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DEAD IN THE WATER By Kenniston Lord
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Ithnan Nickelson seeks high adventure, sailing his yacht on the Tasman Sea. If his voyage meets with success, he’ll circumnavigate the globe. But it’s a large if. He needs a crew to sail... More > from New Zealand to Australia. He’ll find young people with a yen for adventure, preferably women. Colleen, Georgina, and Philip each puts a desire for escape and adventure above better judgment. They didn’t know there was no auxiliary engine, safety and communication equipment, maps of the sea, proper steerage, and seaworthiness certification. Or that It had a captain, Ithnan, who had never sailed the open sea by himself. Each trusts the skipper for safe delivery to Sydney. All look forward to a relaxing sojourn that might take two weeks. Both the law and a drug lord are looking for Ithnan. Drugs and untaxed gold fill secret compartments in the yacht. If he doesn’t deliver, he’ll be hiding the rest of his life. If the law catches him first, who knows?< Less
Pearls of Thought By Maturin Murray Ballou
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Maturin Murray Ballou (April 14, 1820 – March 27, 1895) was... More > a writer and publisher in 19th-century Boston, Massachusetts. He co-founded Gleason's Pictorial, was the first editor of the Boston Daily Globe, and wrote numerous travel books and works of popular fiction.Ballou was born in Boston in 1820, to parents Hosea Ballou and Ruth Washburn. He attended The English High School, and although he passed the entrance exam for Harvard College, he did not attend. He married Mary Anne Roberts on Sept. 15, 1839; children included Murray Roberts Ballou (b. 1840).Starting around 1838, Ballou wrote for the Olive Branch, a weekly paper published in Boston. In addition to writing, he worked various jobs for the Boston Post Office, 1839 and the Boston Custom House, ca.1845. Excerpt from:< Less
I doubt that, this Jaheera sheikh, alone live victim (Baroda best Bakery ,2002 march , Gujarat case) is live or NOT , on date 20-03-2013 , , because I doubt that she may killed ,by Gujarat or Indian government paid JIC,I By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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I doubt that, this Jaheera sheikh, alone live victim (Baroda best Bakery ,2002 march , Gujarat case) is live or NOT , on date 20-03-2013 , , because I doubt that she may... More > killed ,by Gujarat or Indian government paid JIC,IB,MI RAW,, and put in deep of Indian earth as grave like Indian army killer doing in Kashmir Assam Manipur !!?? because due to her only the Baroda best Bakery ,2002 march , Gujarat case rise at international portal which put the reality , damage India image ,Hindu value at globe , which not liked by 1.40 billions Hindu of India !!?? INDIA, Baroda best Bakery ,2002 march , Gujarat case , Indian government ( ) provide only 20 lacks Indian rupee to Jaheera sheikh, alone live victim family whose 18 family members were live burn +died , , in front s of her , by Hindu mob, 1.23 lacks Indian rupee for one Indian who died )< Less
Shurik`en the 'Super Ninja' Book I of V By Reg. D. Lyons
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Since Mac Mathews was twelve, he knew he would never be normal again! A boy with Electromagnetic powers caused by a freak accident in an EM Test Chamber. The only way he would be able to control... More > these inherited strange powers would be to immerse himself in his Grandfather's program of 'Bujinkan' or the way of the Ninja! He would be called upon to save a beautiful woman from certain peril at the hands of some of the most dangerous individuals that ever walked the face of this earth!Shurik'en would fall in love,be recruited in a secret new "Spook" organization the H.I.F.! He would become Commander of the B.O.O.T. BLACK OPS ON TERRORISTS in extreme 'Counter Terrorist Intelligence created by the Pentagon itself,the High Intelligence Force. Two of his best friends have joined him to save the day from a Megalomaniac, the Mega-Terrorists and their diabolical cells around the Globe.< Less
Her-story Rewritten By Saje Scotland
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Domestic abuse cuts right across the globe, across our ideas of class, race and religion, across what we think it means to be strong, weak, young or old. It can happen to anyone. Written by women... More > survivors from all walks of life, collated by Saje Scotland, this book chronicles domestic abuse in all its forms - control, emotional harm, coercion, physical violence, sexual abuse, humiliation, and everything in between. No one thinks they’ll find themselves in an abusive relationship. No one tells women or girls what behaviours to look out for, how hard it is to leave an abusive relationship, the devastating, long term damage to women and their children. Our time to act is now. By bringing the fear, shame and violence into the light. By teaching our sons the strength in true equality. By teaching our daughters the strength in sisterhood. By sharing stories of hope and freedom. Every penny from the sale of this book goes directly back to Saje Scotland to continue the work we do.< Less
