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Geneva 1560 Minor Prophets [Large print] By Gods Word
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The Geneva 1560 Bible. Here is the Minor Prophet books from the Old Testament. Am releasing these for now until the rest of the Old Testament is completed. This file is in 16pt type with footnotes.
Geneva 1560 Minor Prophets By Gods Word
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Here are the Minor Prophet books from the Geneva 1560 Bible. These are being released until rest of Old Testament is completed. This file is dual columns with footnotes.
Geneva 1560 NT By Gods Word
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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here is the New testament of the Geneva 1560 Bible, with footnotes. Font size used is 14 point size. Old testament in Progress.
THE NEW TESTAMENT BIBLE - The Apostolic Faith Series - Giant Print Edition By The Inspired WORD of GOD
Hardcover: $44.25
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This Bible is designed with plenty of space in the margins to personalize it with your own study notes and prayers. This bible with your written comments, notes and prayers may be received by your... More > loved ones when you have gone to be with Jesus Christ so they may glean from your study notes your eternal love and desire for their salvation and loyalty to the faith. This is also a great BIBLE to give as a gift to those whom you would like to endear with a loving reminder of the Acts 2:38 Gospel message of Salvation and Hope.< Less
The Weekly Word By Entrusted By God
Paperback: $7.00
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The Weekly Word is a weekly devotional that seeks to encourage the Christian to delight in the God of the Word as they meditate on the Word of God.
The Word of God By Ihsanullah Danish
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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How can it be logically explained that any Divine book could satisfactorily address the ethnic and parochial problems of all mankind alike? Add to this the claim of universality and the probability... More > will increase manifold. But all such questions would be put to only that book which, besides claiming being Divine, is found in its original and pure form. So the first and foremost question to be dealt with is about the status of purity and originality of a Divine book. How a book can dispel the doubts of its followers which itself harbours in doubts? How a book can lead its followers to the path of certainty when its own status is uncertain? Can such a book be trusted to guide human being to the right path that might have once carried the Divine message but had been proved altered afterwards? Can a book be regarded trustworthy enough to guard its followers against the onslaughts of Satan that could not guard itself? Owing to the influence of Satan it could rather deviate the followers from the right path.< Less
God's Words By Terry Caldwell
Hardcover: $54.50
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A layered approach to studying the Bible presenting essential foundational elements and building on those to explore the richness of the scriptures. Misconceptions are avoided and explained as... More > elements of history, prophecy and symbolism are explored and discussed with supporting references. Designed for the beginning student of the Bible this will also be an essential resource for experienced readers as well. Every effort has been made to present a clear, accurate and enjoyable study of one of the most loved texts of all time. The importance of God's word in our lives as well as what it means to be a Christian are examined in depth with simple clear and meaningful explanations. Believers and nonbelievers will both benefit from the objective examination of the Bible as it speaks for itself in God's own words< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This Publication is a labor of Love for Christ Jesus, who I accept as my Lord and Savior. I am a Christian by Faith, although I do not attend what is sometimes referred to as a Christian... More > Denominational Church. Rather, my family and I enjoy our Christian Home Church, and we strive to make it a way of life on every day of the week, including the Sabbath. My purpose in sharing this publication with you is to present God’s Word in an easily read topical format: within each topic is a collection of related Scriptures directly quoted from one of four modern translations of the Holy Bible. I hope you are inspired and uplifted by reading these Scriptures and that God speaks to your heart through the Holy Spirit!< Less
And God Was the Word By Kevin Neal Webster
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a book about a tiny phrase, 15 letters long, in the Greek New Testament (John 1:1c), and how it’s translation into modern languages has reflected the changes in the political landscape,... More > the moral climate, and cultural norms for the past 500 years. Challenging the traditional translation of "and the Word was God", the author presents compelling evidence that not only should the verse be translated as "and God was the Word", but that in not understanding John's original meaning, modern readers are deprived of a valuable gem of Biblical truth. It is aimed toward pastors, teachers and students of God's Word.< Less
The Words of God By John Steinreich
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Have you ever wondered... Do Christianity and Islam share the same values? Do these religions promote peace in their foundational texts? Were Jesus and Muhammad similar in their approach to advancing... More > the message of their faiths? Researcher and author, John Steinreich, answers these questions and many more in "THE WORDS OF GOD?" Written from a Christian perspective, this is a must-read for the Christian community, as well as for individuals of any belief system who are interested to find out how the holy texts of Christianity and Islam match up side-by-side on theological issues such as the nature of God, Heaven, and salvation. Mr. Steinreich answers questions about what motivated the events of 9/11, and offers ideas on on the West can address the phenomenon of Islam.< Less

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