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Les Italiens dans l’armée française: recrutement et incorporation (1796-1814) By Francesco Frasca
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Francesco Frasca offers a work discussing the relationship between the French and the Italians, particularly with regards to Italian recrutement and participation in the French army. The political,... More > institutional, sociological and psychological aspects of the history are all considered: the Italians made a remarkable contribution, militarily speaking, to the wars that took place during the Napoleonic period.< Less
Reclutamento e guerra nell'Italia napoleonica By Francesco Frasca
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Italians military contribution began immediately after the first French occupation of Lombardy (1796) and the creation of the Cisalpine Republic whit the constitution of the Lombard Legion. This... More > Legion went on growing bigger until reaching in 1797 a total force of 15.000 men. With the constitution of 1802 the Cisalpine Republic got the name of Italian Republic. The divisions of the Italic army were brought to three. On 26 May 1805, the Italian Republic changed into Kingdom of Italy. The army of the new kingdom, inserted into the Grande Armée, took part to all Napoleon's campaigns showing the concreteness of its reality. The Italic Kingdom ceased to exist on 18 April 1814. Immediately followed the dissolution of the Italic army that was still compact even if reduced in force and efficiency by lasted fightings. That army had been living for 17 years, during that time had enlisted over 200,000 men and lost about 125,000. 1st Edition Lulu. com< Less
Buttermouse and the Flying Pioneers By Steven White
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Alfred J. Buttermouse, a grand-eared flying rodent, flutters down on the beach of a small coastal town where he meets two men carrying a contraption that to Buttermouse looks very much like an... More > extremely large kite. The men’s names are Orville and Wilbur – the Wright brothers. Buttermouse and the brothers become very good friends, sharing their experiences of gliding on the wind. But gliding is not flying. The bond that pulls them together is the desire to master the art of controlled flight. Sharing what he learned on his two previous glides, Buttermouse helps the twosome progress from simple, wooden fixed-wing flight, susceptible to the vagaries of the takeoff field, the wind, and the shifting weight of its prone pilot, to a fully mechanized machine, capable of extended and controlled flight. In return, the brothers help Buttermouse perfect his flying skills by allowing him to train in one of their new inventions – the wind tunnel. Hopefully, his newly acquired skills will enable him to find his way home.< Less
Penguin Island By Anatole France
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Penguin Island is a satirical fictional history by Nobel Prize winning French author Anatole France. It is concerned with grandnarratives, mythologizing heroes, hagiography and romantic nationalism.... More > It is about a fictitious island, inhabited by great auks, that existed off the northern coast of Europe. The history begins when a wayward Christian missionary monk lands on the island and perceives the upright, unafraid auks as a sort of pre-Christian society of noble pagans. Mostly blind and somewhat deaf, having mistaken the animals for humans, he baptizes them. This causes a problem for The Lord, who normally only allows humans to be baptized. After consulting with saints and theologians in Heaven, He resolves the dilemma by converting the baptized birds to humans with only a few physical traces of their ornithological origin, and giving them each a soul.< Less