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On Prayer By Tertullian
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Written in the late second century, this treatise on prayer can still be found partially today in the Catholic Office of Readings for Thursday of the third week of Lent. Explains the exact words to... More > be used in prayer, the power of prayer, and all the details on how to pray properly. Tertullian was an Ante-Nicene Church Father, a prolific and controversial early Christian author, and the first to write Christian Latin literature. He also was a notable early Christian apologist and a polemicist against heresy. A classic must-read for any Christian or religious scholar.< Less
Codex Chaos: art, magick and the occult nature of reality By xgeronimo
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This book is a random collection of notes, statements, ideas, quotes, drawings and diagrams in mixed thought forms. Covering art, magick and occult philosophy. The idea behind this book is based on... More > the theory that art, shamanism and mysterium philosophy appeared on the earth at the same time and that they complement each other.< Less
The Sum Of All Spiritual Paths By Orest Stocco
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“Open your heart to God’s love and you will get all the respite you need. It is not that difficult. Whenever I was down in the dumps I prayed. You don’t pray because it is not in... More > you to beg God for help; but you can open your heart to God and let God’s love pour into you. That is the way of the open heart. Here’s what you do: think of all the times you loved, and let your heart fill with those memories. Think of one time, one moment of love, and just let the love fill your heart again; that’s the exercise. It is your prayer. Don’t ask for anything more, because God’s love is all there is. I am always with you, my dear friend.” Chapter 35: Padre Pio's Promise< Less
CodexChaos2edition By xgeronimo
Paperback: $21.95
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This hand drawn/written book is a personal diary of magickal explorations filled with quirky characters, esoteric thought forms and sometimes humorous depictions.
Peace, Love and Jesus By Thomas Ragland
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A consideration of how the Buddhist and Taoist ideas resonate through the Jesus parables, stories, and teachings. A consideration of what this would have meant in the context of the Third Jewish... More > Roman War that lasted from the years 132 through 135. A consideration of Emperor Hadrian. A consideration of the fabled Gnostic teacher Basilides. A consideration of the fall of Messianic Judaism. A consideration of what this all would have meant to those standing in Aelia Capitolina in the aftermath of so much destruction.< Less
The Occult Mentors of Maria de Naglowska By Robert North
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The Occult Mentors of Maria de Naglowska by Robert North This is the ultimate study of Maria de Naglowska and her relationship to the history of French Catholic Gnosticism, from the Cathars at... More > Monsegur to Palaprat in Paris and the reformulation of many magico-masonic orders under the directorship of Papus and FUDOSI. North presents the teachings of the mysterious Groupe Polaires which Maria belonged to. The Group of UR was founded by Maria’s primary mentor, Julius Evola. The group was funded by Mussolini’s war council to experiment with Tibetan methods of soul transmigration and use of the Vril force. Maria’s rituals in 1930’s Paris may have been part of this plan. Occult scholar and author, Robert North also traces the true origin of western European sex magick. His section on Spiritualism and Free Love in the 19th Century points to the hitherto unknown origins of the sex magick doctrines of the O.T.O., the H.B. of L. and other similar groups.< Less
7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unveiled Volume Two By Mathues Imhotep
Paperback: $22.49
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Volume Two - Black and White version 273 pages. This core material unveils new information concerning an expanded understanding of numerology and language, which decodes the keys to the Language of... More > Light, proving the existance of a greater unified theory. Discover the underlying codes that reveal how to release your divine consciousness. Learn about what the Gnostic Jesus was teaching and his connection to ancient Egypt. The 7th Seal literally cracks the Bible Code and unveils the hidden meaning behind key phrases, which unlock the truth about the apocalypse (meaning to uncover what is hidden) and the deeper understanding of the prophecy and next Event Horizon in our life times; the next Golden Age. The 7th Seal uncovers the lost road map home and the keys to unlocking the meta-mechanics of the Universe,Immortality and Thoth's Meta-sciences. Awaken to your Divinty Now! More info< Less
AURORA: Day-Spring By Jacob Boehme & Eric Bowers
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Böhme's mentor was Abraham Behem who corresponded with Valentin Weigel. Böhme joined the "Conventicle of God's Real Servants" - a parochial study group organized by Martin... More > Möller. Böhme had a number of mystical experiences throughout his youth, culminating in a vision in 1600 as one day he focused his attention onto the exquisite beauty of a beam of sunlight reflected in a pewter dish. He believed this vision revealed to him the spiritual structure of the world, as well as the relationship between God and man, and good and evil.< Less
An Exposition in Occult Psychology By Public Domain
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An Exposition in Occult Psychology is a humanitarian work released in public domain which aims to address brief contemplations on important truths regarding Humanity itself, it's psychology, it's... More > direction, and it's natural program.< Less
The Gold of Eden By David C. Crimi
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Eden's God is neither logical nor symbolic expression of the idea of a transcendent God, righteous, good, expressing love and light. This concept comes from the possibility of knowledge, given in... More > our time by the discoveries and findings that occurred during the twentieth century. Any person of our time is able verify directly and understand. The matter is not obvious nor superficial. Eden is constitutive of our way of thinking: if this changes, its interpretation alters the whole system of representations of society.< Less

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