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Hack By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $14.96
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This is a story about hacker. Follow him down the rabbit hole of cyber space as he unveils a conspiracy that threatens to take down the established world order.
Hacking By Solis Tech
Hardcover: $34.98
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Is hacking what you want to learn? Always wondered how one becomes a hacker? Does it interest you how hackers never seem to get caught? Download Hacking to discover everything you need to know about... More > hacking. Step by step to increase your hacking skill set. Learn how to penetrate computer systems. All your basic knowledge in one download! You need to get it now to know whats inside as it cant be shared here! Download Hacking TODAY!< Less
Hacking By Walter Spivak
Hardcover: List Price: $35.50 $24.85 | You Save: 30%
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In this book, you will learn several skills and techniques that you need to acquire in order to become a successful computer hacker. Hacking is a term that has been associated with negativity over... More > the years. It has been mentioned when referring to a range of cyber crimes including identity theft, stealing of information and generally being disruptive. However, all this is actually a misconception and misunderstanding – a misuse of the word hacking by people who have criminalized this skill. Hacking is actually more about acquiring and properly utilizing a programming skill. The intention of hacking is for the improvement of a situation, rather than of taking advantage of a situation.< Less
Insane Hacker By sanchit jaiswal
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This will give you knowledge about true hacking and enhance your haching skills. Today, mainstream usage of "hacker" mostly refers to computer criminals, due to the mass media usage of the... More > word since the 1980s. This includes what hacker slang calls "script kiddies," people breaking into computers using programs written by others, with very little knowledge about the way they work. This usage has become so predominant that the general public is unaware that different meanings exist.[6] While the self-designation of hobbyists as hackers is acknowledged by all three kinds of hackers, and the computer security hackers accept all uses of the word, people from the programmer subculture consider the computer intrusion related usage incorrect, and emphasize the difference between the two by calling security breakers "crackers" (analogous to a safecracker).< Less
Computer Hacking:A Beginners' Guide to Computer Hacking, Basic Security and Penetration Testing By Xploit hacker
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A security hacker is someone who seeks to breach defenses and exploit weaknesses in a computer system or network. How do people hack and what are some basic precautions you can take to prevent... More > being hacked? Companies on our platform want to hear from you about potential security vulnerabilities they might have overlooked. By joining HackerOne, you can undertake ethical hacking on some of the most challenging and rewarding bounty programs. ...< Less
The Hacker Ethos By True Demon
eBook (ePub): $14.99
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Herein, you will find a comprehensive, beginner-friendly book designed to teach you the basics of hacking. Learn the mindset, the tools, the techniques, and the ETHOS of hackers. The book is written... More > so that anyone can understand the material and grasp the fundamental techniques of hacking. Its content is tailored specifically for the beginner, pointing you in the right direction, to show you the path to becoming an elite and powerful hacker. You will gain access and instructions to tools used by industry professionals in the field of penetration testing and ethical hacking and by some of the best hackers in the world. -------------------------------- If you are curious about the FREE version of this book, you can reed the original, first-draft of this book for free on Google Drive!< Less
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Hacking Technology: Tecnologie e Hackers By Dionigi Cristian Lentini
eBook (PDF): $10.99
“Hacking Technology” tenta un viaggio virtuale nel mondo dell’hacking, illustrando le principali tecniche di spionaggio e di attacco informatico, nonché una sommaria... More > presentazione delle tipologie di virus telematici; un accenno è fatto anche a firewalls e scanners. Chiunque cerchi di occuparsi concretamente di sicurezza informatica non può farlo senza conoscere un po’ di tecniche, metodiche, strumenti, filosofie e psicologie dei soggetti attaccanti. Come in molte altre fattispecie, per poter combattere adeguatamente un fenomeno è necessario viverlo, esplorarlo, analizzarlo, sviscerarlo ed infine mettere a punto le opportune contromisure.< Less
Bypassing Antivirus Computer Hacking - Protect Yourself By Learning How Hackers Do It By Paul Chin
eBook (PDF): $6.25
It is a hostile Internet. The moment you are online, your PC is constantly being bombarded with packets looking for a way in. This book will shock you by showing you how easy it is for hackers to... More > bypass antivirus protection and also to hack windows. Beware! You will never trust your Antivirus program again after this. The hackers know this, it’s about time you do too. How else can you protect yourself!< Less

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