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Inside this book you will find listings of well over fifty organic and sustainable farms on the South Shore and Cape Cod area. You will also learn about over fifty local farmers markets including... More > both summer and winter markets. Discover when and where each market operates and what is in season each month. Learn the different farming methods and decide which one is best for you. This book will help anyone on the South Shore buy local, sustainable, and in-season produce and farm products. Whether you are on a budget or can buy all organic this book will help you plan your farm shopping better.< Less
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Duane The Great Writer IS, ReWriting Human History as we have all come to know it, because what we have come to know is a lot of Purposely Planned Deception. It will take most people a while to sort... More > things out, that of the Real Historical Events. The Masses have been Cleverly Marketed to 'Agree' with the Deceptionizts and all their Marketing Tactics, to where they take something Wonderful & ALLNatural and make it into a Science Fiction. They must be trying to get a laugh by making GMO JokeFood, and then telling people it is better and will save the world. I would suggest to consult the Bees and Butterflies that are still around and they will tell you that their friends have gone from not being able to pollinate the GMO Chemical Crop. All Deception shows up and those who have eaten a lot of GMO are now paying the price and have to take the Deceptive Ploy of Pharmaceuticals, as they have trusted their over educated doctors who usually prescribe something artificial.< Less
Now or Never By R. Laurenz
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A GMO has been released in central Africa that might cause a devastating pandemic. The nature of the pathogen made it difficult to document its spread before it is out of control. Settlements on Luna... More > would be wiped out if the pathogen should reach Luna. In addition, settlements on Luna and Mars might not be viable if supplies from Terra are cut off. However, a premature embargo on travel to Luna could be equally disruptive. Luna must plan for a pandemic that might never happen. On Terra, Dr. Volkmann, an epidemiologist, is desperately trying to gather the documentation necessary to prevent the GMO from spreading. Luna agrees to offer sanctuary to the children of Dr. Volkmann and the Lunar Ambassador, in exchange for their support in dealing with the effects of the pandemic. The four young people, unaware of the potential pandemic, are surprised to be offered trips to Luna. However, even unverified rumors of a pandemic are causing a disruption to space travel.< Less
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Monsanto's Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War, and anyone can go on the Internet and see pictures of the Body Types that were born later on from the Vietnamese. Today, Monsanto's GMO... More > TechFood is everywhere, and they are just one company that is ruining people and The Natural Environment. The cows, chickens and pigs that are fed GMO Corn, are coming out deformed. We also have ChemTrails from the skies that drop highly toxic waste over everything, toxic Fluoridated Water, Lethal Vaccines, HAARP, Mind Controlling WiFi and Radioactive Microwaves, Pharmaceuticals and so much more. All of this is effecting a person's DNA, and by this very fact, Future Body Types are coming out deformed and retarded. This is the tip of the iceberg as to what all of us have to deal with, and especially those who do not Become MoreAware this lifetime, they will have to reincarnate unconscious again and many times over until they decide to 'Wakeup' and have RealGuidance and a RealEducation. www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less
Dowse This... Take Control of Your Allergies By Juanita Ott
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With the introduction of GMO foods and all the chemicals in our homes and environment, allergies seem to have become rampant. So many people have allergies these days and it is sometimes almost... More > impossible to discover what may be causing the issue. This book contains 128 Charts to assist you in taking control of you allergies, several of these charts are also in the book Dowse This... Holistically Healthy. So if you have that book you may prefer to individually purchase the charts that are not currently included in Holistically Healthy.< Less
The 90 Years Post-humanic Project 1980 - 2070 By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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The 90 Years Post-humanic Project 1980 - 2070 * History Records 1980 -2070 * How was changed the destiny of humanity in just 3 generations? and a new techno-human species have replaced and erased... More > humanity on earth? * Generational Blindness there for lack of tangible action/reaction to reality. All that the past, actual and future generations will decide to belief is normal. * Is Human Civilization Civilized ? * Is the future of humanity to be hunted (sport) by a new trans-humanic or post-humanic techno human species ? The Outcome: * Change of society * New species: transformer * Hybrid species: trans-humanic * Both post humanic * Wasted planet earth, no organic life, but GMO life.< Less
Stealing Wings By E.S. Wynn
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One of my ancestors was a science experiment. She was cutting edge technology a century and a half ago, but then the world fell apart and she ran away. She ran away, and every child in her line who... More > carries the same genes has had to pay for it in all the years since. I am one of those children. I have genetically modified ancestry. I can't legally own a gun, can't serve in the military and can't be licensed to fly a starship. But I do anyway. I do, because so far, no one knows about the GMO in my family tree. My name is Tessa Ellen Eisenherz. This is my story. This is how I learned to fly. This is how I got involved in The Cygnus War. This is me, stealing my wings.< Less
Shepherd of Wolves By Birrell Walsh
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Genocides who would destroy half the world with a GMO weapon plot in Scandinavia. Interpol thinks they put together the strange team to hunt them down - a Danish detective falling in love with an... More > American doctor, a sad priest and a lesbian bar-owner from San Francisco, a Filipino cop from the mean streets of the Mission District, and an agent of Germany's shadowy watchdog agency. But the real team is stranger still, as ghosts and half-human guardians struggle to prevent the ghastly Cleanup Virus; and history itself shimmers and reshapes. This is the fourth novel in the Tantra in the West series. Sister Clare's Lover Illuminating Four Cities and Philanthropic Horse is Haunted by Gravity are also available, in paperback at and from all ebook outlets.< Less
300ND Fitness - No Drugs, No Diet, No Days Off By Steven Wilmes
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300ND is a sustainable fitness program with one focus – losing weight through good, clean living. This is the story of my personal journey to lose 62 pounds and 9 inches off my waist. In this... More > book, I give you the secrets to sustainable weight loss. We embrace good clean living, the kind of living that we did as kids before there were terms like sustainable, environmentalism, recycle, NON-GMO, and organic; before microwaves and TV dinners. When we were kids we ate real food and we got our exercise from playing outside – running, jumping, climbing trees and riding our bikes. And we were fit, healthy, skinny and felt good.< Less
Mini Farming Guide: For Beginners By Matthew Hollinder
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With rising nation-wide concerns about the presence of GMO’s and pesticides in crops, as well as concerns about food cost, more and more people across the United States are gaining an interest... More > in growing their own fruits and vegetables. As a result, mini-farming, is now becoming a growing trend in both rural and urban areas around the country. Those living in cities with decent-sized balconies and access to rooftop gardens are now growing and harvesting just as much food as a small, quarter-acre farm in a country setting. Though this kind of lifestyle is the desire of many people of all walks of life, not all of them are entirely sure of how to get started. Many questions should be asked ahead of time. Is this going to be expensive? What kind of equipment will we need? What crops could we plant? Are there specific techniques to planting these crops? And, finally, is it possible to share the results with the local community?< Less

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