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Abominable Snowmen, Legend Come to Life: The Story of Sub-Humans on Five Continents from the Early Ice Age Until Today By Ivan T. Sanderson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Ivan T. Sanderson, graduate of Cambridge University and world famous zoologist, naturalist and writer, presents evidence for not one, but possibly four separate kinds of unidentified hominids that... More > walk the earth,on every continent except the AntArtic and Australia. From the foothills of the Himalayas, to the steppes of Russia and the Klamath mountains of Northern California, thousands have witnessed these incredible and elusive creatures. With more than 30 years of evidence and dozens of maps and photgraphs, Sanderson presents the case for the existence of the Abomidible Smowman, and the reasons why this elusive creature has avoided capture.< Less
Understanding Imaginaries Through Hidden Numbers By Rodney Rawlings
eBook (PDF): $12.49
This essay describes a way of finding hypercomplex numbers—ones that extend complex numbers to more dimensions—with only basic algebra plus Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. The... More > result has implications for mathematics and the philosophy of science. The “RADN numbers” (known by science under another name) have a property of rotation like complex numbers, and are also commutative/distributive. (Division is deemed less crucial.) The author of UITHN asked himself what exactly numbers are, how they arise in our mind, and what their relation to reality is. But these questions were so fruitful only because he used a correct philosophy. Another philosophy, such as Karl Popper’s, would not have worked. This has two implications: Rand’s philosophy has epistemological truth; and the RADN numbers may have unique significance. May spur thought on mathematics, addition, multiplication, dimensions, imaginary units, and dimensioned numbers, and lead to more appreciation of Rand’s ideas.< Less
Faraway Green By Jack Young
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One muggy summer in New England, an unemployed agrostologist--otherwise known as the Grassman--goes to work for the wealthy Bill Borrington, a "rock-hard dreamer" with a motley crew of... More > hangers-on and a cattle farm in the Berkshires. His mission: to transform a weed-ridden field into a carpet of pristine putting green that will bring riches to Bill and win the admiration of the ravishing Autumn Bliss. To reach his goal, the Grassman must contend with hostile cowboys, inmates from a women's prison, bad digestion, and above all the dreaded curse of the Zombini Sisters. From the author of Hail, Cigaros!, heralded by Kirkus Reviews as "...assured, ambitious, and unapologetically entertaining."< Less