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Genius! By Rodney Castleden
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How do we identify a brilliant mind? IQ? Achievement? Originality? This book tells the stories of 50 people whose brilliance, achievement and originality changed the way we live, or the way we think.... More > It is often assumed that geniuses are a race apart, but in many ways they are ordinary people, facing the ordinary problems of everyday life. Some have to struggle to make a living. Some even have to overcome disadvantage, discrimination or disability in order to achieve. Their stories are an inspiration to the rest of us.< Less
The Genius Programme By Graeme Butchart
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The Genius Programme is a three-part program designed to help free you from habits of thinking that are no longer contributing to positive development in your life. The programme empowers you,... More > through the use of new thinking tools, to embark on a period of personal innovation and creative genius recovery. It frees instinctive intuition and opens the possibility to greater self-potential. You will be introduced to six common habits of thinking; contextual change; tools that will help unlock your creative genius; exercises to help you practise and embed the new ways of thinking you have acquired. The programme is designed to run over a four week period, but you can take your time and plan the exercises according to your schedule. The best outcomes come when you read through everything a number of times as each new reading provides another insight for you.< Less
Genius and Insanity By Marie Faverio
eBook (ePub): $4.44
A collection of puzzles of different kinds. Paperback, hardcover and pdf download available separately. This ePub file is of the highest quality (it looks like the pdf file) and is pretty large. Not... More > suitable for very small devices I think. Highly recommended by the Ludomind Society First published in 2004, slightly revised in 2013< Less
The Keys to Super Intelligence: How to Think Like a Genius and Increase the Iq Naturally By Neil Mars
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Our life consists in a permanent quest for a more uplifting and rich experience. We love to travel, listen to music, talk to others, and mostly create. We all love to create something, either a... More > family, a business or an impact on society with what we do. We desire respect, recognition and appreciation. And, this is why we love to be praised, admired and receive gifts. All these things contribute to our evolution as a human being, as a species and as a spiritual being, and that’s why they all directly affect our IQ. Although others have divided our brain in IQ, EQ, and many other Qs, they are all connected.< Less
Thoughts of a Maths Genius By Edzai Zvobwo
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A provocative compilation of articles on the politics of mathematics education, girl child empowerment and critical thinking in Africa. This is a book that challenges the norm and gives insights of... More > what could be.< Less
Gifted: The Story of a Young Genius By Nishad Cote
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Jack Jones is an exceptionally intelligent fourteen year old who suffers from boredom and isolation at his public school. After a letter of acceptance comes from the prestigious Highborn Academy,... More > Jack encounters a new world where he develops his talents for both academics and comedy, while growing emotionally through facing the challenges that naturally accompany friendship, love, family, and being part of a community. Suddenly, Jack is amongst his intellectual equals, studying subjects that interest him. He’s got a roommate who wants to befriend him, a scholastic competition to study for, and even a girl he can’t stop thinking about—but he’s convinced that none of them will like him for himself. Jack changes his entire life and personality around in an effort to make himself more likable and “cool.” Jack’s social life gradually takes a turn for the better, but he’s about to learn that if he can’t accept himself for who he is, neither will anyone else.< Less
Literary Character of Men of Genius (Illustrated) By Isaac Disraeli
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This volume comprises my writings on subjects chiefly of our vernacular literature. Now collected together, they offer a unity of design, and afford to the general reader and to the student of... More > classical antiquity some initiation into our national Literature. It is presumed also, that they present materials for thinking not solely on literary topics; authors and books are not alone here treated of,—a comprehensive view of human nature necessarily enters into the subject from the diversity of the characters portrayed, through the gradations of their faculties, the influence of their tastes, and those incidents of their lives prompted by their fortunes or their passions. This present volume, with its brother "CURIOSITIES OF LITERATURE," now constitute a body of reading which may awaken knowledge in minds only seeking amusement, and refresh the deeper studies of the learned by matters not unworthy of their curiosity.< Less
RAW Questions for Creative Thinking By Ayd Instone
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A workbook/journal of 52 questions to enhance your creativity. The questions can be used as a warm up for a brainstorming session to help you generate ideas and be more in touch with your creative... More > intelligence.< Less
RAW Questions for Creative Thinking By Ayd Instone
eBook (PDF): $24.50
A workbook/journal of 52 questions to enhance your creativity. The questions can be used as a warm up for a brainstorming session to help you generate ideas and be more in touch with your creative... More > intelligence.< Less
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This book pertains largely to the topic of Epistemology; i.e. Mathematics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Context, and Formal Systems. The author Justin M.... More > Coslor is currently the Minister of Intelligence of the Formalized Research Database: Cluster, Study, and Apply (FRD:CSA); an ongoing Artificial Intelligence ontological systems integration effort primarily designed, put together, and implemented by the creative and technical genius Andrew J. Dougherty. See HTTP://FRDCSA.ORG and HTTP://PICFORM.ORG (Note: there are some errors in this text, and other human errors. JMC) POSSIBILITY THINKING: EXPLORATIONS IN LOGIC AND THOUGHT (SECOND EDITION) ISBN: 9781257808519 Printed in Paperback.< Less