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Summary of Arabic grammar rules By tarek mahfouz
Paperback: $49.90
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This is an Arabic grammar book that is written in Arabic. Use it if you can understand the following book summary in Arabic or if the help of a tutor is available ان في... More > اعتقاد الكثيرين أن قواعد اللغة العربية على جانب كبير من الصعوبة والتعقيد بحيث يتعذر على أى شخص الإلمام بها إلماما كافيا مالم يتخصص فى دراستها والسبب في ذلك يعود إلى أن دراستها بصورة مجزأة دون الربط الكافي بين تقسيماتها المختلفة فتظل مشتته بين الأذهان ولقد خرج هذا الكتاب ليساعد القراء على استيعاب قواعد اللغة العربية وترتيبها في أذهانهم فقد أعد ليجمع بين كافة القواعد بصورة سهلة مبسطة ومرتبة مع توضيح كل حالة بالأمثلة والجداول< Less
Remarks In English Language: Grammar Rules By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
1. Agreeing Or Disagreeing In English - A. Agreeing In English; B. Disagreeing In English | 2. Agreements and Disagreements With Statements -- A. Affirmative Addition to Affirmative Remarks... More > (Agreement with Affirmative Remarks); B. Negative Addition to Negative Remarks (Agreement with Negative Remarks); C. Negative Addition to Affirmative Remarks (Disagreement with Affirmative Remarks); D. Affirmative Addition to Negative Remarks (Disagreement with Negative Remarks)| Exercises< Less
22 Simple Golden Rules of English Grammar By Andrea Lumac
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This book contains twenty two simple golden rules of the English Grammar that you can use everyday. Contains subject - verb concordance and examples.
English Rules! A Brief Guide to the Rules of Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Writing By Kathi Wyldeck
Paperback: $10.25
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This little guide to the rules of English is designed for young people who may not have learnt the rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing very thoroughly at school, but need to know more... More > to help them improve their prospects in the workplace. It is also a quick reference book for those who knew, but have since forgotten, what they did once learn at school! The book would also be useful for students still at school who want a compact guide to teach them the essentials of the English language.< Less
Grammar Commandments By C. Leckey
Paperback: $11.72
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This is an English grammar for speakers of other languages. It provides a underlying framework and specific weighted rules to enable students to communicate complex ideas clearly and confidently.
Grammar For Life By Vicki Watson
Paperback: $26.96
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Grammar For Life provides KS2 teachers with hassle-free, easy-to-teach photocopiable worksheets that can be used in conjunction with other KS2 English resources or as a complete scheme of work... More > – perfect for both class teachers and supply teachers! The worksheets cover Year Three, Four, Five and Six grammar and are written to provide teachers and pupils with exciting, stimulating grammar worksheets that: • explain key grammatical concepts clearly and simply, with examples and illustrations. • build essential grammar skills step-by-step with interesting, varied activities. • support National Curriculum objectives and the National Literacy Framework. Each worksheet explains the grammar rule, gives examples of the rule, provides initial activities to practise and check pupils’ understanding, and also provides further activities to help pupils develop their understanding. The worksheets are fun and informative and provide a stepping-stone to other areas in the curriculum< Less
Grammar Land By M. L. Nesbitt
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In this charming 1877 book of grammar instruction for children, we are introduced to the nine parts of speech and learn about the rules that govern them in Grammar-Land. "Judge Grammar is far... More > mightier than any Fairy Queen, for he rules over real kings and queens down here in Matter-of-fact-land. Our kings and queens have all to obey Judge Grammar’s laws, or else they would talk what is called bad grammar; and then, even their own subjects would laugh at them, and would say: “Poor things! They are funny fellows, these nine Parts-of-Speech. You will find out by-and-by which you like best amongst them all. There is rich Mr. Noun, and his useful friend Pronoun; little ragged Article, and talkative Adjective; busy Dr. Verb, and Adverb; perky Preposition, convenient Conjunction, and that tiresome Interjection, the oddest of them all." Free audio recordings are available from Librivox and there are worksheets available to print from homeschooling mothers on the internet (google "grammar land worksheets")< Less
Rules for English By Peter Riedt
eBook (ePub): $3.17
English is a West Germanic language related to Dutch, Frisian and German with a significant amount of vocabulary from French, Latin, Greek and many other languages. English evolved from the Germanic... More > languages brought to Britain by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and other Germanic tribes, which are known collectively as the Anglo-Saxon languages or Old English. Old English began to appear in writing during the early 8th century AD. In 2014, there were 58 sovereign states and 21 non-sovereign entities where English was an official language. The English language is a flexible communication tool used in many parts of the world. It is important today and may be even more important in the future for science, commerce, trade, education, the media, transport, tourism, air traffic, sea traffic, diplomacy, espionage, military operations and generally as a second language for people speaking different languages to converse.< Less
English Grammar: Basic Review By Examville Staff
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Learn and review on the go! Use Quick Review English Grammar Notes to help you learn or brush up on the subject quickly. You can use the review notes as a reference, to understand the subject better... More > and improve your grades.< Less
First Grade Grammar Workbook By SR Stewart
Paperback: $13.74
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First grade grammar workbook that helps children reinforce spelling, and grammar rules of the English language.