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Ancient Foods & Recipes of the Ages: Ancient Greece By R.D. Dalen
eBook (ePub): $1.19
Greek food has been known as the Food of the Gods for good reason! This book discusses early Greek foods and eating behavior and provides many authentic ancient Greek recipes. The early Greeks were... More > quite advanced in matters of food production. For example, ancient Greeks used systems of irrigation and crop rotation to grow food along the coast where the soil was poor where they grew olives, grapes, and figs. In the plains, where the soil was richer, the ancient Greeks also grew wheat to make bread. Fish, seafood, and home-made wines were also very popular food items in ancient Greece. In some of the larger Greek city-states, meat could be purchased in cook shops. However, meat was rarely eaten, and was used mostly for religious sacrifices. Ancient Greek gilt, anyone?< Less
How to Live 100 Years By Guy H. Lockwood
eBook (ePub): $4.49
How To Live One Hundred Years, Environment And Health—The Individual Struggle For Supremacy, The Body As A Machine—How To Live One Hundred Years, Air—The Breath Of Life—How To... More > Live One Hundred Years, Water And Health—Inside Vs Outside Cleanliness, Food And Health—What To Eat, How To Eat, When To Eat, Clothing And Health—Fashion In League With Death And Hell, Shelter And Health—Shall It Be A Mansion Or A Hovel, Exercise And Health—Outdoor Work And Recreation Vs Athletics, Habits And Health—Trained Animals Or The Human Show, Medicine—Its Use And Abuse—How To Live One Hundred Years, Balding Heads Or How To Grow Hair On A Goose Egg, The Effect Of Germs On Health—Shall We Eatem Dead Or Alive, Assimilation And The Elimination Of Waste On Health, Feasting Or Fasting—Living To Eat Vs Eating To Live, Pigs Or Figs! Must We Eat Hog To Live, Sleep And Miscellaneous Points—How To Live One Hundred Years, Sex—Shall Prudery Or Intelligence Rule The World, etc.< Less

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Water into Wine Water into Wine By David Rowe
Paperback: $10.00