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History of the Grannis Family in America By Sidney S. Grannis
Paperback: $2.95
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A history of the Grannis family in America published in 1901
Granny's Kitchen By Becca DeMore
Paperback: $15.00
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A cookbook of Granny DeMore recipes.
Computing for Grannies By Henry Wright
Paperback: $8.12
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This book is designed to help grannies use their computers. This book has instructions on how to use Microsoft Office, Windows XP and Vista, Internet Explorer and Windows Photo Gallery (comes icluded... More > with vista). By Henry Wright< Less
Granny's Tales By Monica Vesey
Paperback: $15.59
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A semi Autobiographical Account of the life and loves of Monica Vesey True Stories Handed down from Granny to Granny to Children
Granny Grump By Lydia Toumazou
Paperback: $8.78
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Granny Grump is a miserable old hag! She is miserable in the morning, she is miserable in the afternoon and she is miserable at night. Sometimes Granny Grump is so miserable she can even be miserable... More > in her sleep!Granny Grump likes nobody and nobody likes Granny Grump! But find out what happens when the villagers of Lumby Lane threaten to get rid of Granny Grump for good!< Less
Poems by Granny By Shirley M. Britton
Paperback: $12.99
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Shirley Britton, 80 years old, published her very first book. Shirley ("Granny" to most people) with the help of her granddaughters, Elizabeth and Susan, compiled the poems that she has... More > written over the last three years. Granny is a shining example that it is never too late to rediscover something you love.< Less
Granny's Teddy By Mark Mason
Hardcover: $26.50
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It's Christmas Eve, and as Granny gets ready for bed she's unaware that her first ever teddybear is about to drop in and turn her life upside-down. This year she'll discover that some gifts are worth... More > waiting for... Designed and illustrated by Mark Mason, one of the UK's leading classical 2D animators, responsible for animating children's TV series including "William's Wish Wellingtons" "Angelmouse" "The Forgotten Toys" and "The Raggy Dolls". "Granny's Teddy" is a unique wordless picture storybook for children of all ages, from pre-school upwards. Designed to stimulate verbal storytelling skills through observation, "Granny's Teddy" is a heartwarming tale that will bring a glow to the cheeks of any reader. Please note that preview images are low resolution files for quick online viewing only. The published book contains print quality, high resolution illustrations throughout as shown on the cover image.< Less
Granny's Child By Renee Patterson
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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This is a very short story about a girl who lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother has been raising her ever since her mom was arrested and sentenced to prison. Now, it appears that Granny may... More > be dying. Excerpt: “Granny…” I started, shifting so that I may look at her. She looked back at me intently, wondering what else it was that I may say. I pursed my lips for a moment before I continued: “I was just wondering… what will happen to me once… well… once you can’t keep taking care of me anymore?”< Less
Granny & Papa By Malihatkwa Gwen Therrien
Paperback: $14.09
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Granny & Papa, A Living Portrait Stories of the Sťáťimcets Speaking People This is a story of the Transition time. A time when two cultures clashed together, changing both in... More > ways yet to be understood. A time when ‘gold fever’ brought hordes of men, with only one goal: to get as much of the metal as they could by any means they could. The gold miners and those who profited from these events came and went within a few short years, but the after effects and repercussions are with us today. This is a story of the resilience of the Human Spirit of the Ucwalmicw of the Southern St̓át̓imcets Nation to survive and grow strong once again, while adapting to circumstances beyond our control. These stories relate to our ‘Rites Of Passage’ as we practiced them before and after contact with foreign nations.< Less
Granny's Garden By Donald Weis
Paperback: $9.99
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It's a sunny normal day in the city of Lakeview and you're out on a stroll, minding your own business when a sharp tart voice plucks you out of your reverie. "Young one, yes, you!" A... More > withered crone in a cane rocking chair calls to you from her covered porch. A tiny thing, she looks like a small bundle of cloths with a wrinkled apple for a face. Her voice, shaky with age, never the less reaches you with no problem. "Yes, you. Stop staring and get over here." Your brain kicks in suddenly, hard. This crone is one of the city founders. Everyone calls her Granny Smith. She's tart and bitter, just like the apple. A wizard of some considerable age and thus power.< Less