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Grass Roots to Green Shoots By Naomi Johnson
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In 2008 after a catalogue of mistakes Naomi Johnson had to walk away from her coaching business having invested three hard years of blood, sweet and tears. At breaking point she was subletting her... More > bedroom, sleeping on the sofa and eating baked beans for every meal, opening a can with a knife because she couldn’t afford a new tin opener. Her creditors were phoning 7 times a day and she had no peace. In this book, Naomi deals head on with the ‘Get Rich Quick’ industry and speaks frankly about what it really takes to be successful. She reveals the secret to making the transition from work to full time entrepreneurship, how to find extra money in your monthly budget to invest in your business, and how to work out whether you business model can really meet your financial targets and get you the life you want. By reading this book you will avoid many of the unspoken pitfalls successful business guru’s don’t think to tell you – things that if left unchecked will mean its ‘Game Over’ before you know it.< Less
Local Store Marketing For Retailers By John Matthews
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Local Store Marketing is a must for every retailer large or small who wants to fully capitalize on the sales potential of their all-important 3-mile trade radius. Gray Cat's Local Store Marketing... More > Manual for Retailers tells you how to tap into the power of local store marketing to help your store achieve sustained and successful sales growth this year--and beyond. This easy-to-use manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to implement proven local store marketing strategies at your store for little or no cost, and includes helpful worksheets, checklists and action plans. John Matthews: In-the-Trenches Marketing with Big Chain Experience: Passionate about the sales power of local store marketing from his 20+ years in the retail sector, Gray Cat's John Matthews has created this handy manual as a year-round marketing resource that retailers can turn to again and again!< Less
Fabulous and Tech-filled - Volume 1 By JC Lamkin
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Fabulous and Tech-filled, Volume 1, written by world-renowned tech expert, JC Lamkin, shows how to leverage the internet to promote your organization for free while generating revenue. This book... More > guides the reader through: • Planning and developing your blog. • Implementing free online tools. • Multiple ways to write for your audience. • Do's and don'ts for blog development. Who should read Fabulous and Tech-filled, Volume 1 This beginner's tech guide was created with the novice in mind. With easy to understand terms and illustrations. Fabulous and Tech-filled, Volume 1 is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn more in less time. This guide details easy to follow blogging how-to’s and suggestions for internet success. This book captures the importance of understanding why an organization might need a blog, how to properly use backlinks, promoting your blog and online advertising policies. Fabulous and Tech-filled, Volume 1 brings home strategies and global marketing.< Less
Grand Opening Manual for Retailers By John Matthews
Paperback: $35.00
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You have worked hard to make your store a reality–-now it is time to introduce your store to the all-important three-mile trade area surrounding it. Creating an exciting grand opening... More > requires work upfront, but in the long run will make your store start off on the right foot in your community. It is critical to make a great first impression to your community as well as your new customers--and this manual provides all the necessary tools for you to accomplish this. This manual is designed to give you “step-by-step” instructions to make your grand opening a huge success. The key to a great grand opening is to use a variety of effective techniques to draw attention to your new store. Gray Cat's Grand Opening Manual for Retailers helps you create an exciting kickoff for your new store!< Less
Tea Taster: How to Become a Tea Taster with Scientific Tea Blending Techniques? By Pnk Guru
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The book covering the “SCIENTIFIC TEA BLENDING TECHNIQUE” is a total guide to tea industry, especially to people involved in final tea blending, packing and marketing. Needless to say,... More > the people at the grass root level, managing the estates and factories should also gain more knowledge on tea testing, tasting and blending, of course, all with scientific base. On the other hand, the ‘tea tasters and tea makers’ will get scientific guidance and proof to formulate blends of desired characters in addition to their traditional ‘tea tasting’ knowledge.< Less
The Year in Review “2014” Revisiting Yesterday By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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THE United States can boast that it has the world’s best basketball players, fighter jets and country and western singers. But hardly anyone would ever boast that the United States has the... More > world’s best retirement system. Greenhouse, Steven (May 13, 2013); The New York Times; How do they do it elsewhere; web. My exchange theory; more grass-roots programs support women and as they too become seniors unsuspectingly need help managing their retirement, is based on the premises that individuals and groups act to maximize rewards and minimize costs; interaction will be maintained if it continues to be more rewarding than costly; and when one person is dependent on another per se. And remarkably there is a distinction for only the place- ment of original financiers lending commercial paper for the system-wide casteless. Sheepishly there have you the Ibookstore, Barnes and Noble brick and mortar, and the Amazon market; for ways to justly under promote my biography. They sold rights to me; a 70/30 partnership.< Less

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