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Green By A.M. Perez
Paperback: $34.20
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All things green. From leaves to man made water wheels this book celebrates the color green.
Greens By Parker Tettleton
Paperback: $15.00
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The latest from Parker Tettleton, "the grocery store project came on the heels of a novella detailing the breaking of a relationship, the loss of my best friend, a circular move, a sadness I had... More > never torn into. These pieces are two years' worth of saying Sorry, saying I forgive you/me/us, saying I'll never forget, saying I'm ready again. I chose to write around something that makes me happy -- grocery shopping, groceries -- what fills me literally & when I feel I have nothing but nostalgia, figuratively. The beginning is more of an ending, the middle mostly a wanderer, & what's left & next is the I'm-moving-again spirit, in more senses than one".< Less
Green IT By Strategic Sustainability Consulting
eBook (PDF): $25.00
This paper will examine information technology and suggest ways to combat its effect on the environment in order to cut your company's energy costs, improve your company's efficiency, and reduce your... More > company's overall carbon footprint.< Less
Greens By Bennie Herron
Paperback: $10.00
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Long-awaited debut collection from Bennie Herron. 70 pages of verses contained within.
Greens By Bennie Herron
Paperback: $6.12
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The first collection of poems from Bennie Herron.
The Greening By Tammy Barton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The arrival of spring as seen and heard through the front porch window.
From Start to Finish in the World of Blogging By Will Green
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Many bloggers out there are merely scratching at the surface of what is possible as a blogger. From Start to Finish in the World of Blogging is a book designed to help improve the blogging... More > experience. With chapters on improving content, optimizing a blog's layout, making money with Adsense, pay per click programs and social media involvement in blogging, this book has everything a blogger needs to improve themselves as a blogger, improve their blog and make money blogging. Twitter has become one of the most popular and revolutionary ways to stay in contact and updated with the people you care about most. Twitter can be used for personal use or business purposes. However, Tweeters are not using Twitter to it's full potential. 'From Start to Finish in the World of Twitter' is a book to help you make the most of Twitter, from creating a Twitter account to customization, the definition of Twitter, creating the perfect tweet and increasing followers.< Less
GREEN By Stefano Budano
eBook (PDF): $23.49
Il verde è uno dei colori dello spettro percepiti dall’uomo e il suo nome deriva da “viridis” che significa vivace. E’ un colore ambivalente, simbolo della vita, della... More > fortuna, delle speranze, ma anche del veleno e del diavolo. Un colore di per sé instabile, associato a tutto ciò che ha per natura questa caratteristica, come l’infanzia (gli anni verdi), i soldi e il gioco (il tavolo verde). Visto anche come simbolo di rinnovamento, di mutamento, in natura è il colore principale in svariate sfumature durante la primavera. Simboleggia in un certo senso anche la solidità, sempre prendendo spunto dalla natura osserviamo che verde è lo stelo che regge il fiore. FONTE: INTERNET< Less
Green Body Green Birth By Mary Oscategui
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Your body is your first and foremost environment. It is the environment that you never leave, nor enter. Green Body Green Birth provides an in depth understanding of your body's own toxins and... More > terrain and shows you how greening your body leads to a healthier body, a healthier pregnancy, and a greener world outside. Whether one is a soon to be mother, or just someone looking to gain deeper insights into their health, the book is for everyone. Readers are provided with simple, practical, yet revolutionary solutions to empower their health and their life.< Less
Going Green & Saving Green By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
"Going Green & Saving Green" is an in-depth guide with more than 119 tips, techniques and money-saving green solutions. Now you can easily become an eco-friendly member of the earth... More > and help teach others with your new found information. Decide today that you're going to make a commitment to go green - and if you're already a "greenie" then learn how you can get even better results. "Going Green & Saving Green" is all about putting you in a position of savings. Saving the planet, saving your neighborhood and saving money. Order, read and implement the money saving green solutions in "Going Green & Saving Green" no matter where in the world you are or what time of day or night it is. Be the change the world is so desperate in need of and become a local hero overnight. Our planet needs each and every one of us to start making serious changes to how we're living. The only way these changes can be made is one person at a time. Be all you can be by going green today!< Less