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Summers Mill - A Historical Overview - Guilford County, NC By Stewart Dunaway
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Summers Mill was formerly known as Weitzel's Mill. A Revolutionary War battle occured there in 1781. However, this book is not about the battle, but about the history of the mill site. After the war... More > Jacob Whitesell (Weitzel) sells the mill and surrounding land, finally residing with the Summers family. It remains with them for many years. Read about the history of the site, view the images of the remnants which remain today. Also view the old roads, maps and other historical information.< Less
Guilford County, NC Road and Bridge Records Vol 3 By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the last of the three volumes of Guilford County road and bridge records. This volume, like the others, includes images of the record, a transcript of its content. Some records have maps from... More > period times and a few with modern maps showing these old locations. I found that the Guilford County records have some interesting historical information about the times, areas etc. This volume includes the time-frame when the NC Railroad was being built and the impact to the roads were two fold. First you have people wanting to change the routes due to the railroad and then people wanted a road from their village to the DEPOT! Some mention business as the reason. Never the less, these records expose more than just complaints.< Less
Guilford County, NC Road and Bridge Records Vol 2 By Stewart Dunaway
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Here is the second of three volumes for Guilford County, NC. The road and bridge records are combined for this county, and each record in this book is a photo image, coupled with a concise... More > transcription of the petition. This book was written to assist researchers locate old road and bridges. This book does not represent every single slip of paper in the NC Archives, since some are just a name, others deal with overseer assignment. Therefore this is not an exhaustive copy of every slip of paper in the archives across three boxes - un-indexed!< Less
Guilford County, NC Road and Bridge Records - Vol 1 By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the first in a series of books documenting road and bridge petitions for Guilford County, N.C. This book is written more for the researcher than as a historical book to read. The location of... More > roads and bridges is critical in establishing locations of events, places or people, since they didnt live, eat, shop, go to the mill etc., without traveling some road. These court records reside in the Archives of N.C. at Raleigh. This is NOT an exhaustive content, in that, there were records that have signatures and text not explaining locations as well as numerous overseer records that I did NOT include. This book has the image of the record and a short transcript pertaining to the location. This is indexed and there is a table of content so that each record (title given) can be easily found. There are some period maps showing locations, and a few modern views as well.< Less
Guilford County, N.C. - State Land Grant, Granville Grant, and Deed Records By Stewart Dunaway
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This book contains computer generated plats from a combination of - State Land Grants, Granville Grants, and Deed Records. All of these records pertain to EASTERN Guilford County (today) OR - Western... More > OLD Orange County and Rowan County. In 1752 the county line was about 9-miles west of today's Guilford-Alamance County line. This book contains PLATS from Guilford County Deed Books 1-9 (with some more modern books 10-15). Then the grants are clustered together in order to provide a complete land grant map of OLD Orange County (western boundary). Some modern USGS maps are included in order to illustrate the grant's location today. IF YOU RESEARCH families in eastern Guilford County, this is a necessary book.< Less
Guilford County, N.C. - Land Grant Entry Book (1779-1795) By Stewart Dunaway
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N.C. State Land Grants began in 1778. Due to many issues, the State requested all land grant entries be audited to 1795. This book contains the entry audits for Granville County. However, they did... More > not provide every grant, as this collection begins in 1779 and starts with Entry #1855. Yet, what was provided is contained here – including actual images of the pages, and then transcripts of the information contained. All of this information was entered into a spreadsheet; therefore, charts are provided detailing grants by year, size of acreage etc. for this collection. This book is useful to ensure that the grants requested were ultimately provided. The beginning of a grant was the request – which is called the entry. Sometimes the land is not vacant, or the boundary is disputed, and the request is withdrawn. This book is the only location where this information is provided. Finally, the actual date of the grant, is much later than the request, and this book provides the actual request date.< Less
Land Record Research - Orange and Alamance County, NC By Stewart Dunaway
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This book is a compilation of my deed research in North Carolina. It contains my personal notes, research, and plats. I used a computer plat program to create plats from deeds. This book also... More > contains maps of deeds placed in their modern location. The deeds I worked on I include a transcript (of the key info), and then it's indexed. Therefore, the index has all key info, such as "pile of stones" so that you can search survey information- easily. This book is meant to assist researchers, not a complete book of every record etc. A lot of Clapp, Holt, Albright, Linn, Keck, and many others of today's Alamance Co. are included in this collection. A separate book is dedicated for Guilford County, although SOME Guilford deeds are included here(primarily for county boundary research). NOTE: this book is the result of my 3 years of research, which continues today. THEREFORE it will change - via Edition number. NEW PLATS * TRACT 11 info 2012 *< Less
Rockingham County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records (1822-1893) By Stewart Dunaway
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Rockingham County was formed in 1785 from the top portion of Guilford County (which was formed from Rowan and Orange County). The county courthouse will be destroyed by fire, thus the loss of the... More > older records. However, prior to 1785 the records can be located in the Guilford County Collection. This is a small collection, but includes one map/drawing and other documents which document some early roads and early residents. A detailed index (names = Last, First) is included.< Less
The Kendall Family: A Legacy of Good Business: Hardback & Color By Mary Kendall Hope
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The Kendall Family book is a written documentary. It presents family photographs and stories of the Kendall's of Southwest Virginia and North Carolina. Documenting our Quaker heritage back to... More > Pennsylvania through Meeting Records, our first ancestors came to this country in the mid to late 1600's, as evidence by a marriage documented in 1709. This colorized version was created by request of several family members.< Less
Land Confiscation Records of North Carolina - Vol. 1(1779-1800) By Stewart Dunaway
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This book contains images of the original records, as preserved by the State Archives (Raleigh). These records are transcribed and cataloged (including detailed indexing) to assist researchers as... More > they delve into the difficult area of Land Confiscation. In NC, land was confiscated by Act of Assembly, for those people who remained loyal to the King during the American Revolution. These records are primarily documenting Henry E. McCulloh’s land, although, Fanning, Tryon, Josiah Martin, and Milner are included. In this volume are the records for Chatham, Guilford, Montgomery, Orange, Randolph, and Wake County. This book includes data tables and some maps to assist researchers. Orange County has the largest quantity of records, and data tables were included with numerous sorts to assist researching this collection.< Less

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