Strategies for Peace 2nd Edition By Maria Cristina Azcona
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The authors invited to join me at this chapter of Strategies for Peace, are Bruce Cook, Ernesto Kahan, Ada Aharoni, Susana Roberts, Sara Zamir, Glenn Martin, Nina Meyerhof, Takis Ioannides, George... More > Sklavounos, Bishnu Pathak, Subhash Chandra, Elias Galati, Marita Ragozza and Domen Kocevar. We need to create a discussion and a continuous dialogue, by inviting brilliant intellectuals from all points of the globe to interchange opinions, read one to the other, and let mutual influence be the media of our union as human beings. We are here, talking like friends, interchanging ideas about developing a possible future for our kids, and we find one to the other so near, so similar in our thoughts, so clear in our ideas, that we cannot stop continuing our dialogue in this sense, and through this tool called Strategies for Peace. To create books, written by persons that come from diverse cultures, is the tool to find a way out of this Babel Tower that leads humanity to an enormous hollow of Death and Disappearance.< Less
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Digging Up The Bones By Adrian Manning
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this book, ‘Digging Up The Bones’ is testament to that fact: Adrian Manning is, and has sealed an ever-growing inspirational and respected presence in the small press for over two... More > decades: his work can be found the globe over, both online and in print: ‘Digging up The Bones’ is a selection that has been snatched and stolen from 18 chapbooks of poetry and a small selection of ‘uncollected poems’: From the opening, brilliant and eloquent opening poem ‘The Poet In His Underwear’ to the final poem ‘A Mouthful of Numbness and Eyes Full of Light’, Adrian Manning has your attention. Sometimes the poems kick you in the face, sometimes you have to put the book down and savour some of the very moving, special and loving imagery: whatever Adrian Manning is writing about, he gives it to you, the reader, in detail: sometimes the desperate, hidden characters of this life appear, nature is something that Manning is very close too, is a part of and this book will become a part of your life.< Less
Sexé enquête au pays des soviets By Janpol Schulz
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Dimensions : 235 x 304 mm, 200 dpi, 156 pages Les Dumons détectives de leur état nous entrainent dans une enquête à vous couper le souffle. Poursuivant Robert,... More > véritable reporter et son rival de papier : Tintin, ils nous embarquent dans les rues de Bruxelles, le long de la Center Den Linden de Berlin, jusqu'à Moscou, la capitale des Soviets. Chevauchant leur moto, bondissant dans un canot à moteur, pilotant des bolides 4 roues, ou encore prenant les commandes d'un avion. Intrépides reporters que nos deux héros. Ces quelques pages vous feront partager leurs exploits. Venez vite découvrir leurs aventures en devenant lecteur et acteur de cette palpitante enquête. « Les personnages de ce roman étant réels, toute ressemblance avec des individus imaginaires, serait fortuite. » Raymond Queneau (Le Dimanche de la vie)< Less
Sexé au pays des soviets By Janpol Schulz
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Robert Sexé (1890-1986) fit de la "moto" son bâton de pèlerin, qu'il utilisa pour parcourir le monde entier. Parti de sa Vendée natale pour des études en... More > Angleterre, le voici reporter-photographe durant la guerre des Balkans en 1912, pilote moto de premier plan avant 1914, engagé volontaire motocycliste pendant la guerre 1914-1918, vainqueur en France sur le podium des plus grandes courses d'alors (Paris-Nice, Tour de France...) mais aussi à l'étranger (Landerfahrt en Allemagne, circuit des Soviets en U.R.S.S. en 1925...), voyageur impénitent (vers Constantinople sur les traces et les souvenirs de Pierre Loti, à Moscou, autour du monde, au-delà du Cercle Arctique...). Pendant ce temps, à Bruxelles, Hergé crée TINTIN et MILOU... Réédition numérique de l’ouvrage « Robert Sexé au pays des soviets » paru en 1996, il contient l’ajout d’un chapitre « Oui Tintin, a réellement existé » de 49 pages de textes et photos inédites, extrait de l’ouvrage « Sexé enquête au pays des soviets » paru en juin 2012.< Less

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