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Guerrilla Flyfishing By Harry P Davis
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Fly fishing is a great sport that has been misunderstood for too many years! Guerrilla Flyfishing is a refreshing way to discover just how easy and simple this sport can be! This is a great read... More > and makes a fine gift for King or Pauper!< Less
Guerrillas by Night By Stephen McMillion
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Guerrillas by Night is a unique look at the forces driving America as it heads into the 21st Century. Through years of research, the author has uncovered the hidden war for America that has been... More > raging behind the scenes since the very inception of the country, a war which is about to conclude in the most unimaginable way possible. You'll read the words of some of America's most powerful men as they reveal their secret designs for our future, thus providing a dire warning to unknowing Americans. In addition, you'll discover the direct link between ancient philosophies and the American founding that haunts us to this day, learn the identity of the group of men who, with the unknowing consent of the American people, have seized control of the government from within, and see how they use their power to manipulate events, create wars, commit assassinations, and bring about financial and social chaos, all to their own advantage.< Less
Suburban Guerrilla By Mark Jolly
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In a world of achingly boring jobs, cramped accommodation and above all people who just don’t care, one woman decides she has had enough.
Guerrillas in the Midst By Bill Graham
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An easy read business / sales book of observations and recommendations.
NICK THURSTON in my own words By guerrilla writers
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A speculative autobiography that plots the rise, fall and sideways movement of artist and writer Nick Thurston as well as his struggle to actually write the book itself.
The Art of Guerrilla Warfare By J.J. Tucker
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Fighting a superior foe is a momentous task. There are many ways it can be done, there are many ways victories can be achieved. In war, there are no rules, there are no laws, there are only... More > strategies and tactics. Many say what they would do in the face of tyranny, many know what they should do when the powerful become predators. A divided people can be isolated and devoured. Survival depends upon the masses forming one mind. There is no time to weigh the importance of morality as the devil approaches. To even question any tactics that lead to victory is foolish. There is no need to ponder what the enemy deems acceptable, they occupy the opposite end of the spectrum for a reason. At war with a superior force, one has no choice but to assume the role of the guerrilla. Self-preservation is the cause, survival is the goal of the movement. Whether right or wrong, THE ART OF GUERRILLA WARFARE is the key to victory.< Less
Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing By Ernest ODell
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Guerrilla Real Estate Marketing - Your Secret Arsenal For Making Extreme Profits In Your Real Estate Business, is packed with tools, tips, tricks, strategies and tactics for making extreme profits in... More > your real estate business.< Less
The Original Guerrilla Film Maker By Phil smith
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Phil smith followed the Legendary film maker johnnie oddball for his college project , between 2003 and 2005 phil's accounts follow johnnie as he make's cinema history by creating the iconic 48 hour... More > film challenge event's in Berlin Paris & within the Cannes Film Festival , johnnie was asked why he create these challenges he replyed "to inspire others is one of the most rewarding feelings a film maker can do" Paris 2004 johnnie was quoted saying "i'll stop filmmaking when i stop breathing" Berlin 2005 john park from fringe report called mr oddball "the most create influence in the British Film Industry" Awarded (Film Person the year 2003) Notice £3 from every book sales will go to pray for Japan charity< Less
Guerrilla Warfare Study Guide By
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The Guerrilla Warfare Study Guide contains a comprehensive summary and analysis of Guerrilla Warfare by Ernesto Guevara. It includes a detailed Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis,... More > Character Descriptions, Objects/Places, Themes, Styles, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion on Guerrilla Warfare.< Less
Guerrilla Credit Guide By Gregory Jones
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Credit has become the entry point for achievement. Nowadays, a person may even be turned down for a job despite having excellent credentials because of it. Don't be left behind in the dust. GJ's... More > ultra popular and effective guide will help you to not only understand how to restore your credit, but teach you how to succeed in spite of having terrible credit. In this updated guide Greg will show you: • How to avoid being scammed by the quick fix promises found on the Internet • A brief history of credit and debt • Two very important laws about lending that can lead to get your loan improved • Innovative approach to obtaining a job even with the worlds worst credit. FIND OUT WHAT 100,000 OTHER PEOPLE HAVE LEARNED!< Less