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Targeted Traffic Simplified By Jack Moore
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What we’re looking at here are your five primary resources, the lifeblood of any online business. That’s your affiliates, your list, your customers, long term customers, and joint venture... More > prospects, all of which we’ll refer to from this point onwards as your resources, or your promotion power. Each one of the big five have the power to make you sales, and thus big profits. However, imagine being able to take those five and manage them in such a way that you never have to carry out the expensive act of paying for new customers, a bigger, list, more affiliates or JV contacts ever again, but still having countless thousands of them flowing into your lap. It sounds unthinkable, but with the right management of your resources, you’re going to be seeing their usefulness double, multiply by three, four, sometimes even five. What does this mean or your profits? Get all information here…< Less
Article Marketing Gold - The Secrets of Generating Targeted Traffic With Articles By Lucifer Heart
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Listen, if you've never tried article marketing seriously then you're missing out on of THE best methods in internet marketing. "Discover How You Can Use The Huge Power of Article Marketing To... More > Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website... and Instantly Become THE Person Your Prospects Want To Buy From". Here are just SOME of the things you'll discover in this no-fluff 33-page report : 1. How to use article marketing effectively in your online business, step-by-step. 2. The important decision you have to make straight away (and why sometimes the obvious decision isn't the best one). 3. How to come up with winning article ideas in a flash (No more looking at a blank screen in Word and thinking 'what the hell do I write about' - I'll show you how to come up more ideas than you have time to implement!) 4. How to write articles that get your readers to do exactly what you want them to do. 5. Don't fancy doing the work yourself? I'll take you through your main options. and so much more..< Less
Red Hot Traffic in 10 Days! By Pj Germain
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Here's Your Amazing Opportunity To Discover How To Funnel In Floods Of Molten, Red Hot TARGETED Traffic Into Your Websites In 10 Days... For Less Than $200.00! Getting other people to voluntarily... More > drive in TARGETED traffic for you - this can prove to be a powerful marketing weapon if handled with care... and executed correctly! How to "legally" steal other people's traffic (and they won't mind it)!< Less
The 5 Hottest Opt-In List Building Tools On The Planet By Resell Rights
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You Are 30 Seconds Away from Having All of the Tools & Knowledge to Build a Laser-Targeted, 50,000 Subscriber Opt-in List in a Hurry On a Shoestring Budget. And Use it to Generate $1,000s... More > Weekly of Passive Income You Earn Even While Sleeping! Experts estimate that 95% of all Money made in Internet marketing is generated from email marketing to opt-in lists of subscribers it’s simple logic that building an opt-in list is the #1 way to setup a profitable online marketing business because with email marketing to a list you can connect with prospects continuously, gradually build relationships, and earn customers' trust. Fact: it takes an average of 7 contacts with a prospect before he or she will buy from you If you are serious about making money with marketing online, the single most important action you can take is to build a targeted, opt-in list of prospects. Email marketing to your list can create a continuous, lifetime income stream!< Less
Selling Your Coaching Program By internet reaserch
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Selling Your Coaching Program New Approach In Marketing Your Coaching Business This new platform of getting the relevant information to the intended target audience is also another way to get those... More > attending the seminar to take away and peruse any of the material presented to them. It is also a great way of getting this material to an even bigger target audience when the said material is passes to others by the prospects.< Less
Traffic Heist By Buzz Hill
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When it comes to online business, there is only one thing that you need above all else; traffic. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or you create your own info products and services,... More > without traffic, your business will never get off the ground and ultimately, your website doomed to be nothing more than wasted space, clutter, useless. After all, traffic equates to customers and without these prospects, there is no income, no profit, and no success. Thankfully, not all traffic comes with a hefty price tag, in fact, there are many ways to generate prime, targeted traffic to your websites and landing pages absolutely free. Known in most circles as “Bum Marketing”, these methods of generating traffic are often the highest converting, most targeted traffic that you can get, which is why, aside from the no cost factor, is why so many people are interested in learning exactly how it’s done. E-Book 56 Pages< Less
List Building Bible By Terri Bork
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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One of the most important things in an Internet Marketing business is a list of contacts. Just as in any other business, online businesses also need to build relationships with their customers.... More > Subscribers are the contacts on your lists that are the most valuable asset of your online business. Therefore, list building leads to building relationships, which in turn encourages prospects to visit your website, sign up and get closer to buying your offer. But people are not just going to flock to a website and leave their contact information! To attract them, they must perceive some value. The first thing they are going to think about is how they will benefit from giving you their contact details. That‟s why every business that does online marketing must build its own lists, targeted at specific prospects. It is time consuming. You have to work really hard. But in the end, you will directly enjoy the fruits of your efforts.< Less
Google Plus Income System By Karen Warren
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I will show you how to leverage Google+ to bring massive, highly targeted traffic to your website and build a targeted interactive list of followers. I will get you using your profile as a magnet... More > for traffic, leads, followers and profits. Learn how to dominate your niche on Google+, gain better seo rankings on Google, increase FREE traffic to your website, improve your conversion rates and make more profits as a result. If you are looking for a fast, easy way to build your brand, maximise your online income & exposure…..then the contents of my book can help you save time generating traffic and lowering your marketing spend. Google+ is an easy FREE way to get your business in front of prospective buyers, to enable them to build the ‘Know Like & Trust’ factors with you. Connect with author< Less
How to Make Your Home Business Work Online By Scott Hache
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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Looking to build your own Internet Website? Consider this… GETTING STARTED - Tips on Finding a Professional Website Design Company - Tips on Website Hosting - What Makes a Website... More > Work? - Website Possibilities – What are your options? - Self Replicating Websites - Ready-to-go Template Websites WEBSITE PROMOTION - Targeting your Market to increase the quality of your prospects - Marketing your site in Search engines - PayPer-Click Advertising (CPC) - Posting Ads in Free Classifieds - Using Email in Marketing - What is SPAM? - Tips on Building Your Opt-in Email Contact List - Purchasing Sales Leads - What is an Auto-responder?< Less
Guide to Successful Online Freelancing By eBook City
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Guide to Successful Online Freelancing Establish Yourself As A Professional Freelancer And Earn Massive Lines Of Clients Hungry For Your Service! Guide To Successful Online Freelancing is a... More > fun-and-easy-to-follow guide. TABLE OF CONTENTS Freelancing – 21st Century Way of Making a Living Freelancing exposed! Discover the latest way of earning more bang for the buck for your talent, skill and expertise! Cool Benefits & Drawbacks The advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of living the lifestyle of a freelancer! How to Get Into The Freelancing Business Want to convert your skills into cash? Strongly desire to be renowned for your expertise? Here’s how in a “step by step” fashion. Where To Look For Customers In Masses Discover the “hiding places” and large pools of TARGETED prospects that are looking for expert services from you! In Closing: Is Freelancing Really The Way To Go? Is freelancing really for you? Read on to learn why and how.< Less