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hello this is a guide book, which shows you many secrets informatics, ever after reading this book, you will understand how to protect themselves from attacks by hackers, if exploited well the... More > details can become true hackers< Less
Memoire of a Hacker By Mare Books
Paperback: $14.99
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Memoire of a Hacker. Journals a decade of webapplication security, from 1999 until 2008. Hacking a powerplant, Cisco, Bank of America, discussing how to hack browsers. The author even dares to... More > question the security of the secret service, outlining ways to hack their website. It is a document that shaped webapplication security as we know it. It was the journey of a young adult, a loner, a homeless hacker who eventually turned security researcher and professional programmer.< Less
Gospels for Hackers By Bradford Taliaferro
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This is a humorous, yet actually readable triglot of the four Gospels. Every word of the King James Version has been transliterated into three forms of "elite speech." This "l33T... More > sP33K" is in three levels - lite, medium and hard. Read things like "7H3N j053pH B3!n6 R@!53d fR0m 5133P d!d @5 7H3 @n631 0f 7H3 10Rd H@D B!DD3N h!m." Whether it is for a gag gift for that "techie" on your list or as a sneaky form of evangelism for a programmer you know, you'll enjoy this truly unusual Bible.< Less
Hacker's Choice By Pawan Kumar
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Short description for short story....... Be professional in computer world, with the use of secret tricks book. This book help you to become computer expert and is especially made for non computer... More > degree holders. Again children are advice to avoid this book. Secret computer Tricks & Many more... Read and use this.... Thanks..< Less
The Hacker Ethos By True Demon
eBook (ePub): $14.99
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Herein, you will find a comprehensive, beginner-friendly book designed to teach you the basics of hacking. Learn the mindset, the tools, the techniques, and the ETHOS of hackers. The book is written... More > so that anyone can understand the material and grasp the fundamental techniques of hacking. Its content is tailored specifically for the beginner, pointing you in the right direction, to show you the path to becoming an elite and powerful hacker. You will gain access and instructions to tools used by industry professionals in the field of penetration testing and ethical hacking and by some of the best hackers in the world. -------------------------------- If you are curious about the FREE version of this book, you can reed the original, first-draft of this book for free on Google Drive!< Less
Insane Hacker By sanchit jaiswal
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This will give you knowledge about true hacking and enhance your haching skills. Today, mainstream usage of "hacker" mostly refers to computer criminals, due to the mass media usage of the... More > word since the 1980s. This includes what hacker slang calls "script kiddies," people breaking into computers using programs written by others, with very little knowledge about the way they work. This usage has become so predominant that the general public is unaware that different meanings exist.[6] While the self-designation of hobbyists as hackers is acknowledged by all three kinds of hackers, and the computer security hackers accept all uses of the word, people from the programmer subculture consider the computer intrusion related usage incorrect, and emphasize the difference between the two by calling security breakers "crackers" (analogous to a safecracker).< Less
Mind Hacker By jamal shakur
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a text written to exam the over zealousness of government survellence.
The Great Pancake Caper By Cort & Ethan Hacker
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Daddy made too many pancackes again, but will the leftovers be found in time for dinner? Find out who knows where the pancakes went in the story told by Daddy and illustrated by Ethan, age 7.
The New Hacker's Dictionary By Eric S. Raymond
eBook (PDF): $1.50
This book is all about computer hacking, The AI Lab culture had been hit hard in the late 1970s by funding cuts and the resulting administrative decision to use vendor-supported hardware and software... More > instead of homebrew whenever possible. At MIT, most AI work had turned to dedicated LISP Machines. At the same time, the commercialization of AI technology lured some of the AI Lab's best and brightest away to startups along the Route 128 strip in Massachusetts and out West in Silicon Valley. The startups built LISP machines for MIT; the central MIT-AI computer became a [45]TWENEX system rather than a host for the AI hackers' beloved [46]ITS.< Less
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Being a hacker “License for Use” Information The following lessons and workbooks are open and publicly available under the following terms and conditions of ISECOM: All works in the... More > Hacker Highschool project are provided for non-commercial use with elementary school students, junior high school students...< Less

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