTION TO THE SYNTAX AND SEMANTICS OF POP-11 CHAPTER.3: PROCEDURES AND THE STACK CHAPTER.4: PROCEDURES IN POP-11 CHAPTER.5: NUMERICAL AND LOGICAL FACILITIES IN POP-11 CHAPTER.6: LIST PROCESSING IN POP-11 CHAPTER.7: THE POP-11 PATTERN MATCHER AND DATABASE CHAPTER.8 AN AI APPLICATION: A GENERAL PROBLEM SOLVER CHAPTER.9 RECORDS, VECTORS AND OBJECTCLASS< Less