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Technical Guide to Managing Ground Water Resources By U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Ground water is the Nation’s principal reserve of fresh water and represents much of its potential future water supply. Ground water on National Forest System (NFS) lands is a major contributor... More > to flow in many streams and rivers and has a strong influence on the health and diversity of plant and animal species in forests, grasslands, riparian areas, lakes, wetlands, and cave systems. It also provides drinking water to hundreds of communities. Demands for safe drinking water and requirements to maintain healthy ecosystems are increasing, and complex social and scientific questions have arisen about how to assess and manage the water resources on NFS lands. This technical guide was developed to help address these issues. It describes the national ground water policy and provides management guidelines for the NFS.< Less
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In Bihar, growth in GDP has been much higher (>10%) than the corresponding national average (< 9%) during last five years. Despite devastating flood of 2009, agriculture GDP growth was recorded... More > at 11.32 per cent in 2008-09 but it observed declining trend during last 2 years due to sever draught. Per capita income increased by two fold from Rs. 7449 in 2004-05 to Rs 13665 in 2008-09. Agriculture is still an important source of livelihood and about 70 per cent of rural work force are engaged in agriculture. Government made efforts to increase agricultural production but agricultural productivity is still the lowest in the country. With growing marginalization of agricultural holdings and with 96 per cent of the farmers being small and marginal in Bihar, there is widespread recognition that farmers need their own collectives to overcome their disadvantage in accessing inputs including adequate and timely credit for increasing productive activities not only in agriculture but also in allied activities.< Less
Rotten Ground By Chris Balch
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Sam Frye is a happy and successful bachelor until he and his brother decide to camp out Halloween night. Unknown to them, their campsite harbors a terror in the water, just waiting for someone to... More > drink.< Less
HOME GROUND (hardcover) By Beverly Hall
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This personal chronicle of the collaboration between a photographer, her architect husband, their gardener and a water garden designer will be a welcome addition to the library of every one who loves... More > the gardening connection. As you read the charming descriptions and anecdotes of how an acre of scrub brush and poison ivy on Hither Creek grew into a flowering sanctuary with three distinct water features, you will marvel at the magical achievement. Whether you have a garden or just appreciate being in one, this intimate book will delight and engage you as you take a guided pilgrimage around the stations of this enchanting landscape on Nantucket. BEVERLY HALL has lived in Madaket for over 40 years. Best known as a portrait photographer and the author of My Nantucket, she states: “I am not a serious gardener but I take my garden seriously.”< Less
Shifting Ground Book By Michael Wilson
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Shifting Ground seeks to redefine the topographic, hydrologic, ecologic, and socioeconomic relationships amongst Boston’s Charles River, artificial basin, regulating dam, and engineered harbor.... More > By exploring a multi-faceted and multi-scalar approach of passive and active strategies at the land-water interface, this design thesis advocates a resilient landscape strategy supported by hard infrastructure to adapt the city to a changing climate.< Less
Test The Waters By Alicia Smith
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Clichés, words of wisdom, and short phrases has always help to guide, and keep people grounded. I hope this book will encourage, and give you some insight into life’s journey.
And We All Get Fracked: 1,000,000,000,000 Gallons of Water and Toxic Chemicals Go in the Ground By Gregory Gebhart
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Over 1,000,000,000,000 gallons of water and toxic chemicals have been pumped into the ground around the United States in order to hydraulic fracture (frack) 145,000 oil and natural gas wells. This... More > gains access to new untapped oil and natural gas, but appears to poisioning our land, our water and our air.< Less
A Parent's Guide to Water Polo By Joe Greenwald
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A Parent’s Guide to Water Polo helps parents understand and appreciate a sport in which many are making a significant investment. Youth participation in water polo is on an upward trajectory. ... More > Participation in high school water polo has increased 2.6% per year for five years. But, unlike other sports, most water polo parents never played the game themselves. They lack a fundamental grounding in the sport that would allow them to better enjoy the game and help their children maximize the potential benefits of the water polo experience. This book provides an introduction to the sport. A brief history of the sport gives a flavor for the game. Common parent concerns such as selecting a club, training, and health are discussed. A primer on the rules helps spectators understand the game. A review of terminology helps parents trying to understand conversations in the stands. Finally, the book looks at options for playing water polo after high school.< Less
Masters of Water-Colour Painting By H. M. Cundall
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Masters of Water-Colour Painting, H. M. Cundall. - 24 full colour plates included. Masters of Water-Colour Painting is presented here in a ebook edition. This popular classic work by H. M. Cundall... More > is in the English language, and include the 24 images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of H. M. Cundall then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection. The earliest form of painting was with colours ground in water. Egyptian artists three thousand years B.C. used this method, and various mediums, such as wax and mastic, were added as a fixative. It was what is now known as tempera painting. The Greeks acquired their knowledge of the art from the Egyptians, and later the Romans dispersed it throughout Europe. They probably introduced tempera painting into this country for decoration of the walls of their houses. The English monks visited the Continent and learnt the art of miniature painting for illuminating their manuscripts by the same process.< Less

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