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The Solution By Mik Aidt
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The solution is clear: cheaper and renewable energy in a fossil fuel free world. To become part of that solution we must educate ourselves – along with those who are dear to us – so we... More > can make the right choices. This is a personal journey which begins with making up our minds. We can ripe economic benefits from it, but individual action will not have much effect on the climate unless we are able to inspire others to step into action as well. This booklet contains inspiration and ideas as to how we get started on the collective journey. An increasing number of individuals, businesses and organisations have already started to invest wholeheartedly in clean energy and energy efficiency. They are showing the way, creating a people-powered ‘energy democracy’ reform from the ground up. 

We must continue relentlessly to pursue and implement non-polluting solutions until that day when the world again is a safe place to live for all living things and beings on this planet.< Less
Abney and Abney Associates Green Solutions By Mike Ketter
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Grønn energi : kloakk , biomass og gass fra willows Byene above landsbyene trenger s naturlig, kostnadseffektiv mate å treat kloakk location grønn-og energi Hva om det var en... More > kostnadseffektiv og miljøvennlig måte å løse kloakk problemer for kanadiske byene, landsbyene og grender, og i prosessen genererer grønn energi? Kloakk, biosolids, avløpsvann, avløpsvann, menneskelig avfall he natt og jord-dette all eufemismer for akterdekk, avfall vi produserer med nær visse regularitet.< Less
Most Important Green & Sustainable Terms Revision II By Woodline Solutions
Paperback: $41.94
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Most Important & Sustainable Terms Revision 2 Energy conservation, green technologies and sustainable practices have become more mainstream by transforming the way we describe about industries.... More > Examples and applications of sustainable practices are impacting our world at a higher rate now more than ever before. These terms are used to explain environmental preservation as well as energy efficiency. In a growing paradigm shift, the Woodline Solutions’ research team handpicked these 100+ distinctive words, which have been cross referenced for common characteristics and definitions. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by printing this book in a sustainable method. The book is constructed with 100% recycled paper. The recycled paper was harvested, manufactured and printed locally. We ask that you continue this commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle; when you are finished , please pass this book along.< Less
Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations: Fourth Edition By Richard Vaillencourt
eBook (ePub): $99.99
Updated with new material on thermodynamics that provides a blueprint on controlling energy use in buildings, this reference will save countless hours doing energy feasibility studies and associated... More > calculations. The author, a practicing engineer, will share with you his secrets for simplifying complex energy calculations, and show you how to use his unique, time-saving methods. You'll learn how to cut through the maze of detail using concise, innovative decision-making tools to determine whether you should invest real time and money into developing details of a project under consideration. Key topics covered include "energy myths and magic," the walk-through audit, lighting, pumps, fans, motors, insulation, fuel switching, heat recovery, HVAC and a summary of energy calculations.< Less
Simple Money Saving Green Solutions Volume 1: DIY Energy Saving Landscape Hedge By Mark Downing
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A common sense approach to saving money and being green in the process. This particular eBook contains a simple DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project you can complete in a weekend or two at a cost of... More > $100-$200 worth of supplies. Completing this project yourself will also save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a landscaper. This quick guide can end up saving you around 20% a month in electricity (or more) during summer months, add protection to your house from wind and storms, increase the curb appeal of your home, provide privacy, and give you bragging rights about actually being green and not just talking about it. I began noticing results from this project in the first month and hit a peak savings by the end of the first year.< Less
Going Green & Saving Green By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
"Going Green & Saving Green" is an in-depth guide with more than 119 tips, techniques and money-saving green solutions. Now you can easily become an eco-friendly member of the earth... More > and help teach others with your new found information. Decide today that you're going to make a commitment to go green - and if you're already a "greenie" then learn how you can get even better results. "Going Green & Saving Green" is all about putting you in a position of savings. Saving the planet, saving your neighborhood and saving money. Order, read and implement the money saving green solutions in "Going Green & Saving Green" no matter where in the world you are or what time of day or night it is. Be the change the world is so desperate in need of and become a local hero overnight. Our planet needs each and every one of us to start making serious changes to how we're living. The only way these changes can be made is one person at a time. Be all you can be by going green today!< Less
Living Off the Grid: An Introduction to Alternative Energy Solutions for Your Home By Edwin Remmers
eBook (ePub): $8.97
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You have been hearing all about it. It seems to be a big problem now all around the globe. Energy crisis is something that people can be blamed for. But it is too late now to point fingers to whoever... More > committed the biggest mistake. What you can do to do your share in helping to solve the root of the problem is by finding and using available alternative energy sources. Look around you. Amidst all the technological advancements, you will still be amazed at how nature provides for all the needs of mankind. But through the years, this has been overlooked and taken advantage of. This resulted to the energy crisis that we have now. Luckily there are many things you can do in your own home. This guide will discuss everything!< Less
Abney and Abney Associates Green Solutions By April xeigler
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Gratis og enkelt: en familie er vinter-oppvarming tale I August i år, hadde jeg en ny kombi kjele utstyrt energi selskapet forpliktet (Eco), en regjeringen ordningen som forplikter store... More > selskaper å gi økonomisk støtte for lav inntekt husstander å gjøre energisparende hjem forbedringer.< Less
BEING GREEN By Vaibhav Negi
Paperback: $20.06
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Surely enough, energy cannot be created or destroyed; so what is all the fuss about? Why must we start paying attention to our bills and start insulating our flats? What is the debate surrounding... More > global warming and why must we get involved? Let’s face it. Sustainability is by far the hottest topic of the 21st century. Yet what seems to be all over the news, media, governments, UN and scientific research remains vague to a major part of the world. Being Green discusses in simple, layman terms the solution to two of the biggest challenges the world faces today- peak oil and global warming. It also emphasises the importance of nurturing the right attitude towards sustainability.< Less
The Green Innovator By Christopher Kennedy
Paperback: $75.00
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A NEW WAY OF SEEING THE WORLD. The Green Innovator™ a high school program and green jobs curriculum explores the process of innovation through sustainable design and manufacturing. The Green... More > Innovator™ helps teachers facilitate a new dialogue with students. This resource provides students with unique tools and strategies for thinking critically about innovative solutions to the environmental challenges that face their local communities and the world. It facilitates applied learning by introducing students to the concept of systems thinking; considering the relationships and connections between what we design and use every day and the impact this use has on our shared home, Earth. Support for teachers is ongoing. Semester Long Modules, Web Resources, Power Point & Video, Hands-on Activities. Look for INDIVIDUAL MODULES in The Green Innovator™ Series - Design for the Environment; Sustainable Mobility; Sustainable Community Planning; Green Product Design< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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