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Death By Beinsa Douno
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Even if they give you 1000 years for living, you yourself would wish to leave Earth. It will become quite workaday for you. You would wish to go to other worlds. Earth is only one result. The world... More > of feelings is a more beautiful place, but the world of thinking is even more beautiful. And once you have gone through these three lives, you will still want to come to Earth. In a world, you will live as long as it is needed for your development. Sometimes you will be expelled from Earth by somebody to go home. They will return you as a bride, who is turned back to her father. They will return you in the way a father sends his child to school. It has begun to play, and the father takes a stick and the child runs away. When it comes home, he gives it a good lesson.< Less
A Guide to Planning a "Good" Death By Jacki Mann
Paperback: $25.00
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The end of life. Now is the time to think about it, make decisions, and share with loved ones. While you still can. This guide helps users flow through the process of the plethora of considerations... More > related to death & dying.< Less
The Vomit Factory (Life Is Fake: Death Is Good) By Alexander T. Newport
Hardcover: $23.00
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Nothing we do here has any spiritual consequence or significance because we are already spiritually perfect. This mortal life is but a dreamgame and each of us came here knowing we would temporarily... More > forget our spiritual reality. Death is but a return to that spiritual reality and that is why it is good---This book is composed of four hundred & forty eight pages of crafted rants, dream accounts, hateful-dialogues, poems, theories, and miscellaneous bits & bobs. Included as well are heaping-heaving amounts of psychological nudity and filthy language. So don't expect something that would appeal to 20-something eggheads and academic old farts. This writer actually went far beyond memorizing and learning how to parrot what others have thought and said, and actually did his own thinking.---Ruderalis von Spliffenburgh, Publisher< Less
The Death Millennium By Trevor Fridenmaker
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
4 animals set out on an adventure to get revenge on Lord Cat for destroying 3/4 of the world and all humans! But can they do it? Find out by reading this story!
Death and Resurrection By Brad-Leigh Reynoldson
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Drake and Melina were 15 year old twins. Drake was a strong looking boy with a very square jaw-line; his hair was as red as fire. Melina was an elegant and pretty young girl but she had a ferocious... More > temper; her hair was long and was yellow like the sun reflecting on corn. Drake and Melina lived at a time when the Law of the land was written by cruel overlords. they were the Overlords because they were the strongest at the time, and those who had the biggest army were the leaders. The Overlord's name was Scorpius; his followers were known as the Scorpiosis. These men were feared throughout the land. The city where they lived and gave orders from was Flarfetch, which was 30 miles from the town of Gangretu where Drake and Melina lived. The twins so dearly wished to learn how to fight and how to become mighty warriors, so that one day they could challenge the mighty Scorpius and his army, and that someday they too may have an army of followers to battle for good and for freedom.< Less
Good in the End By Deborah McGlauflin
Paperback: $19.95
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The poems in Good in the End dare to break the taboo of talking about death. In them, the author shares the fruits of cultivating an awareness of death in her own life, in the hope that it might help... More > others see that doing so need not be morbid and indeed can be very liberating and inspiring. Nature, the news, and the author’s personal experience companioning people who are dying provide a variety of doorways for the reader to enter and experience the unexpected gifts that come from looking at life in the mirror of death – gifts such as appreciation, tenderness, compassion, humor, wisdom, awe and joy. The evocative photographs that accompany each poem help make this book a truly soulful feast. The royalties from the sale of this book benefit Hospice of the Chesapeake.< Less
the death party By joey koch
Paperback: $5.00
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this is a good book becuase the charecters in the book never see their death coming. and there is a twist
the death party By joey koch
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
this is a good book becuase the charecters in the book never see their death coming. and there is a twist
The Good Work By Jeff Dainton
eBook (PDF): $9.99
A man lies asleep in a hospital bed. A nurse enters. He awakens and asks her a question. She, busily going about her duties, reluctantly answers him. He asks another. She obliges him and with a... More > professional courtesy, she answers again. She is in this now for the long haul and it's all about getting to know one another. The Good Work. A story about finding love in the most unbelieveable of circumstances.< Less
Escape Death By Addyson Rekitt
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Three kids and one duck have a challenge to get everyone back into the world instead of that place they are at now. The place with darkness and no light comes through. They go through life or death... More > situations and at the end the truth is out are they good friends or not good friends at all. Will there be betrays or death maybe even both. They go through escape rooms but they are not just escape games they are Escaping Death. The characters are Eva, Quakers, Angela, Jake, and Regina.< Less

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