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Princess Badoura A tale from the Arabian Nights By Laurence Housman
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Laurence Housman (/ˈhaʊsmən/; 18 July 1865 –... More > 20 February 1959) was an English playwright, writer and illustrator.Laurence Housman was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, one of seven children who included the poet A. E. Housman and writer Clemence Housman. In 1871 his mother died, and his father remarried, to a cousin. After education at Bromsgrove School, he went with his sister Clemence to study art at the Lambeth School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London.He first worked as a book illustrator with London publishers, illustrating such works as George Meredith's Jump to Glory Jane (1892), Jonas Lie's Weird Tales (1892), Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market (1893), Jane Barlow's The End of Elfintown (1894) and his sister's Were-wolf (1896) in an intricate Art Nouveau style. Excerpt from:< Less
The Princess and Curdie By George MacDonald
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The Princess and Curdie is a children's classic fantasy novel by George MacDonald from late 1883.The book is the sequel to The Princess and the Goblin. The adventure continues with Princess Irene and... More > Curdie a year or two older. They must overthrow a set of corrupt ministers who are poisoning Irene's father, the king. Irene's grandmother also reappears and gives Curdie a strange gift. A monster called Lina aids his quest.Two years have passed since the last book, and Princess Irene and her father go to Gwyntystorm, while Curdie (a miner boy who is the friend of the Princess) stays at home with his mother and father.As the years go by, Curdie begins to hunt for pleasure. He also slowly begins to doubt Irene's story of her great-great grandmother. One day, he shoots down a white pigeon. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Mytherian Heroic Fantasy: Second Edition By The Mage Moot
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NO GAME MASTER NEEDED! Mytherian Heroic Fantasy is a unique cooperative gaming experience. Each player builds a hero using 400+ skills and spells, and together you adventure through 400+ events and... More > features including cities, wilderness, and dungeons in an Adventure building system unlike any other! Take up to 5 other players and build your heroes from lowly apprentice to mighty legend. Now available in one mighty hardbound tome, at discounted price, including the Adventure Setting: the Goblin Skull-keeps of Rendaria. All you need are fantasy miniatures, dice, and the Mytherian Color Board Sections to play Mytherian Heroic Fantasy, available in print or downloadable formats from Explore the world of Erentyr in limitless adventure! In this second edition, you will find everything has been greatly expanded to add to your gaming experience: new skills, spells, events, Enemies, and tons more lore, all fully compatible with all the available expansions.< Less
Mytherian Expanded Realms: Temple of the Black Domain By The Mage Moot
Hardcover: $19.99
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Must have Mytherian Heroic Fantasy to use this book. *From the mind of Mytherian co-founder Kevin Collier comes a new realm of Adventure to explore for Mytherian Heroic Adventure gaming *Contains... More > hundreds of new Events and Room Features *Dozens of new Enemies strange and perilous Deep within Burnheed, rumblings have been heard from many years of a dark cult of Dragon Worshippers that go beyond the usual Goblin-kin mischief. These cultists have been carrying out their bizarre vision with the aid of some of the most unlikely of allies, made all the more dangerous because of just how varied they are. And yet one vision binds them: a vision to one day free the dreaded Karthantos Rex Dracul, a horrible being of terrible wrath and destruction. You and your Mytherian Heroes have decided to undertake a mission to this dangerous temple. Therefore gather your gear and stride forth into the unknown with this new Mytherian Expanded Realm!< Less
Mytherian Expanded Realms: Yersinia, Undercity of the Rats By Erik Goodwyn
Hardcover: $16.99
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Welcome to Mytherian Expanded Realms: Yersinia, Undercity of the Rats--Second Edition! You must have the Mytherian Heroic Fantasy basic set in order to use this Expansion. In place of the Goblin... More > Skull Keeps Adventure, or other Expanded Realm, you can now use Yersinia as the setting for new Adventures, challenges, enemies, and events. Unlike before, you must strike out from a Rendar city into the endless tunnels, sewers and passages that have been built over the centuries under the Rendarian Empire, braving deeper and deeper levels until you reach Yersinia, Undercity of the Rats. There you will encounter 20 all new Board Sections full of pipes, gratings, sewers and many hazards such as flooding and the dreaded burning sludge. Dwelling in Yersinia are also the abominations of Renglur, Master of Insanity: the Rats, Rat-people, the Diseased, and other things beyond your worst imaginings. Muster your courage and good luck. You'll need it.< Less
