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Twin Scourges: Thoughts on Anti-Catholicism and Theological Liberalism By Dave Armstrong
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Table of Contents: I General Observations II Martin Luther III Is All Opposition to Catholicism "Anti-Catholicism"? IV Protestantism is Christian & Catholicism is Not? V The Gospel... More > & Faith and Works VI "Debates" & "Dialogues" with Anti-Catholics VII Does the Term "Anti-Catholic" Involve a Double Standard? VIII Towards a Psychology of Anti-Catholicism IX Anti-Sacramentalism X Heterodox Catholics & Liberal Protestants XI Nominal, Ignorant, and Sinful Catholics XII Practical Problems Due to the Modernist Crisis Appendix 1: Martin Luther's Anti-Catholic Statements Appendix 2: G.K. Chesterton on Anti-Catholicism Appendix 3: John Henry Cardinal Newman on Anti-Catholicism Appendix 4: Use of the Term "Anti-Catholicism" in Non-Catholic Scholarly Circles Appendix 5: John Henry Cardinal Newman on Theological Liberalism Appendix 6: Catholic Encyclopedia (1913): Modernism< Less
Five Fold Ministry Today By DR. FRANCIS BOLA AKIN-JOHN
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The crazy for titles among ministers of God has led to many confusions and abuses inn the body of Christ today. The Scripture gives us only five-fold ministry and leadership gifts in the church, but... More > we have turned it to eight-fold today. We have added Bishop, arch-bishop and Assistance God (AG) to our practices. We have allowed personal opinions, private interpretations to supercede the revealed word of God concerning the ministry today. Ideas of men, business concept in the church and financial lucre have been allowed to dictate the titles and positions we assume in the body of Christ and things have never been spiritually low as we have now. Preachers appear from nowhere calling themselves apostles, prophets and abusing the people of God in the process. The upsurge in the fall and failure of many gospel ministers stem from assuming the titles and positions that God did not give to them. Many abuses and errors abounds concerning the five-fold ministry and this has left the church with a black eye.< Less
I Have A Testimony By Rosalee Ervin
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The Change God has been a blessing to me daily!I thank the Lord for all things because He has given me a second chance to start over by challenging myself to grow in His holy word. When I learned... More > to lean on the Lord and to seek His face above all things a change begin to happen! I knew the Lord was showing me a destiny that caused me to stand at attention and to take notice of the blessings that poured out from the heavens giving me the courage to speak the gospel! I began to recognize that His promises were embedded within my heart and soul never to leave me or forsake me! He whispered within me saying this is just the beginning! John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Romans 8:35 “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?”< Less
No Power Can Stop Faith By Dennis Herman
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This book is a collection of short stories from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark about people who came to Jesus to be healed physically and spiritually. What led them to Jesus? What were their needs?... More > The world in Jesus' day was not much different than it is today. We still have needs. We still feel something is missing. We still search for answers. We pray, plead, wait for answers. Some times we hear a voice, see an answer to prayer, or receive a blessing. Other times we feel like we are adrift in a sea of silence, so far away from God. What can we learn from the people who left them homes to travel long distances to find Jesus? Maybe we are like people who waited until Jesus came to them. How do we find Jesus today? What can we learn from the people Jesus touched and healed? One thing is certain … when the answer arrives, the solution is always much easier than we ever imagined. Jesus already touched someone just like you. See how He effected their lives.< Less
So You're Thinking About Becoming a Mormon? By Cornelius Hyzer
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Why not find out what you have to do to become a Mormon? It is actually easier than most would think. And it can be very enlightening. Different religions believe various doctrines, but as a new... More > religion, started about 1830, you might be amazed to discover the simple Christian doctrines of the modern Church are the SAME as those in the earliest days of Christianity before corruption took over and changed so many things. The Restored Gospel is being preached throughout the world with over 75,000 full time missionaries. LEARN ABOUT IT AND LIVE IT AND LOVE IT! For millions of present day converts it is the GOOD NEWS that Jesus Christ is gathering His children in the Latter-days to bring peace and joy upon the earth. He is performing His "marvelous work and a wonder" in our time. Become part of something truly great and glorious. All you have to do is follow FIVE simple steps to gain Eternal Life together with your family.< Less
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What was it like to walk with Jesus? The Apostle John takes us into the presence of the Master. A verse-by-verse study of the fourth gospel, written in simple Russian.
Kuokolewa Kutoka Kwa Nini??? By Win Groseclose
Paperback: $2.50
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From what do we need to be saved? Is there coming judgment for those who accept Jesus Christ? This is the KiSwahili translation of the book, "Saved from What?", translated by Bishop... More > Gerishon Njoroge of Wings of Life Gospel Church in Kenya.< Less
Na Cheithre Soisgéil agus Gníomhartha na n-Aspol By Peadar ua Laoghaire
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The Four Gospels, and the Acts of the Apostles, translated into Irish by Father Peter O' Leary. Here presented in Seanchló type, as is the original, which never appeared under one cover, as... More > here, but rather as two books, though the fact that the page numbers in Acts continues as from the Gospels, showing that a single book was intended, but never, until now it has not been so presented. Page and line breaks and Father Peter's spelling have been retained, and mis-struck characters have been mended, but the archaic type-face, which is hard on the eyes has been replaced by a more modern font, which is easier.< Less
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Традиция чтения Евангелия от... More > Иоанна восходит к X веку. Считается, что она была инициирована константинопольским Патриархом. Сначала текст читался на двух языках – латинском и греческом. Позднее был добавлен древнееврейский, как третий из языков, на которых была сделана надпись на кресте "Иисус Назорей – царь Иудейский". Когда в литургии начали использовать местные языки, этот текст стал читаться и на них. Сейчас принято читать пасхальное Евангелие на этих трех древних и некоторых современных языках. Чтение символизирует универсальность Евангелия, которое обращено ко всем народам: благая весть о Христе, чья победа над смертью празднуется в Пасхальную ночь, должна быть услышана на всех языках мира. В данном издании имеется текст на 22 языках: ЦЕРКОВНО-СЛАВЯНСКИЙ РУССКИЙ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ БОЛГАРСКИЙ ИВРИТ ГРЕЧЕСКИЙ ЛАТЫНЬ ФРАНЦУЗСКИЙ НЕМЕЦКИЙ ИСПАНСКИЙ АРАБСКИЙ РУМЫНСКИЙ ГРУЗИНСКИЙ АРМЯНСКИЙ КИТАЙСКИЙ ГОЛАНДСКИЙ ХИНДУ ЯПОНСКИЙ НОРВЕЖСКИЙ МАКЕДОНСКИЙ ИТАЛЬЯНСКИЙ КОРЕЙСКИЙ< Less
Hridaya Gita By Dhanjibhai Fakirbhai
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This Book was firstly Written in Gujarat. Now it is available in Nepali language. It's a book about Jesus and his good deeds and the writer have praised him with beautiful and touching words. It help... More > to gain spiritual knowledge from the Bible.< Less

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