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Creative Comprehensions: Getting into Trouble By Amanda J Harrington
Paperback: $8.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
A set of original and complete stories, with comprehension questions, creative writing activities and general literacy exercises. The stories can be used for reading practice, or read to your child... More > so they can answer the questions. Answers are included, with full explanations of how the questions and activities can be approached. Suitable for children aged 8 years and up. From the author of Creative Writing for Kids and Creative Writing for Reluctant Writers.< Less
Creative Management for Creative Teams By Mark McGuinness
eBook (PDF): $8.99
As creative director of a creative team, business owner or manager, chances are you already in a certain extent guide you - you might be better, than you can imagine it. However, there are a fair... More > chance, you rarely get to support your people management skills. In the creative industries and to the ideas of "talent" and is often overlooked in the process of the creation of the product important aspects, therefore has attracted much attention. Such as huge impact (positive and negative) management and creative director, their team's creativity. Although many individual managers manage and develop their team did a great job, in the creative industries of humanistic management is wider acceptance. It is difficult to formulate a "unrecognized skills. ? you don't need me to tell you< Less
The Secret Guide to Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing By Johnny Duncan
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"Are there still original ideas in the world?" "They beat me to that bright idea; what else can I do?" "I've failed many times before that I can't think of anything else to... More > solve this problem anymore." These statements reflect the thought of an individual who has given up on creativity. Sadly, a lot of people share this way of thinking. They never viewed creativity as a very useful tool to improve or improvise in life in all its diversity. A situation that requires a solution can be approached in a variety of ways. There isn't a single way fix to a problem. Being creative opens new horizons and can deliver many benefits. Creativity can sometimes be mistakenly interpreted as an obstinate attitude. Some people think that insisting on doing things in a different way is a sign of stubbornness. GRAB A COPY OF THIS INCREDIBLE EBOOK TODAY!< Less
Think BITS - Things to get you thinking creatively By Nigel Collin
eBook (PDF): $8.95
More and more business demands new ideas and creative solutions. 'Think BITS' is an eclectic mix of ideas and thinking tools to help you think differently and more creatively. Open any page, and... More > there's something there to force you into a different mindset to get you thinking more creatively.< Less
Creative Facilitation By Johnnie Moore, Viv McWaters
Paperback: $29.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
A guide to getting more from meetings - engaging participants, generating ideas, embracing diversity.
Creative Project By Lindsey Hansen
Paperback: $45.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Creative Project is a book for creatives who want to find new ways to be inspired to help get the juices flowing. It provides different creative exercises that have been executed to show the reader... More > there are endless ways to think creatively. Enjoy all the new energy you, as a reader, can get from this book.< Less
Creative Culture By Roberta Carter
eBook (PDF): $15.00
One Hope Counseling is a faith based counseling course that gets close and personal to the person who may be having a hard time adjusting to a new culture.
Creative Culture By Roberta Carter
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Creating Culture Counseling is a faith based counseling course that gets close and personal to the person who may be having a hard time adjusting to a new culture.
The Creative Image By Andrew S Gibson
eBook (PDF): $0.99
If you've ever found yourself short of inspiration for photographic projects then this ebook is for you. Andrew S Gibson explores ten ideas for photography projects designed to get you thinking... More > creatively and trying out new photography techniques.< Less
Creative Blogging By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Attention: Do You Want To Earn Massive Cash? "This May Be Your Last Chance To Make A Killing In Blogging - Learn Where And How To Cash In Money By Blogging What Your Passion!" This book... More > will reveal the secrets that empowers ANYONE to start blogging and make money in a few days! Sometimes I wish there is such a guide existed when I got started but unfortunately I have to achieve success the hard way. But you’re totally in a contrary position because I have done all the hard work for you by compiling this guide with proven methods that works. This is what you’ll learn from this guide: How to find topics that you’re passionate about The importance of demand in blogging Looking for a niche market with good demand Getting on with keyword research How to set up wordpress blog easily Where to get content for your blog Types of content you need in your blog 5 killer strategies to turn your blog into a money making machine 9 methods to get a swarm of traffic to your blog< Less