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Applications of Genetics By James F Frayne
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In the comparatively short time since 1953 there have been ground-breaking discoveries that have changed the way we look at ourselves, and have been instrumental in addressing many of the problems... More > associated with ‘genetic diseases’ in general. A new vocabulary has evolved in the light of these discoveries. Intron, exon, prion, hox, codon, polymerase, epistasis, gyandromorph, telomere, Morgellon’s, BRCA and many others have crept into the vocabulary and are being used more and more. The study of Genetics can be very daunting for a student embarking on the adventure for the very first time. This book is intended, initially, to cover much of the syllabus for A-Level and High School studies, but because of the simple language, tables and graphics, however, the subject matter will be easily absorbed by, and be of great interest to, the comparative lay persons among us.< Less
Staphylococcus: Genetics and Physiology By Greg A. Somerville
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-49-4 EAN 9781910190494 This book brings together respected S. aureus experts from around the world to provide a timely overview of staphylococcal research. Topics... More > covered include: historical background; medical significance in humans and animals; genetic variation; virulence factors; metabolism and physiology; physiological proteomics; cell wall assembly and physiology; transition metal ion homeostasis; molecular strategies of antibiotic resistance; genetic regulation; and immune response. Essential reading for scientists working with staphylococci. This text is an excellent introduction for entry level scientists, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding of this critically important bacterial pathogen.< Less
Variational Semantics in Tibeto-Burman By James A. Matisoff
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This is a STEDT Facsimile Edition of James A. Matisoff's pioneering 1978 book Variational Semantics in Tibeto-Burman: The "organic" approach to linguistic comparison. This volume explores... More > strategies for sub-grouping Tibeto-Burman (TB) languages, addressing phonological, morphological, and morphophonemic criteria for determining genetic relations. Matisoff here defines many of the key concepts underlying his influential linguistic theories and findings, including "semantic fields", "semantic systems", and "multi-dimensional semantic space", looking in particular at TB body-part terms, and charting the complex semantic relations among TB internal organs.< Less
Genetic Factors of Anxiety, Anger, and Mental Disorders: Potential Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prevention By Pharm Tao
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Scientific evidences have shown that together with environmental factors, genetic components have important roles in anxiety and various mental problems. Many genes have been related to psychiatric... More > disorders including depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behavior, schizophrenia, and emotional disorders. Variations in the genes may increase the individual risks for psychiatric diseases such as bipolar disorders, memory impairment, psychosis in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and alcoholism. It is very challenging to have early and accurate diagnosis of anxiety disorders to save the costs from delayed treatments. In addition, anger and hostility may be psychosocial risk factors for higher cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Potential biomarkers for the diagnosis of anxiety can be genes, genetic variants, biochemical and physiological components, as well as behavioral factors.< Less
Natural Products, Chemical Compounds, and Gene Targets for Weight Loss: Discoveries from Genetic Interactions By (Editor)
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Body weight is decided by the balance between food intake and energy expenditure. Some genes have been found to be important signal molecules in the cells and play crucial roles in the central... More > regulation of food intake, feeding behavior, and energy homeostasis. These genes are potential targets and biomarkers for the treatment of obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Many natural products, such as extracts and compounds from fruits and herbs, have weight loss effects and can protect against high-fat-diet induced obesity. These natural products and compounds can be used in food ingredients, diet therapy, or drug components for the treatment of obesity. Recent scientific studies have elucidated the molecular mechanisms of these products. The weight loss effects of these products may be mediated through adjusting genes involved in energy homeostasis. (Journal of Personalized and Systems Medicine)< Less
Bacterial Regulatory Networks By Alain A.M. Filloux
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-03-4 EAN 9781908230034 Renowned authors under the expert guidance of the editor Alain A.M. Filloux, have contributed authoritative, up-to-date reviews of the current... More > research and theories on regulatory networks in bacteria. The volume contains critical reviews written by the leading research scientists in this topical field. The authors fully explore various regulatory networks, discuss variations of common themes and provide fresh insights into bacterial regulatory mechanisms. This book is essential reading for everyone interested in gene expression and regulation in bacteria and is a recommended text for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Sci 1010 H 1030 H Introduction to Biology Honors By Susan Tatsui-D'Arcy
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Merit Academy’s Introduction to Biology Honors is a full-year course. It is designed to prepare the students to take a college Introduction to Biology course or series with the corresponding... More > college labs. It covers chemical foundations of life; molecular biology; cell physiology; genetics; morphology; physiology; development; evolution; natural selection; genetic variation; adaptation; speciation; ecosystems; behavioral, community, and population ecology. Students take field trips, engage in labs, and write a scientific research paper. The goal of this class is to give the students the opportunity to enjoy biology while learning complex concepts that will prepare them for a future in the sciences.< Less
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The conflict between how much athletic ability is rooted in individual genetics as opposed to the influence of training and other factors is often expressed as "nature versus nurture."... More > Although precise attribution between athletic nature and nurture are impossible, it is a generally accepted sport science proposition that genes represent approximately 50% of athletic variation in performance, with 50% attributable to both the individual athlete's response to training, as well as social factors, such as the support provided to the athlete in pursuit of his or her goals.< Less
The New Betta By Victoria Parnell
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Ever wonder why your betta sometimes has bubbles in his bowl? Or what exactly a Halfmoon is? Show winning breeder Victoria Parnell will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting a betta... More > to buy, breeding, raising fry, feeding, and medicating. Also includes detailed information on the latest finnage variations, including Halfmoon, Crowntail, and Doubletail, and a basic tutorial into betta colors and genetics. A must-read for any betta lover!< Less
Guppy Color Strains By Philip Shaddock
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Guppy Color Strains is the only catalog of guppy strains, with over 150 strains illustrated with high quality photography and detailed information. Many of the listing comes from experimental... More > crosses by the author. The catalog covers strains from across the globe, from Canada to Thailand, from the U.S. to Italy. In many cases the history of the strains have been given, their description, their genetics. There are many expert breeders tips and observations. The bible is a handy desktop reference when you are trying to figure out the genetics of a strain seen in your tanks or online. It is also a guppy designer's guide since crosses between strains are represented, as well as the variations of established strains, like Metal Pingus or new strains like the Blond See-thrus. There is simply no other book in the hobby so thorough and so accurate in its presentation of the major strains that the guppy's mutations have produced.< Less

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