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Goju: The Roar of the Tigress By Danny Gwira
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Goju is: “The art of knowing how, where, why and when to fight or not to fight. Knowing whether or not you can win and get away with it, defending your body, family, property, dignity,... More > integrity, self-esteem, reputation, and country in the process. The ability to withstand both mental and physical pain, when coupled with extremely effective combat techniques, makes Goju the most realistic and potentially dangerous system in the world.”< Less
The Essence of Goju Ryu - Vol II By Richard Barrett
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This second book in 'The Essence of Goju Ryu' series explores the principles that form the basis of Okinawan Goju Ryu. Concentrating upon the various Tachi Waza, Uke Waza, and Atemi Waza, this work... More > provides a host of Hojo Undo exercises and paired drills which will assist the intermediate practitioner in adding greater depth to their study of Kata. More than just a description of the exercises, this work will encourage the student to find the subtle links which weave together the various aspects of Karate, and find the true value in its practises. Packed with photographs shot in an authentic Dojo, this book takes the reader back in time to see how legends such as Higaonna Kanryo and Miyagi Chojun crafted their tools.< Less
The Essence of Goju Ryu - Vol I By Richard Barrett
Paperback: $23.75
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This book represents many years of research into the fascinating art of Goju Ryu Karate-Do concerning the relationship between Junbi Undo, Hojo Undo and Sanchin. Covering the history, correct... More > practise, advanced Qigong and esoteric studies within these traditions, this work is aimed directly at the intermediate or advanced practitioner seeking to add greater depth to their understanding of these areas, and how to effectively apply them to the advanced classical kata of Goju Ryu. Topics include: Junbi Undo theory and practise, The origins of Sanchin, The Go and Ju of Sanchin, Shime application and theory, Go and Ju in relation to the body, Sanchin no Chikara Michi (strength paths of Sanchin), Sanchin Qigong exercises, San Tanden (the 3 tanden), Ancient beliefs which influenced the development of kata.< Less
Goju-Ryu Futari Geiko By C. Michial Jones
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Goju-Ryu Futari Geiko draws extensively on the authors 39 years of personal experience, training and research in Okinawan GojuRyu Karate-do. This work covers blocking drills, Sandan Gi, Ippon Kumite,... More > Nihon Kumite, Rensoku Waza, flow drills, kakie and kumigata, ranging from simple to complex partner training drills that will benefit not only the novice but also the most experienced karate-ka. If you are looking for training drills from Old style Okinawan karate, look no further.< Less
Go Sei Ryu Goju Martial Science System Manual By Professor Amin Hassan
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Manual for all GO Sei Ryu Goju Martial Science Systems students and Instructors
La Esencia del Goju-Ryu - Volumen 2 By Richard Barrett
Paperback: $15.57
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Este segundo volumen de la serie "La Esencia del Goju-Ryu" explora los principios que forman la base del Goju-Ryu okinawense. Centrándose en los diferentes Tachi Waza, Uke Waza y... More > Atemi Waza, este trabajo proporciona multitud de ejercicios de Hojo Undo y por parejas que ayudarán al practicante intermedio a añadir mayor profundidad a su comprensión del Kata. Este libro, más allá de una simple descripción de ejercicios, anima al practicante a encontrar los sutiles vínculos que entrelazan los diversos aspectos del Karate, y el verdadero valor de sus prácticas. Con multitud de fotografías tomadas en auténticos dojos, este trabajo hace al lector retroceder en el tiempo para poder ver cómo forjaron sus armas leyendas como Higashionna Kanryo y Miyagi Chojun.< Less
La Esencia del Goju-Ryu - Volumen 1 By Richard Barrett
Paperback: $15.56
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Este libro representa muchos años de investigación en el fascinante arte del Karate-do Goju-Ryu sobre la relación entre Junbi Undo, Hojo Undo y Sanchin. Cubriendo la historia,... More > práctica correcta, Qigong avanzado, y estudios esotéricos de estas tradiciones, este trabajo está directamente dirigido al practicante intermedio o avanzado, buscando aportar mayor profundidad a su comprensión de estas áreas, y cómo aplicarlas eficazmente a los katas clásicos de Goju-Ryu. Los temas incluyen: * Junbi Undo: teoría y práctica * Los orígenes de Sanchin * El Go y Ju de Sanchin * Shime: aplicación y teoría * Go y Ju en relación al cuerpo * Sanchin no Chikara Michi (Caminos de Fuerza de Sanchin) * Sanchin: ejercicios de Qigong * San Tanden (Los 3 Tanden) * Antiguas creencias que influenciaron el desarrollo del kata< Less
Entering Through the Gateway of Gojuryu By C. Michial Jones
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This book draws extensively upon the author's 34 years of personal experiences, training, research and discussions with some of the world’s most prominent masters. This work contains several... More > topics, such as, History, Biographies, karate morality, kihon, kata, kumite, kakie, self-defense, junbi undo, hojo undo and related topics, it is aimed at the beginning student to assist them in their journey along the path of Gojuryu, however, it may be used as a guide by other's interested in Okinawan Gojuryu Karate-do, and even the veteran karate-ka may find it a useful tool. Forewords by Phillip Koeppel, R. Choji Taiani, Roy Hobbs, Dennis May and Len Pellman.< Less
The Essence of Naha-te By Joe Swift
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This presentation brings together a series of rare historical documents, photographs and insights into the origins of Goju-ryu and other Naha-te derived modern Karate styles. It will make a perfect... More > addition to any serious martial artist's library.< Less
The First Dance By Ali Ellis
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First scroll in a series for the Temple of KaLu Universal Martial Arts explaining the first dance entitled Paa Wah Tokma.