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Gnostic can mean an intuitive, inner approach to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It is the result of personal experience and inner realization. The silent G in gnostic can be a silent code for... More > Geometry, the underlying universal language that gnosis is often communicated by internally or externally. Rastafari means Head One to be Revered. The inner meaning of this is that our Head or Thoughts, or Imagination is to be revered, and we are to be devoted to the One Inner/Universal Christ Mind or Head. 'Ras' means head in Ethiopian and many eastern languages. Tafari means one to be revered in Ethiopia. 'Fitwari' means Creator and its meaning is also often invoked when Chanting RasTafari' to bring the definition to 'Head Creator'. While this is definitely referring to Haile Selassie I, it is also referring to every one of INI, co creators, who's Head/thought is Creator/Creative. Thought is Creative.< Less

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