Creative Writing for Kids volumes 1-4 By Amanda J Harrington
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This complete set of the Creative Writing for Kids series brings together four very distinct books, each with their own personality and overall theme. Creative Writing for Kids 1 is full of story... More > starters, mini-stories, plans, comic strips and picture starters which are a good place to start with creative writing. Creative Writing for Kids 2 also has lots of fun story starters and ideas but also includes longer length activities which help children to work on more in-depth writing without being overwhelmed. Creative Writing for Kids 3: Winter Tales uses the themes of Winter, holidays, seasonal fun and familiar but exciting ideas to help children think and write creatively. Once upon a story… uses magical and fantastical ideas and imagery to encourage children to create their own stories about lands full of wizards and witches, goblins and giants. Both Winter Tales and Once upon a story… include longer projects as well as story starters and picture-based activities.< Less
A Whisper After Midnight: Book III of the Northern Crusade By Christian Warren Freed
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The crusade in the northern kingdoms advances at a frightening pace. Armies of Men and Goblins clash on snow barren fields, locked in the brutal struggle for nothing else but survival. One shall... More > stand. One shall fall. King Badron has conquered Rogscroft and claimed the throne for his own but all is not well. His enemies are scattered, divided, but a new effort is underway to sweep Rogscroft clear of all invading armies. Under the influences of the Dae’shan, Harnin methodically transforms Delranan into a kingdom of depravity and murder. His agents pursue the rebellion, driving them all to new acts of violence and desperation. Bahr and his band of heroes departs fabled Venheim in search of the Blud Hamr: the sole weapon capable of halting the dark gods’ aggression for good. The city of Trennaron is far to the south and in order to reach it the heroes must travel through the Dwarf lands of Drimmen Delf where they stumble upon a civil war. Hope fades as the heroes begin to realize how difficult their task is.< Less
Creative Writing for Kids 4 Once Upon a Story By Amanda J Harrington
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Once upon a story… So many tales and treasures come from fairy-tale worlds and the strange and wonderful creatures we meet there. Dragons and trolls, heroes and princesses, goblins and witches... More > and many more characters to fill our stories with fun and adventure. Once upon a story… uses the fairy-tale theme to bring creative writing and literacy alive for children. Familiar characters and situations help children think of their own unique stories, turning well-known ideas into new and vibrant life. The exercises and activities in this book are funny and thoughtful. They help children explore their own imagination in the safe framework of fairy-tale lands. Children feel they know about this subject before they start, which gives them the confidence to take new steps and create their own worlds. Each exercise is clearly laid out and explained, with lots of guidance and example answers. Children are not expected to simply know what they are doing – they are helped every step of the way.< Less
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Jozsef Rippl Ronai: 112 Masterpieces By Maria Tsaneva
eBook (ePub): $1.99
József Rippl-Rónai (1861 – 1927) was a Hungarian painter who first introduced modern artistic movements in the Hungarian art. In 1888 he met the members of Les Nabis and under... More > their influence he painted his first important work, The Inn at Pont-Aven, a deeply felt work notable for its dark atmosphere. His painting My Grandmother was exhibited in the Salon du Champ-de-Mars in 1894. It was this picture that aroused the interest of the Nabis group (Bonnard, Denis, Vuillard) and of the group of young artists gathered around the magazine "Revue Blanche", who invited Rippl-Rónai to join their company. In 1890 he left Paris and returned to Hungary, setting in his home town, Kaposvár. Initially, he painted intimate interiors here then developed his characteristic "corn kernels" style, using bright colors and small brush-strokes which left the tiny patches of paint distinct.He became involved in the applied arts, too, designing glass windows, furniture, chinaware, glasses and goblins.< Less

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