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Growing Food: A Guide for Beginners By Jean Ann Van Krevelen
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Can You Survive Without A Grocery Store? Growing Food: A Guide for Beginners answers with a resounding “YES”! Van Krevelen offers up a host of information that will teach readers how to... More > plant, harvest, prepare and store her list of top ten vegetables with step by step instructions. But the learning doesn’t end there. This book is full of opportunities for readers to connect with all kinds of resources across the web The author creates a 3-D Gardening Experience by connecting readers to Growing Food groups on Facebook, MySpace and Gather. Once there, readers can ask a real person gardening questions. She also offers a list of favorite gardening blogs. The book is further brought to life with links to other resources including podcasts, social networks, microblogs and videos. Book contributors include the gardening world’s best of the best, Margaret Roach, Amanda Thompson, Mary Ann Newcomer, Susan Harris and Debra K. Prinzing.< Less
Does Broccoli Grow on Trees? By Peter Farrell & Katie Bokelman
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The book describes the Community Garden created by our pediatric residents at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters(CHKD) and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). Residents work with... More > children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Under resident guidance, the children plant the seeds, watch the seeds sprout, watch the plants grow, identify how various vegetables grow, harvest the vegetables, and learn healthy recipes using those vegetables. This project is supported by the Department of Pediatrics at CHKD and EVMS and by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We hope you will enjoy this book and consider growing a garden of your own. All funds made through the sale of this book will be used to support the Community Garden, hopefully for years to come!< Less
Macerated, infusions, decoctions. Biodynamic preparations for the health of the garden and the vegetable garden. By William Drake
eBook (ePub): $7.75
126 pages. Highly illustrated. The desire to eat healthy foods is the main reason why so many people cultivate a vegetable garden. Unfortunately, in the past decades the increase in the circulation... More > of goods has introduced in all continents diseases and parasites which, in the past, were confined to limited areas. This brochure contains a rich assortment of natural methods with which you can counteract the pests and diseases of your garden or vegetable garden. The manual illustrates the characteristics of the herbs most commonly used for this purpose. In this book you will find detailed instructions to obtain very effective preparations in a simple way.By using these natural, that is, biological, methods, you can finally have abundant flowers and vegetables without using chemicals.< Less
Organic Growing And Gardening By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Are You Burning A Hole In Your Pocket Buying Organic Food? Have You Been Wanting To Grow Your Own Organic Food, But Don’t Know Where To Begin? Would You Like A Healthy Lifestyle And Also... More > Experience The Joy Of Walking Into Your Lush Garden? Learn How To Grow Your Own Vegetables And Fruits With Organic Growing And Gardening - Learn to grow your own vegetables. - Save those extra dollars that you would have had to spend buying organic vegetables. - Become the master of your vegetable patch with simple growing tips. - Understand how to take care of plants to keep them healthy. - Learn about various safe alternatives to pesticides. - Stay healthy while contributing your bit to the environment. - Learn these simple growing and gardening tips and enjoy the benefits of your own organic food.< Less
Organic Growing And Gardening By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $2.35
Organic Growing And Gardening Become The Master Of Your Own Food The solution for a healthy lifestyle is fairly simple! Did you know that gardening organically helps in the preservation of... More > the top soil and therefore contributes to the health of the environment? Vegetables grown organically by you are a lot safer for you and your family. They are safer than the organic vegetables available in the market. Growing your own vegetables is not as difficult as it sounds. And the rewards are worth the efforts! Learn to grow your own vegetables. Save those extra dollars that you would have had to spend buying organic vegetables. Become the master of your vegetable patch with simple growing tips. Understand how to take care of plants to keep them healthy. Stay healthy while contributing your bit to the environment. Learn these simple growing and gardening tips and enjoy the benefits of your own organic food.< Less
Simply Vegetable Gardening-Simple Organic Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener By Donna Brown
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With food costs rising sharply every time we step into a grocery store, it is time everyone started a garden. This book shows you how. Learn to start a vegetable garden using healthful, easy to grow... More > vegetables, and extend your harvest from early spring through winter. This guide shows the best ways the author has found to grow healthful vegetables from the moment the ground thaws in the spring until the ground freezes again in the winter. Cygnet Brown is not a novice gardener. She has over forty years of practical gardening experience under her belt. For her, organic gardening principles are not simply a philosophy, they are a way of life. Without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, she has managed to grow many of the family's groceries and has improved her corner of the planet's soil in the process. Her use of this natural, practical philosophy stems from the premise that “healthy soil produces healthy plants”.< Less
5 Popular Perennial Vegetables: Globe Artichokes, Crosnes, Asparagus, Sunchokes and Rhubarb By Roby Jose Ciju
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Generally cultivated crops are grouped into any of the three categories based on their growing cycle. These categories are annuals, biennials and perennials. Annuals complete both their vegetative... More > and reproductive life cycles within a season or a year. Biennials complete their vegetative growth phase during first growing season or first year and produce seeds during the second season or second year. That is, biennials complete their life cycles within two seasons or within two years. While perennials are those crops which may take one or more years to complete their vegetative phase before embarking on a continuum of reproductive cycles, yielding economically significant crop produce. That is, perennials grow for several years without compromising on their economic value. Similarly, perennial vegetables are those crops that produce edible portion that can be used as a vegetable continuously for several years.< Less
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Asian Vegetable Planting Guide . Mustard .Choy San. Pakchoi By Gilberto Antonio Peñaloza
eBook (PDF): $6.00
A short , precise and teaching guide , concrete and experienced for growing Asian vegetables, specifically Mustard Choy Sam . It works for those who have never farmed in their life, new to the field,... More > fans, among others. Explain steps and pictures the whole process of planting the vegetable Choy San. The best thing is that it is simple and short , making it fun.< Less
Easy Organic Gardening: Organic Herb and Vegetable Gardening Secrets for Beginners By Rose Evans
eBook (ePub): $2.95
As more and more people start “going green”, organic gardening is becoming a bigger part of our lives. Even stores like Wal-Mart are starting to carry more organic produce and organic... More > products as the demand for them grows. Many people aren’t sure why they should even bother gardening organically. It can certainly pose problems with crop loss, soil quality, diseases, and expense. When you raise plants in your garden, you invest a lot of time and money. It can be absolutely devastating to lose a large percentage of your plants to disease or pests after working so hard and investing so much into them. In this book, I’m going to teach you some of the best tactics for growing plants organically. I’ll teach you how to deal with common problems once they arise, and how to prevent many problems from occurring in the first place!< Less

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