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Black and White: Land, Labor, and Politics in the South By Timothy Thomas Fortune
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Timothy Thomas Fortune (October 3, 1856 – June 2, 1928) was... More > an orator, civil rights leader, journalist, writer, editor and publisher. He was the highly influential editor of the nation's leading black newspaper The New York Age, and was the leading economist in the black community. He was a long-time adviser to Booker T. Washington and the ghost writer, and the editor of Washington's first autobiography, The Story of My Life and Work. Fortune’s philosophy of militant agitation on behalf of the rights of black people laid one of the foundations of the Civil Rights Movement.He was born during slavery in Marianna, Jackson County, Florida, to Emanuel and Sarah Jane Fortune. He started his education at Marianna's first school for African Americans after the Civil War. Excerpt from:< Less
Pioneer Women, Miners and Thieves By Cactus Kelli
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A vivid work based on a lifetime of learning about a remote mining area east of the Colorado River, Pioneer Women, Miners and Thieves is a collection of portraits of enterprising people whose stories... More > have never been told. In the late 1800s, prospectors and pioneers poured into this part of the Arizona Territory. When the ore was gone, the mining camps faded into ghost towns. All that remained was the exquisite desert and a handful of intractable people determined to live audacious lives in splendid isolation. Long before HBO’s Deadwood became America’s most popular mining camp, Cactus Kelli wrote about mining towns Harrisburg and Harqua Hala. With personal experience as her guide, she writes of people she knew or heard tales about while she was growing up in the McMullen Valley. Ms. Kelly has informed her work with extensive research. A poet at heart, she writes with an awareness that, sculpting memories is a natural phenomenon used to soften the realities that can sear our souls.< Less
Sanity's Bane By Vincent Collazo
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Four-year-old Victor falls in love with six-year-old Janice, a disturbed girl from an abusive home, and is rapidly sucked into an alluring vortex of love and madness."Sanity's Bane" follows... More > Victor through a real-life science fiction adventure, unrequited love, unwholesome ruminations on death, a cross-country trek as a fugitive from the rich & powerful, the search for and discovery of a literary hero/ghost, and strange encounters with the insect kingdom. Elizabeth Ruiz, author of the acclaimed play, "Death By Survival" writes, "We are all misfits-but not all misfits are the same. Some, like Victor in Sanity's Bane, help us to fall in love with life despite the hardships. Sanity's Bane is both highbrow and down-to-earth, dark yet full of hope. It paints poetic pictures, waxes philosophical, and tells a story which is both moving and hilarious. 'Sanity's Bane' is a reminder that the love we feel is ours forever."< Less
The Shimmering Bubble By William Wortman
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The Narrator, a Physician, is tired and emotionally burned out as he boards his flight home from a meeting in California. A lovely flight attendant greets him. Scotch and fatigue lull him to a... More > fitful sleep after take-off. He doesn’t sleep well. Ghosts from a hidden past cause recurring nightmares. His wife’s untimely death has compounded his problems. He mutters names as he sleeps. The Attendant overhears him. He awakes, she queries him, but curiosity threatens to reveal things he can’t expose, or shouldn’t. She has an unexpected layover. On impulse she calls. Would he like to see her before she leaves? He invites her to dinner and she accepts. At the cocktail party his colleagues discuss the role each plays in his life and why he is significant in theirs. Between the Prologue and Epilogue he tells their stories, some poignant, some tragic, as memoirs gleaned over the last thirty years, but he must eventually face and divulge his own past. And that will reveal secrets long kept hidden.< Less
left behind a collection of dark poetry By Scott Swenson
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This is the second collection of poems inspired by characters, stories and locations from "The Vault of Souls", a live evening of elegant fear set in Tampa Florida during the roaring 20's.... More > This book gives guests who experienced this one-of-a-kind live piece of performance art a deeper understanding of the experience. But don't worry, this book is just as entertaining and disturbing for those who didn't get the chance to participate. For more information visit Scott Swenson is known for his whimsically twisted approach to poetry. One critic of his first book (Dreaming in Shades of Fear) commented that Swenson's style is a "...twisted mix of Edgar Allan Poe and Dr. Seuss..." In the first collection, "souls: a collection of dark poetry", Swenson offers ghostly gothic horror with a vintage twist. In "left behind: a collection of dark poetry" he explores a more diverse palette of poetic forms and finds inspiration from deeper within "The Vault of Souls"< Less
