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Excessive Hair Fall - The 30 minute Solution By Samantha Perry
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A 30-minute solution helped me to stop my excessive hair fall. Now I want to help others as well. Includes easy to follow instructions.
The Hair Falls Out in Clumps of Languages Long Dead By Ludovico De Medici
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Written in a period of refrain from the tedious strain and commitment demanded by his up and coming narrative/anti-novel. "And the Hair Falls out in Clumps of Languages Long Dead"... More > features four poems birthed from a state of nerve-racking discomfiture beget by the inability to constrain a clear, concise vision of the hermetic and at times claustrophobic subject matter. In essence the contents of this book are the byproduct of six bleak months of writers block.< Less
Stop Hair Loss and Regain Your Hair By Mark Goldberg
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Stop hair loss and reagin Your Hair - the compedium of effective methods of stopping hair loss. You get: Does hair really have to fall out? What is the REAL reason for hair falling out? What... More > kind of baldness affects you? What do you absolutely need to avoid while fighting for your hair What steps do you need to take initially? A highly effective remedy is available for free to help you regain your hair. What the most effective methods of preventing sudden hair loss are. What you need to start doing now to regain your hair. Secrets which pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know about. What shampoo should you choose? What do you do to nourish the roots of your hair?< Less
Brin, the Raven-haired By D.j.W.
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Borrow D.j.W.'s imagination, given to thee with this poetic story. This author offers you a world never known, a story never before told. He allows thee, his reader, to decide the outcome. He will... More > leave thee on a precipice, teetering and ready to fly or fall.... beyond.... into your own imagination, that this long poem will enhance and embrace.< Less
100 Hair Growth Tips By Bouzid Otmani
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100 Hair Growth Tips Our hair plays an important role in boosting our confidence. It also says a lot about our personality, and many of us aspire to long, flowing locks. Long hair is glamourous,... More > sexy and always in fashion. Hair growth however, can be frustratingly slow, especially if we have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to a rather over-enthusiastic hairdresser! This concise and informative guide covers 100 of the most popular approaches to dealing with hair growth. Packed full of practical hints and suggestions, ‘100 Hair Growth Tips’ will help you speed up the hair growing process and enable you to gain the maximum impact from your tresses.< Less
Spaghetti In My Hair By Clare Stimpson
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Spaghetti In My Hair is a passionate tale of an English woman's life-altering experiences of Italy in her youth. Clare Stimpson's story starts in Modena where she decides to move in 70s to teach... More > English. Of course she falls in love with Italy and the colourful people she meets along the way and remains there for four years. later she returns once more to Italy, this time to the coastal town of san Remo, only to then head back to Modena, a place which she has grown to love.A light and entertaining read.< Less
Actuality or Imagination: the dreams of a child By Becky Henderson Haire
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This short book features some of my original photography from New Zealand in 2003 and Colorado in 2009. The photos tell a story my themselves, but I've included a short story featuring a young boy... More > who falls asleep on the beach while playing in the sand and has a dream. The story and the pictures go hand in hand, so I hope you enjoy it.< Less
Going Natural; How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair By Mireille Liong-A-Kong
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Have you ever considered going natural but thought it would be too hard? Try Going-Natural! Many of us are alienated from our stigmatized coils and have no clue what to do with our nappy hair. This... More > book helps you reacquaint with your natural naps and shows you how to grow out a perm. But more than that, this book makes a joy out of what you thought would be a difficult journey. Order the book. Find out  The best way for you to go natural  How to enjoy your journey  Why your hair is breaking  The basics of natural hair styling  How to grow and groom natural hair< Less
Natural Solutions to Hair Loss and Scalp Problems By David Satchell
eBook (PDF): $14.56
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Natural Solutions is a book with over 25 years reasearch behind it. It has the authors own reasons for publishing the book and encompasses over 25 years of clinical research. The treatments in the... More > book are natural by that we mean Non hormonal, non steroidal and may be used by practically everybody. In 2001 the author was blessed by being nominated for the Queens Award.This book is easy to understand and may be read by anyone worried about the state of their hair or who wants to keep it in peak condition in a high stressed world.For products please go to< Less
Stop Hair Loss in Young Guys – Fast! And Re Grow Healthy New Hair the EXACT Way a Doctor Used By Stephen Charles
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Losing hair at a young age is not an option - Did you know that in as many as 90% of all cases, alopecia is curable!? If you are concerned with the condition of your hair then this is the book for... More > you! FREE: Every buyer will also get a similar eBook free of charge describing how to beat hair loss and rejuvenate new growth naturally simply by visiting< Less