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What is being demonstrated in front of everyone is what is actually taking place as mostly deception. Even when people can See what is going on and how they are being used and deceived, they simply... More > go about their life, as usual as though nothing has happened with all the deterioration that continues every moment. The Kontrolling Kults and those who operate them use certain forms of Architecture to dominate the landscape of the planet earth and other RoundWorlds for people to admire and also Worship. One of the most known creations is the Pyramids, which have a specific shape and are more than just a Tomb as some people have been taught. I suggest for you to investigate the secrets of the Pyramids and what their real purpose is. On the back of the Federal Reserve Note is a picture of a Pyramid with 'The One Eye.' This is one of the many symbols of the One World Order (OWO) that is a Kontrolling Korporation Kult, and is right in front of everyone. /< Less
Survival Gene By Artsun Akopyan
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In 2060, Miami’s Police Lieutenant Andrew Barkov arrests an illegal GMO scientist only to discover he is, himself, GMO-engineered. While he faces his mother’s betrayal, an asteroid... More > disrupts the earth’s rotation causing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis; all of civilization hangs in the balance. Then Andrew uncovers the World Government plot to populate Noah’s House, a survival vehicle for the elite and wealthy, when they “re-start” the earth’s rotation with a nuclear bomb. Can Andrew and his ragtag team of allies, stop nuclear devastation and outrun the GMO soldiers hot on their trail? Plus find a way to save mankind from certain death from the earth’s geophysical cataclysm? And, even if he does, what kind of world will they all face?< Less
Green Regimen By Healthy Finds
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The ingredients of Green Regimen are not only organic, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free and wheat free, they contain the major and best nutrients for the body. Here are just a few of them and how they... More > help not only maintain but improve our health. To Know More visit Our website.< Less
Jenny Lee Swirl Bread By Healthy Finds
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Jenny Lee Swirl Bread is rich in history and experience and this is one of the reasons why many customers love the brand. The company is very strong in values especially integrity which reflects in... More > their choice of ingredients as well as the quality of their products. The company actually won the Food Quality & Safety Award in 2017. The company uses only sustainable ingredients, cage-free eggs, and all of their swirl breads are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. (If you are vegan, you can go for their Italian Olive Focaccia Savory Bread.)< Less
Application of Cisgenesis and Intragenesis for Crop Improvement By Ruchi Trivedi
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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) could be the answer for many relevant problems affecting crops. However, improving crops through GMO is also often associated with safety concerns, environmental... More > risks and health issues due to the presence of foreign DNA. These limitations have prompted the development of alternative technologies. Recently, cisgenesis and intragenesis have been developed as new tools aimed to modify crops.cisgenesis involves genetic modification using a complete copy of natural genes with their regulatory elements that belong exclusively to sexually compatible plants, intragenesis refers to the transference of new combinations of genes and regulatory sequences belonging to that particular species.< Less
Adding Raw Is Easy SECOND EDITION By Michele Thorne
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This book is for EVERY eater - not just vegans or vegetarians. Add raw food to balance any meal. Need ideas for quick and healthy recipes you can make anyday? How much would you like to have 30... More > delicious, nutritious and beautiful raw food recipes to make salads, dressings, marinades, juices, superfood smoothies and entrées? What if you could make one super nutritious side, drink or soup once a day for a month - would you? And what if it took you no more time than it would to make the rest of your meal? This recipe book makes it so easy. Complete with money, time-saving and "upcycle" tips!< Less
The Legend of Stupid Man By Guk Hyun Cho
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This story is funny, fantastic, and ridiculous. Let me introduce the content of this story! Cinderella buys a ring from Cheating-man. She calls upon the great Stupid-Man, who is the lord of the ring... More > that fulfills her desires.In order for Stupid-Man to grant her wishes, he requests a ridiculous hourly wage, however she refuses. At that time, she says, “You’re fired!” but this coincidentally brings Stupid-Man to realize that he was literally on fire. As a reward for her rescuing him, he determines to fulfill her desires. Cinderella and Stupid-Man go on many adventures, encountering numerous characters along the way. From saving the earth with chewing gum to accidentally putting the earth into grave danger, this duo embarks on a peculiar and legendary story. Come along for the journey!< Less
A Need-to-Know Basis: Secrets of Your Favorite Foods and Stimulants By Brendan Bombaci
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This purely academic reference text was inspired by the somewhat dated "PDR for Herbal Medicines." There are plenty of natural medicine guides out there that target people who frequently... More > shop at health food or specialty food markets, but this one is different. The majority of people in this world find their food at markets that carry staple food items, and so I have created a book that allows the average individual to understand far more about the foods and stimulants that they already enjoy. This guide is divided up into sections -- one for liver health, relative to detoxification, obesity, and diabetes; one regarding the foods that fight & foods that exacerbate cancers; one for the rather awesome and odd effects of herbs and spices; and one for foods which interact with or are Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (a common class of drugs prescribed for depression). These particulars focus on the most prevalent diseases of the Western world which, with study and application, you just may avoid.< Less
Semi-Fast Diet By Kimberly Foster Branch & Paul K. Branch, M.D.
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Staying thin means staying vital and energetic--in all your body’s organs. Paul K. Branch, M.D. shows you how to boost energy to lose weight quickly. You will be relieved to know it has nothing... More > to do with eating low-fat or low-calorie foods!< Less
Eat Me South Shore: Massachusetts Guide to Local, Organic, and Sustainable Food, Farms, and Farmers Markets On the South Shore By Noreen Finneran
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Eating from local, sustainable farms will keep you and the earth healthy and also help support the local economy. Inside this book you will find listings of well over fifty organic and sustainable... More > farms on the South Shore and Cape Cod area. You will also learn about over fifty local farmers markets including both summer and winter markets. Discover when and where each market operates and what is in season each month. This book will help anyone on the South Shore buy local, sustainable, and in-season produce and farm products. Whether you are on a budget or can buy all organic this book will help you plan your farm shopping better.< Less

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