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The Kilkenny Cat - Book Two By William Forde
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The Kilkenny Cat has been written as a trilogy. Book One deals with the theme of ‘truth’, Book Two with ‘justice’, and Book Three on the theme of ’freedom’. All... More > three books seek to show that truth, justice or freedom cannot exist in isolation, and that the only way one can experience any one of them is when one is able to experience all three. Book Two’s setting begins in Falmouth, Jamaica and provides the reader with a way of life that most non-Jamaicans may find strange, but which all natives to Jamaica would instantly recognize. Book Two continues to examine the issues of discrimination that is practiced in that country and particularly homophobia and sexism. Mixed partnership between black and white couples is also looked at in the context of the story. The second half of Book Two is set back in Ireland.< Less
The Littlest Cowboy By Dorothy Urbanek
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5. In the fall of 2007, I again awoke from a very vivid dream. The one scene was so startling to me that I continued to question its meaning as I wrote furiously trying to capture the entire dream... More > which, not surprisingly, disappeared before I could get it all recorded. Another scene that I hesitated to write down in words seemed to be somehow too intimate causing me to doubt its place, too, in the book I knew was evolving. Both scenes, I learned, were pivotal to the whole so they had to be included. This story seemed to write itself once I got past my initial uneasiness and, in the end, THE LITTLEST COWBOY became the first in what-I-call my "cowboy" series that includes at least three books. I still enjoy rereading the first two as I work on the third. The story of THE LITTLEST COWBOY gives insight into a time past when children learned about survival and duty relying on a connection so grand as to guide thinking into action. Due to its intense themes, this book is recommended for mature audiences.< Less
The Hero's Tale By Charles Olsen
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The kingdom of Mirrindal is at war with its greatest nemesis the realm has ever faced. Meuryk, the Shadow Wizard, invades the realm out of vengeance for his banishment of practicing the Dark Arts of... More > magic. Alder, a wizard of the Earth Order, is sent on a quest to locate a farm boy named Erec. He must safely guide Erec through the long journey to the Mirrindal kingdom, where the cure to his mother’s deadly illness grows. During Erec’s search for the rare Mirindus Plant, Alder must aid Mirrindal’s army to stand against Meuryk’s legions of loyal mercenaries. As Erec and the wizard travel to Mirrindal, they meet along the way Jehan of Ossnan, champion knight of the kingdom of Southern Rougn. The knight accepts a perilous quest by Northern Rougn’s King Thibault to vanquish Meuryk and return with the head of the Shadow Wizard’s staff. Only then can Jehan and the king's daughter, Princess Katherine, be reunited after years of being forced apart by their feuding kingdoms.< Less
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To many people Christianity represents the all too familiar, "unscientific myth" they have known all their lives. The tenets of Christianity seem too bleak, narrow and restrictive. Yet... More > within the narrow confines of the “Thou shalt nots…” lies an extraordinary rich source of mystery, miracles and ideals, opening doors into the inner world of the self. The 21st Century is about to begin and a modern prophet is required. "But verily, not one jot or tittle may pass from the law, till all is fulfilled". How then is a new prophet to express the old? The 2000 preceding years of Christian tradition are now concentrated into one small being, born into traditional convent life. But not only God makes plans. In another Convent, another individual, is extracting very different meanings from the same teachings. And as the new millennium dawns, a showdown is inevitable.< Less
THE RETURN OF SAMPSON By Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
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In this exciting conclusion to the popular SAMPSON GENE, this story finds our hero and what's left of the Candidates readying themselves for battle against another foe...and this one more powerful... More > than the first. The true Anti-Christ has shown himself and with Sampson's son missing, the man with the biblical and supernatural heritage finds his troubles going from bad to worse. The ultimate battle between good and evil looms and Sampson and the Candidates hold mankind's fates in the palms of their hands. Are they ready to take on evil in the flesh?< Less
Timothy's Vision By Kenneth Trimble
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Timothy can see a light that other's cannot. It is a gift that few possess. Along with his friends he discover's that it comes with certain powers that are a threat to some and coveted by others. ... More > When darkness becomes too strong and the balance between light and darkness is threatened, he and his friends find themselves in the center of an age old conflict between good and evil. A battle must be fought, a battle of epic proportion. Within it the continuation of existence as the world knows it will be decided, and the fates of all will be determined by the actions of a few gifted individuals.< Less
Destroyer of rangola By Thomas Edgar
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Who will win good vs evil
GOD? THE LOGICAL PATH By Robert Prevatt Jr
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It is my hope that this book will help forge a new relationship to the Devine Energies that unite us with Gods universe, by using logical reasoning combined with 21st century knowledge.
The War of The Augur By Ana Finnegan
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Welcome to Amanar! As you enter Amanar during a time of upheaval you'll meet The Augur and learn of their secret allegiances with the giants, centaurs, healers and the race of men. Difficult times... More > lie ahead for the Arcadians as they fight to restore the peace in Amanar which has been threatened by the Abaddonians. Will the clash among the Augur take this epic to the ultimate battle of good vs. evil?< Less

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