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Genome Synthesis and Design Futures: Implications for the US Economy By Robert Carlson et al.
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This book analyzes recent and expected impacts of the advance and adoption of new gene sequencing and synthesis technologies and techniques, and looks in depth at their likely significance in three... More > strategically important sectors of the US economy: energy, chemicals, and vaccines.< Less
Agricultural Biotechnology at the Crossroads: The Changing Structure of the Industry By Gregory Graff & James Newcomb
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This is an independent analysis by bio-era done in early 2003 of the structure of the agricultural biotechnology business and the trends affecting consolidation in the industry.
Falconer Vision By Frank Carrucan
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Falconer Vision: Infinite Worlds – Book 2 ‘I have the sight, I have the power, Strong my time and strong my hour, Know not from where - comes the power, Know not from where - comes the... More > power!’ The Falconer Book In the deadly waters of Bass Strait, Southern Australia, a rogue wave and a near-death experience leave Skye and Jake Falconer traumatised. Amid the psychological fallout, their lives are forever altered. They develop unexplained powers. Are these incredible abilities a blessing or a curse? Are they brought back from the dead? From where do the powers come? What needs to be done to prevent the coming Apocalypse in our future world?< Less
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Escape to Ragnis Crystal-A Sci-Fi Romance Series By JB Trepagnier
Hardcover: $39.49
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New Planet, New Challenges. The migrations to Ragnis Crystal have started. The secrets of the bond animals and the Waljan teenager's gifts have been revealed. An ancient race of aliens have made... More > themselves known and are trying to guide the Waljans in their journey. Painful changes to all of their DNA must be endured to strip away what was always meant to be. As their new society begins to grow and flourish and new gifts are being developed, something is not sitting right with gentle Elan. Deep down, Elan knows no one on Ragnis Crystal wants to hurt them and if they did, so all of them can read minds like Isolde now. The new Autrikxians can block their thoughts, but they've dropped their wards and he knows they are swore to their life to protect all of them. But something is sending him into a fierce, protective rage that Isolde and his unborn children are in danger. A cryptic vision shows what could seem like a harmless decision could bring about the death of Isolde and the twins she is carrying.< Less
The Dysdaimon's Revenge-A Sci-Fi Romance Series By JB Trepagnier
Hardcover: $39.95
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They should have worried more. Not much is known about the Dysdaimons. They know Than sired them, but not what for. They know they have been turned into something that moves too fast to be seen and... More > they have Isolde. They are keeping her somewhere so hot, she can't use her ice as a weapon. She has to use it to stay alive. Isolde knows she's in a cave surrounded by strange lizard people and Anders. She knows she can't kill Anders and escape because they know how to activate the volcano. As she tries to manipulate Anders to sneak her to a pod so she can get out without being burned alive, she'd brought face to face with the real evil behind the Dysdaimon. Seth and his brother Morfran are their leaders. Seth wants Isolde and is half mad on Avalian Oracle. Morfran is a bloody thirsty half lizard who eats human flesh. Isolde only has her wits to escape and Elan can't track her like he normally can. Will the lovers be united and stop the threat to paradise?< Less
The Greatest Game By Malcolm Little
eBook (ePub): $2.98
The Megastate. A worldwide utopia of the 2040s, realized by Soteira, an AI overseeing future humankind. Life in the Megastate is peaceful, enlightened, proficient. Or perhaps that’s merely the... More > surface. Enter Luther Scotian, Seattle detective, cynical about life in a so-called paradise. As the security of the Megastate frays, one of the AI’s top agents—Luther’s ex-girlfriend Melina—recruits the detective. Able to flex his investigative talents anew, Luther finds himself smack in the middle of world-altering discoveries. Wanting to ensure its continuity, the superintelligence behind the Megastate aids the detective. Spanning across the Americas, events thrust Luther, Melina and Soteira into a game of cat and mouse. Their adversary’s goals, concealed aboard a space station, involve no less than the reengineering of humankind. Amidst androids, AR tech, and a global panopticon, The Greatest Game sends readers on an existential thrill ride. By the last page, you’ll be asking yourself big questions.< Less
Versaflux By Jason Jowett
Paperback: $9.73
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The interplanetary society rests assured with the ingenious innovation practices of the Intellighensia, and a real utopia is finally within reach to M.E, the Main Event. Mercury is the only one... More > independent planet with a society capable of initiating it in this last work of the Alchemy series, and Orion's lost epic.< Less
Government Response to Novel Chimera Pathogen By Gus Michalik
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This book critically examines possible mitigation and containment measures to be utilized in the case of an attack using a novel chimeric weapon for which there is no cure. To prescribe adequate... More > countermeasures against an attack of this nature, this paper examines several variables such as the pathophysiology and biology of possible weapons agents. Countries currently in possession of biological weapons agents and the risk of one or more of these countries utilizing said agents. Current mitigation and containment protocols are also examined. It was concluded that the risk of a biological event utilizing a chimeric weapon was high and of grave importance to the National Security of the United States. Forward by Lawrence Takeuchi M.D., M.Sc., FRCPC< Less
Out of Darkness By E.B. Dawson
Hardcover: $24.99
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Sixteen-year-old Logan Bailey finds herself forcefully recruited into an underground paramilitary organization. Outperformed by the older candidates, Logan doesn’t understand why she is... More > there…until the psychological experiments begin. Pushed to her limits, stripped of everything she cares about, and emptied of her identity, Logan will have to rediscover who she is and what she is willing to fight for. When intelligence agent Druce Finamore helps her escape, she has every intention of going off the grid for good. But forces from her past pull her back into a web of conspiracy where she’ll discover truths that will change her world forever.< Less

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