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George Washington and the Cherry Tree Myth By Monticello West
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Our first man, George Washington was an historical figure larger than life, so it is very interesting to historians the mythologizing of our first celebrity president. Parson Weems still stands the... More > test of time as the first biographer that set the bar for trying to turn ordinary heroes into something even grander. The first time all the historical documents are put under one cover for the historical researcher to read and enjoy a critical biography about the making of a myth.< Less
Patriotism in Washington's Time By P.J. Byrne M.D.
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Patriotism in Washington's Time
Patriotism in Washington's Time By P.J. Byrne M.D.
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Patriotism in Washington's Time chronicles the formation of patriotism in the United States during the American Revolution time period. An insightful read
The Wonderful Story of Washington By Charles M. Stevens
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The classic biography of first American President, George Washington.
George Washington: 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself By Carla Mooney
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George Washington: 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself offers a fascinating look into the life and times of our nation’s first president. Readers ages 9 and up can explore... More > Washington’s years as a young Virginia gentleman, his military battles, and his political contributions to a fledgling nation. Using common household items and minimal supervision, kids enjoy 25 hands-on activities to help them learn about this legendary figure in American history. Young readers will create a surveyor’s map, cook Washington’s favorite hoecakes, write with a quill pen, make a replica of Washington’s battle sword, and much more. George Washington includes biographical sidebars, illustrations, and historical facts that allow kids to explore the life of George Washington in a fun, hands-on way.< Less
Daughters of the Puritans: A Group of Brief Biographies By Seth Curtis Beach
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During the first half of the nineteenth century, Miss Sedgwick would doubtless have been considered the queen of American letters, but, in the opinion of her friends, the beauty of her character... More > surpassed the merit of her books. In 1871, Miss Mary E. Dewey, her life-long neighbor, edited a volume of Miss Sedgwick's letters, mostly to members of her family, in compliance with the desire of those who knew and loved her, "that some printed memorial should exist of a life so beautiful and delightful in itself, and so beneficent in its influence upon others." Truly a "life beautiful in itself and beneficent in its influence," the reader will say, as he lays down this tender volume. Catharine Maria Sedgwick was born at Stockbridge, Mass., in 1789, the first year of the presidency of George Washington. She was a descendant from Robert Sedgwick, major-general under Cromwell, and governor of Jamaica.< Less
Guess Who By Victoria Mannah
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A biography of Goerge Washington.
Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson By Michelle Graye
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The world of Thomas Jefferson (born 1743) is one of the most interesting in the history of the United States. Manor born in Shadwell, Virginia, Jefferson was one of the giants of our early history... More > of the republic. Other than George Washington, no other single individual had such an impact on how we live, govern and respect the rights of others... than Thomas Jefferson, a giant among giants! This is a faithful reproduction of an 1862 biography written on the Life and Administration of Thomas Jefferson. Very readable in this modern Lulu edition and as the compiler I'm very excited to see new scholarship coming out on TJ that keeps him at the top of the apex game of who was our greatest president.< Less
Black Scientists & Inventors Book 2 By Michael Williams, Ava Henry
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This book can be use by children between the ages of 7 - 16.(Can be used for Key Stage 2/3) The second in a series of motivational, educational textbooks that seek to assist children aged 7 –... More > 16 with their English, maths, history, geography and science using biographies of 10 scientists and inventors, including Cuthbert Dutiro, inventor of an environmentally friendly material for use in building roofs, Pauline Straker-Rodgers who wins awards all over the world for her beautiful porcelain dolls, Dr. Philip Emeagwali inventor of an incredibly fast supercomputer, a world record in 1989. George Washington-Carver inventor of over 300 products from peanuts, soy bean and sweet potatoes.< Less
Carver By Jack Truman
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CARVER: A SCREENPLAY is a biographical drama of agricultural chemist George Washington Carver, the first Black scientist to be inducted in the Inventor's and Scientists Hall of Fame. CARVER follows... More > the colorful 80 year life of George, beginning with being born into slavery in 1860's Southwest Missouri, to travel, drifter and student; the first Black to receive a Bachelor's and Master's degree at Iowa State College; followed by his 43 year teaching career at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, the first Black college with a Science department. CARVER is a film about racism and discrimination of the black man throughout history; the importance of education and science; and how one man changed the world through science with plants and their contribution to life.< Less

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