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Stop Over at Canacas By J. L. Navarro
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Story about a group of guerilla fighters on their last legs in South America in the mid 1960s.
The High Frontier By Stuart Slade
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Living and working in space is man's greatest challenge. The men and women serving on the Manned Orbiting Laboratories and the new Manned Orbital Weapons Station know the are the leading edge of... More > most important project humanity has ever attempted. The conquest of space will guarantee man's survival. Yet, there may not be enough time left. On Earth, one empire is collapsing under its own weight and there are those in its government who would prefer to suffer utter destruction rather than defeat. Will a conspiracy to stop them succeed? Another is trying to repair the damage from previous blunders and rebuild its relations with the rest of the world. Can they succeed before their enemies use a horrifying new weapon against them? As these crises converge to threaten destruction, a baffling mystery is solved. But, the question remains, will humanity have time to scale The High Frontier?< Less
Armed and Abandoned By Robert M. Bersi
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In the summer of 1951 sixty-five young U.S. Marine recruit volunteers are discreetly transported to and inserted into the mountainous tropical forests of Southwestern Luzon, Philippines. There, they... More > are trained in jungle combat and deployed into their unique, low profile mission on the fringe of the battle raging between the Philippine Army and communist Hukbalahap forces. This book is a modest effort to memorialize rather than judge the persistent storytelling of a few very old men recalling the indelible experiences they shared halfway around the world more than six decades ago. The writer gladly stipulates to the absence of official evidence to support their collective myth. In other words, it never really happened. It is pure fiction, and you may therefore safely believe every word of it.< Less
Some Jungle Trees And Their Uses By George Chaloner
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This handbook was provided for the benefit of British and Allied soldiers in the Second World War. Two copies have been in the Chaloner family since they returned to England from India in 1947. One... More > of the handbooks has been sent to the Imperial War Museum, and will provide source material for future researchers. The book has degraded over the years and so it has been reproduced to preserve the contents and serve as a memento for future generations of the family. Lt Colonel George Thomas Chaloner served with the British Indian Army in the Second World War and was stationed in India during the turbulent period when the country transitioned to independence in 1947. He provided all the drawings and colour illustrations as well as most of the text. This was probably prepared while he was carrying out jungle reconnaissance as part of his work, training soldiers in jungle warfare and survival; in readiness for the feared invasion of India by the Japanese through the jungles of Eastern Asia.< Less
The Army of the Cumberland By Richard Lee Fulgham
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First person account of famous Army of Cumberland Federal Army by General Henry M. Cist. Book or eBook available at minimal price. Mostly, we want to preserve American history as it actually... More > happened.< Less
Once Upon a White Man - a memoir of War & Peace in Africa By Graham Atkins
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From a colonial childhood, to the front-line of Rhodesia's vicious civil war, to the final disintegration of Mugabe's post-colonial Zimbabwe. "A gripping love declaration to Africa. With the... More > troubles of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe as background, the real protagonist of this book is Africa with all her wonders and horrors. Highly recommended for lovers of the continent, especially those longing for a well-balanced and honest account of recent African history" (review by Balazs Pataki, 2013). "The author remembers things that both racists and leftists would rather forget - the culture of humiliation and violence that made Rhodesia unsustainable, and the ugly silence of world opinion that made it possible for Mugabe to get away with genocide and ethnic cleansing. This book tore me from my political views and made me think seriously about the goals of humanity" (review by Avery Morrow, 2011)< Less
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The Swamp Fox and His Ragtag Militia By Jason Wallace
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Francis Marion, hero of the American Revolution or anti-hero? Ride alongside the man, the myth, the legend. Read the interwoven stories of his men within the story. See the cruelty that created a... More > nation. Learn about the idealized barbarity of men to dedicate and consecrate a land for the lost and hopeless, the wretched masses yearning to be free. Based on true events.< Less
Right of Succession By Michael Fogarty
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The year is 1921. The Irish War of Independence is drawing to a close. The Hennessys, a successful farming family in County Tipperary, having been previously untouched by the harsh reality of... More > guerrilla warfare, suddenly have it thrust upon them with savage brutality. Their hitherto peaceful existence is shattered as they are unwittingly immersed in the violent struggle and their efforts to survive are complicated by one family member's hidden agenda.< Less
Dance of Eagles By JS Holloway
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An explosive adventure-thriller set in 14th-century Africa, and in the 1970's bush war of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. Powerful characters who shaped their worlds: Tcana, daughter of a cattleherd, wife of a... More > prince, high priestess of a new religion that will rip apart the ancient city of Tsimbaboue. American TV journalist Rebecca Rawlings, caught up centuries later in the remnants of Tcana's faith and a violent war of attrition. Peter Kennedy, commander of the famed Selous Scouts. His friend and right-hand man, Kuru. And Kuru's brother, Mandhla, trained as a top flight freedom fighter by the Russians. In this gripping tale of love and retribution, Mandhla stalks the woman he sees as the key to his revenge, just as surely as Peter and Kuru stalk the man known only to them by his nom-de-guerre: the Mamba.< Less