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Evalyn and Bolder's Unnatural Investigations - Book Two: Mind Games By Griffen Price
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Almost seventy years ago, Dr. Heim tested twelve metahuman abilities on twenty-four men and women: these people were the "Subjects." They escaped the laboratories holding them and soon had... More > children who would possess and pass on their extraordinary power: Genetically Eccentric Organisms. A few months ago, this top-secret company called Haven swooped into the lives of my friend and I, told us all of this history and that we are G.E.O.s ! Nothing's been the same since! We were trained to control our abilities and now Evalyn and I are partner agents (well, Initiates) working for The Haven Corporation. We recruit and train other G.E.O.s just like us, lock up the bad ones, and keep a general lid on the bizarre scientific anomalies of the everyday world. So, it shouldn't have seemed too weird when we got an urgent letter from the Company sending us to Maryland on the trail of a missing doctor. Funny how things can go wrong, though... My name is Bolder Commons. This is my story.< Less
I Want Superpowers By Steven Bereznai
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The Genetic Wars that turned most of the planet into a wasteland are over. The so-called “dregs” (short for “DNA regulars”) and superpowered “Supergenics” now live... More > separately from each other: the Supergenics in the shiny towers of Jupitar City, the dregs across the river in the squat concrete buildings of the boroughs. But Supergenic children are still born to dreg parents, and under repressive laws must be sent to live with their own kind. To find these special few, every teen faces their Testing Day. When her turn comes, socially isolated Caitlin Feral is determined to Manifest superpowers. If she fails, she faces a lifetime of loneliness and drudgery in the boroughs. But how much is she willing to sacrifice to be the supergirl she’s always wanted to be? With the help of her OCD best friend Normand, can she rescue her boyfriend Bradie? What secrets are they each keeping? And when she uncovers dark lies told by dregs and Supergenics alike, does she dare start another war to reveal the truth?< Less
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Live Online Chess: Social Features & Downsides By Jose Fadul
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The book features social network analysis of the author's live rated online chess games with various players (including high and middle-strength computer software) from different time zones and... More > cultures around the world. For most of them the social features and downsides of real-time online chess were investigated and documented, including social magnetism, gambling, anonymity and use of pseudonyms, nationalism, Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) issues, Islamophobia, and social stratification and mobility. The accompanying game annotations and post-game discussions mainly dwell on responsible participation and civil discourse using live online chess games as medium. Online chess has become a test case for us as an international/trans-national group to think about how we can live in a socially-differentiated society, where its members subscribe to a plurality of forms of knowledge arising from considerably different environments, experiences and genetic makeup.< Less
The "People Power" Disability - Serious Illness - Senior Citizen Superbook: Book 6. Special Education 1 (Mentally & Physically Disabled Children At School, Autism) By Tony Kelbrat
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There are several ways to have a limited ability to think: Born that way by genetics as with Down's Syndrome. Born that way by mother's bad habits as with fetal alcohol syndrome. Get hit in the... More > head, traumatic brain injury, concussion. Stress of life. Substance abuse, prescription drugs that alter brain chemistry Chemicals in ordinary objects like aspartame, lead, mercury, etc. Electro-magnetic waves Self-delusion, people get depressed, think too much, etc. My main purposes in writing this book are: To find all the conventional knowledge about mental challenges as I could and centralize it here. It is evident when a child is born with down syndrome or his or her performance seems slower than normal but everything else is someone's opinion as with autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. People who diagnose these so-called disorders have no specific test that can with certainty say they have this disorder therefore need this drug.< Less
Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days By Dennis Weis
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“Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days” . . .Opens The Door To Powerful ‘Time-Tested’ Bodybuilding Secrets: Strange (But Powerful) Tips, Tricks & Techniques For... More > Solving Many Of Your Problems Of Gaining Muscle Mass!!! Here’s some of what’s revealed in the easy to understand and easy to put into action Gain 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 14 Days… 19-Extreme (Anabolic) Overfeeding Nutrition Action Steps The 14 Day Extreme ‘Rapid Response’ Myofibril-Mitochondria Zone Workout Plan 15 Extreme (Anabolic) Muscle Mass Training Action Steps Power Matrix 4-Set Pyramid 5-Set Anabolic Trigger Workout 15 Day Intensity Manipulation Chart Infinitely Variable 23 Week Phase Period Training + Soviet Super-Position Training Hard Gainer Genetic Lottery Code Breakers-14 Factors Which Can Hinder Gaining Muscle Mass & Strength And The Dominating Solutions Order Now And Start Building New Muscle Mass Right Away With One Of The Most Credible And Effective Launch Point Training Systems On Earth!< Less
Mijn paperback By Rajiv Rama
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Genetic mutation inclunding random stuff. This is just a test so yeah don't print this

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