Lucid Moments Fischerhude 2003 - 2013 By Gerhard Raase & Floy Dy Ra
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"Lucid Moments" are these very short blink of an eye moments which become aware only for an "en plein air" painter. The perfect picture touches the observer, it allows his mind... More > to wander to a different world for the briefest of moments. For a painter they are fixed immediately on canvas or taken by quick sketch back home to do the work, if the weather don´t allow to paint outside. Like the inspiration of a poem comes & goes these moments are very rare. For example: only a few see these moments in nature like the "water-ghost" image appearing only one day a year if the morning in February has no clouds or rising moon breaking through the clouds when the painter is just ready to finish the clouds of a sunset. All paintings are done within the last 10 years in "Fischerhude", near Bremen, Germany. Gerhard Raase lives for over 6 years besides the "Old Watermill of Fischerhude" directly at the small river "Wümme" 48 paintings & 1st biography of the autodidact artist and short story included.< Less
My Paperback Book By Walter W Kernaich Jr
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Biography My name is Walter William Kernaich Jr I live in East Liverpool Ohio, My father is first generation to this country America I am second Generation I father parent came from Russia and... More > Serbia. On my Mother side I am ¼ Cherokee Indian, wow what a combination.. I am a Ham radio operator extra class and I enjoy writing poetry and enjoy writing short stories. I am the son of Walter William Kernaich Sr. and Lillian May (Webber) Kernaich. I am well educated with two master’s one in science management and the other in business Management. I speak Russian but am pretty rusty and Arabic. I currently live in Calcutta Ohio in an ice A-frame House I love it here kind of out in the country but close enough to the city life. Crystal heart of fire By Walter W Kernaich Jr (A ghost of a younger man) As I sit here in my booth in the smoke filled room Amiss the crowd A smile never comes my way Like I am just a long lost Memory No one to see me< Less
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Lesley was born in Salisbury and spent her childhood in and around the West Country. In 1975 she served for 8 years as an officer with the Women’s Royal Army Corps. After leaving the Army she... More > moved to Surrey where she lived for the next 16 years. At the end of 1999, she came to North Yorkshire and still lives on the outskirts of Scarborough. She has worked as a computer programmer and in schools both in Surrey and North Yorkshire. Her last job before retirement was with the library service in West Ayton. Lesley is a keen supporter of Scarborough U3A and in 2015 joined their Creative Writing group which she describes as very friendly and welcoming to all. ‘Loose Leaves’ contains over 100 pages of short stories (from ‘A Dog’s Life’ to ‘Gordon the Reluctant Ghost’), poems (both light-hearted and sad) and humour including ‘Alternative First Verses’ (irreverent rewrites of well-known poetry). Copies cost £9.99 plus p & p and can be purchased direct from or the publisher.< Less
The Smart Aleck's Guide to Naughty Playground Rhymes and Children's Folklore By Adam Selzer
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The staff who brought you the acclaimed SMART ALECK'S GUIDE TO AMERICAN HISTORY (Random House 2009) is back with a look at the history of the songs and jokes you repeated when the teacher wasn't... More > around, from Miss Suzy and her steam boat to the numerous songs about killing teachers, eating underwear, and coming down with the case of diarrhea, with an additional look at the dirty jokes, ghost stories, pranks and customs that have been passed from kid to kid for generations. Tracing many songs back hundreds of years (while debunking myths about the "origins" of others) using data from their popular PLAYGROUND JUNGLE blog, the guide is fascinating, hilarious, and will bring back memories for everyone. Those jokes are older than you thought! A great resource for writers - and a great nostalgia trip for anyone! Also included is a section of original songs for well-adjusted kids, such as "Glumpy the Elf Who Sawed His Leg Off" and "Drink Your Juice (Or You'll Get Scurvy)< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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