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Good Presenting: Public Speaking for Busy People By Hilary Robertson
eBook (ePub): $4.21
A quick and practical guide to speaking in public with confidence, packed with tips and advice to make sure your next presentation is one your audience will understand and remember for positive... More > reasons. Find out why the traditional approach of bullet-point slides doesn't work and learn instead how to: • Plan and organise your content so your audience remembers the key points • Create visual aids to reinforce your message • Speak with confidence even when you feel nervous • Avoid confusing or distracting the audience • Deal with even the most difficult questions Based on the author’s successful training courses, this short, illustrated e-book includes checklists, action plans and worksheets. If you don’t have time for a training course, but do need to understand how to deliver a competent and effective speech or presentation, Good Presenting : Public speaking for busy people will help.< Less
Good Management Skills: Essential Strategies for Business Management Success By Daniel Spinner
eBook (ePub): $3.99
For many people, the instincts to take those leadership roles just comes to them. It is just something that happens. They step up to the plate when needed. They respond first in class. They take... More > charge of the baseball game on the playground. They step up to the plate on the job. While you can not be first in every case, individuals that have leadership skills will often be seen and heard throughout their lives. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.< Less
Skilled Migration: Canadian Experience By Alaba Ojapinwa
Paperback: $17.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
Canada by my own unbiased assessment is a fantastic country and arguably the best place on planet earth. Therefore, Canada has many attractions for skilled migrants. It is not easy to build such a... More > nation with so much enduring, enviable, functional institutions and humanistic values. However, it is not a walk in the park for many people who are rushing to Canada. Is Canada Eldorado for a skilled migrant? Are success and fulfillment taken for granted in Canada? What are those things that a skilled migrant should know and keep in mind as he undertakes this great endeavor? What are the challenges and opportunities for the skilled migrant? What attitudes, thoughts, and actions should the host residents, citizens and governments cultivate for best outcomes? What should be the roles, attitudes and thought processes of family, friends, associates and government in the country of origin of the skilled migrants so that this experience and undertaking brings about the best outcome for all stakeholders?< Less
Effective Persuasion Skills By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
You are not good at talking, especially when it comes to sales talk, presentation or when you need to persuade people to follow. You know you have to do something fast. This ebook can help you. It... More > compiles tons of tips from REAL speakers around the world, sharing their tips on effective persuasion. No matter which job or business you are in, persuasion is definitely one of the key factor to your success. You need to convince people on the topic and points you are selling to win! Start winning today. Be an effective persuasion speaker and see how this skill will change your life forever!< Less
Communication Skills Guide And Workbook By Paul Gerhardt
Paperback: $39.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
The best book on communication skills available! Based upon the latest research, this is perhaps the greatest tool ever developed to help leaders and employer of all-levels advance the much-needed... More > communication skills that inspires people, lower employee turnover, and builds trust. Most people think they are good communicators. However, most problems occur because someone does not know what they do not know. In fact, it takes many times the time, effort and expenses to fix the damage done by poor communication than it does to communicate properly in the first place. This workbook breaks down key concepts in plain easy-to-read and easy-to-follow lessons to help you grow your communication skills. Read the short lessons, reflect, then build your skills by doing the short writing assignments at your own convenience. Visit for other great training products and leadership lessons.< Less
Embroidery: A Skill for All By Sarah K Marlow
eBook (ePub): $8.99
How to turn the art of embroidery into a source of secure recurring income. The real skill of embroidery these days has fallen to the very few. The number of people I talk with in my 'lanes of... More > society' have no idea on how to hem a skirt, fix a tear, patch jeans, or even make modern-day designs for clothes, curtains and the like. Designs can be 'borrowed' from wherever, it's the skill of applying the designs that embroidery encompasses. Learn the art of embroidery and make a secure recurring income for yourself no matter what the economy. If the economy is doing well people want to customize their look and are willing to pay for it, while in a downturn people are trying to save money by keeping their attire costs as low as possible. No matter what the time of year embroidery will always be your companion. In good weather it's the time for spotting those unusual designs that you can customize and add to your embroidery portfolio designs. Learning this skill is not only low cost, but its rewards will be great.< Less
FundaMental Presentation Skills By John Charles Robinson
eBook (PDF): $19.99
Imagine now, for a moment, how successful your presentations will be when you can captivate and hold your audience’s attention, all while delivering your key messages in a way that engages and... More > resonates with them… That’s right, they are engaged and even eager to learn more. They understand the value of your product, your service, your strategy and more important, they know how it will benefit them and they feel good about it. That is the power of the mentalist approach to making presentations. As a professional mentalist I have learned such vital skills as how to read people, know what they are thinking, and what they really want. These skills are also important in the business world and help keep you and your employees on top of the game. Learning about such things can increase the effectiveness of your presentations and the profitability of your business.< Less
Learn the Secrets of Negotiating Skills By L. James
eBook (PDF): $9.85
Do you sometimes wonder if you are being too accommodating when you negotiate? Are you worried that the other side may be getting a better deal or that you have left value on the table? Some people... More > make it look really easy - closing deals and winning great transactions without breaking sweat. But do you know that there are ways to become an expert on negotiation and getting things done your way? The benefits of knowing the negotiation skills are endless! In this report you will acquire a systematic negotiation strategy and the ability to apply it across a wide range of situation. These strategies are proven methods that will build confidence and enhance your negotiation results. By the end of this report you will be more prepared to optimize outcomes of your negotiations. You will learn to recognize the variables that influence your ability to be an effective negotiator. Would you really like to know how to solve your problems for good this time? Grab your Book Here RIGHT NOW!< Less
Evergreen Copywriting Skills By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Let's be direct. You have a business and you want to sell. You feel that there's always room for improvement and you keep doing split tests to optimize the results. Well done! You are doing... More > everything right, except you may not effectively channeling your customers to your sales copy. Your copywriting skill may not be up to standard yet. Don't worry. You are not alone. Many marketers learn copywriting for years to become good. It involves emotional selling, and people buy because of feelings for that product. This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL successful copywriters, sharing their experiences and tips with you. You can cut short your path to success, and learn through this express path! Don't waste your effort anymore. Grab every single potential customers you can. Get this ebook right now!< Less
Successful Selling Skills By Paul J Spencer
Paperback: $31.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book has been designed to provide basic sales skills for anyone considering the profession of sales. Although I have designed it for new salespeople I have had some amazing testimonies from... More > experienced sales professionals that have found the techniques extremely useful. The reason why experienced salespeople have found this useful is because many of them have had no formal sales training, they are just confident people that are good at communication and have found sales a natural profession. When studying the profession of sales through concept books like this it brings together the reasons why, what they do works for them and why sometimes it doesn’t. If you are new to sales this book will provide you with a great foundation and set you off in the right direction to embark on what I consider is the most rewarding and motivational profession in the world!< Less

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
Paperback: $19.97