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Midnight Express - Giorgio Moroder By Gaetano Scalfidi
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Trascrizione per pianoforte come la suono su youtube // Piano transcription as I play it on youtube
Giorgio Giraffe's Bowtie By steve fisher
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Giorgio Giraffe gets invited to a party and deciding what outfit to wear leads to some excitement.
Giorgio Agamben: Political Philosophy By Rasmus Ugilt
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Giorgio Agamben is one of the most hotly debated political philosophers today. His works on the political and legal paradigm of the West has caught the attention of philosophers, sociologists,... More > political scientists and jurists alike. This book seeks to dispel the most unhelpful myths arising from the politically controversial nature of his work and to defend the most pertinent of his arguments in political philosophy. It also seeks to show how Agamben’s philosophy can be useful for analyses of contemporary political and social phenomena. The book discusses centrepieces of Agamben’s political philosophy, focusing on Homo Sacer, State of Exception, and The Kingdom and the Glory, and it tackles some of the most pressing issues discussed by Agamben including sovereignty, law, religion, profanation and messianism. Rasmus Ugilt is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark, and author of The Metaphysics of Terror (2012).< Less
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Prima di dedicarsi alla scrittura questo autore, dagli anni ‘70 ai primi anni ‘90, ha appreso le regole della sceneggiatura realizzando fumetti ora introvabili o che sono rimasti inediti.... More > Oggi, dopo un lavoro di restauro digitale, ripropone i migliori lavori di quell’epoca. Insieme ad altre piccole storie, il volume contiene la storia di Handalus, un alieno che attraversa tutto l’oriente asiatico, scoprendo la natura profonda del mondo degli uomini, insieme alla propria vera essenza. E poi “Solitudine rossa”, apparso come racconto sul numero 46 di Futuro Europa della Perseo Libri nel 2006, ma originariamente nato come fumetto. Anche questa è la storia di un incontro con l’alieno, ma che avviene sulle sabbie di Marte, il pianeta cui prima o poi tutti gli scrittori di fantascienza devono rendere tributo. Ecco finalmente la ricca versione a stampa, dopo che l’ebook digitale è stato scaricato da in centinaia di copie ed ha viralizzato la rete.< Less
NAKEDNESS - NUDITA' - 2° By Giorgio
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Artistic and non-artistic pictures of lesbians - Foto d'incontri saffici.
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Elaborazioni fotografiche; costruzioni d'immagini; fotoritocchi.
NAKEDNESS - NUDITA' - 1° By Giorgio
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Fotografie più o meno artistiche di nudi femminili, giovani e meno giovani.
Narrative Form By Giorgio Angelini
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Giorgio Angelini's masters thesis book for the Rice School of Architecture.
THE EPIC OF NIKKA By Giorgio Sangiorgi
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Nikka is a polymorphic robot whose job is to stop criminal activities into a giant mega-cities of the future. The aliens have long made the Earth a place for its traffic, but this is a complex... More > problem that the authorities are struggling to manage. For this Nikka is a project undeclared, often acting outside of the track of the established laws. But, like all machines too sophisticated, Nikka enjoys a remarkable self-consciousness, so he starts to question the nature of man and of existence. Someone will come to ask for help, and so began a long saga that will lead to years traveling the cosmos. After the first story, however, the volume, in two successive stories, leads us directly to the end of this saga. With this substantial work Sangiorgi qualifies as one of the most prolific producers of existing comics created entirely with digital techniques.< Less
Tiny Red Pies By Giorgio Puctabi
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Tiny Red Pies, being an anagram of serendipity, is a light-hearted social commentary on Britain through the eyes of seven winners of an Internet competition, together with the narrator, George... More > Dormon. In order to each win a million pounds they have to complete certain designated ‘travel tasks’ around the world, and the problem is they are from completely different backgrounds. On the one hand the group have a great financial incentive to stay and work together as a team, but on the other hand they are different in terms of their social, religious, philosophical and philanthropic outlooks on life. Does money finally triumph, or do their social differences tear the group apart? Add to this the sexual tensions that ensue during their travel romp, as well as some serendipitous occurrences, and the result has some unexpected conclusions.< Less