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The Golden Retriever as a Family Pet – Quick Start Guide to Golden Retriever Dog Breed Facts By Nancy Dembeck, Malibu Publishing
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The Golden Retriever as a Family Pet – Quick Start Guide to Golden Retriever Dog Breed Facts In a dog's world, Golden Retrievers are simply the fatal attraction. They are a preferred dog... More > breed, making great pets, hunting dogs, obedience competitors, show dogs, and even a combination of all these traits. No matter what your intent may be to own a Golden Retriever, you’ll have an excellent dog that will live up to its potential and then some. Golden Retrievers are calm, well mannered, and extremely affectionate. They are easy to train as well, very intelligent, and great for those who need a companion. Goldens are also loyal to their owners, lovable, and great with children of all ages. They also make great watchdogs as well, as they will bark loud and let you know when a stranger is near. Like other dogs, Golden Retrievers will shed their hair throughout the year and more in the spring - no matter how many times you brush them a day. They also like to be in and near the water, similar to Labs.< Less
All You Wanted to Know About Golden Retrievers By Alice Porter
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Almost all breeds of dogs are group oriented, as they need to interact with other species of their group to remain secure. Golden Retrievers, in particular, have been bred over the years to be... More > geared more towards people. They make great guide dogs for the blind, friends for younger children, and even assistants for those who love to hunt. Due to the way they have been bred, they need to interact with people on a frequent basis. They are merciful dogs at heart, and will tolerate several mistakes from you all the while wanting nothing more than you to acknowledge the fact that they are there and pat them on the head. Further proving that Golden Retrievers aim to please, is the fact that they were the first three dogs to obtain the Obedience Trial Championships – which is quite a statement indeed. GET A COPY OF THIS EBOOK TODAY!< Less
The Golden Books About Golden Retriever: The Complete Guide from Puppies to a Healthy Long Lived Men's Best Friend By David Evans
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Hi my name is David Evans and I am a golden retriever lover I've had golden retriever my whole life So I can proudly say that I pretty much know a lot about golden retriever It just breaks my heart... More > when I see news or people mistreating them So, I had to find a way to share this knowledge and love with others Thus, this book is written Inside this book, you'll find: -how to know that you are meant to be a golden retriever owner -how and where to pick the puppy -how to prepare and make your home his/her home -what toys you need to buy or don't need to buy -which family member he/she'll be sleeping with -great tips on housebreaking -three most important commands your dog must know -the daily loving care you should give -and many more I really do believe that you'll learn a lot about golden retriever from this book I also believe that the more you know about them, how they think, react and play, the closer the two of you are going to be And the bigger your love for them is going to be< Less
A Conflagration of Hewn Stone By Reagan Wiles
Paperback: $11.50
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A new book of poems by Mr. Wiles. After a "conversion experience" to American prosody,(oxymoronic), Mr. Wiles conducts a small chamber of voices to recite their several speeches to a crowd... More > of unknowns, who, nevertheless, he trusts, are harboring such feelings as himself. "We are all in the dark," he says, "but we, ourselves, are Light!"< Less
Malachi's Quest: Book 1 The Beginning By P.J Cormack
Paperback: $15.02
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Malachi Malone is an ordinary twelve-year old schoolboy living in Enniscorthy, Southern Ireland. Ordinary, that is, except for the fact that for all his life he’s been able to see the... More > ‘Dead People’ and there are an awful lot of dead people on the old battlefield that is Vinegar Hill. The fact that he was born with the tattoo of a dragon might also mean he’s not that ordinary. In his search to retrieve the Lost Treasures of Ireland, which alone will bring peace back to the world, Malachi must decipher clues laid down many hundreds of years ago. The Forces of the Dark are awakening as they realise the threat that this seventh son of a seventh son is to their growing Power. Malachi must seek and find the An Chláirseach Óir, the Legendary Golden Harp of Ireland, in a desperate bid to keep safe his and our world.< Less