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The Soul Gate By Matt Jones
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Joe Harvey is a smart guy, he knows facts and figures. What he has always had a problem with, is people. As a socially stunted individual, whose brain regularly overrules his heart, how will he cope... More > when he has no choice but to interact with the very essence of others? When a power as old as mankind itself needs a way to reach its true destination, it will force him to experience the lives and deaths of those around him, even if it tears him apart. With the champions of ultimate good and ultimate evil on their trail, Joe, his girl Courtney and good friend Sara must discover a realm long hidden in order to save Joe from being destroyed by a power not meant for your average mortal.< Less
EHRENWORT By Frank Luger
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“Ehrenwort” (German for “word of honour”) is a pseudoplay (the kind meant to be read, not seen on stage or screen) about the fatal clash between two brothers near the end of... More > World War II. Franz, the older brother, is an angelically good doctor in the Wehrmacht, the German Regular Army; but his younger brother Rolf is a fanatically Nazi evil maniac, engineer, and Captain in the Waffen-SS. Caught in the middle is positive reality, represented by Maria, the wife of Franz; and two Russian officers, a senior Commander, and his junior adjutant. The characters and the plot are deliberately exaggerated and melodramatic in order to bring many historical, intellectual, and moral dilemmas into sharper focus; for example what genuine nobility is all about, why did Germany follow Hitler, how could the Holocaust take place, who was responsible for what, who was guilty of what, and so on. This is an original literary work written in 1984, published for the first time in 2007; revised in 2018.< Less
When Mice Sing By Dorothy Urbanek
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1. WHEN MICE SING came to me in early 1994 when I awoke with this very vivid dream that had played as though a movie while I slept. I then wrote furiously for the next good while trying to get it all... More > down on paper so that I would not forget. And, as the minutes ticked away, so did the visions and details of the dream. But I had a good foundation and, over the next months, carried the dream in my head adding to it as missing pieces seemed to return to me until the whole thing was finished. This is a simple story about simple beings living in a simple world that had become corrupted. But love survived and surfaced in the presence of a small one with great faith and hope. Once shared, there is no stopping the power of love. This is the story that ends well, WHEN MICE SING--THE STORY OF MEI AND YU.< Less
The Stream: Discovery By Bill Jones Jr.
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Charlie Patterson is an exceptionally bright young man, with no close friends. When his great-grandfather becomes trapped within the world of dreams, the Stream, Charlie and his friends set out to... More > free him. There they will encounter fur-covered dragons, deserts of colored glass, distorted history, and other strange beings. However, there is a growing darkness in the Stream, and it wants both Charlie and his great-grandfather. Charlie's entire summer has been filled with increasingly disturbing dreams. Most feature a strange, dark-haired girl, who watches, but does not speak. Her name is Robin LeBeaux, a lovely girl from New Mexico with a tragic past, and she is quite real. Despite Charlie's insistent logic, and Robin's enthusiastic illogic, they become fast friends. Together, guided by Robin's deceased sister, they discover a singular talent - the ability to walk into and influence others' dreams.< Less
Mathius By Cheryl T. Pillsbury
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Penumbral Full Moon, when two full moons appear in the same month, the moon passes exclusively within the earth’s penumbra; very rare, the moon darkens as it darkens the earth, no stars, no... More > sunlight or moonlight. But in August of 2013 it will be two Blue Full Moons for this myth to take place, myth or fact, you decide.< Less
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Contract Bearer By Emily Gao
Paperback: $12.99
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Lance’s face was incredibly close to hers. She had nowhere to back away to, and she found either side blocked as well. “Rose, tell me why!” he pleaded. “Why me? Why... More > couldn’t I have more time? Why?” She found herself unable to move or say anything under his intense gaze. Nothing was possible except staring back in fright.< Less
Reaper X By Chris Machuca
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Reaper X is a story about an ordinary 18 year old teen, Chris, that had a great life and family, but that life was taken from him by a man named Antonio Hernandez. Chris Williams made a deal with... More > death in order to get the power he needed to change and reincarnate himself.< Less
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Anirobos: The Day the World Stood STOOPID! By J. C. Cheesman
Paperback: $5.00
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The year is 2222. People can mutate their own DNA. Everything and everyone is connected wirelessly to the Internet. Then the robots decided to take over....

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