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Daddy & Peyton: "Little lizzy and the hairbrush" By jessica faren
eBook (PDF): $1.99
An ageplay story where peyton a young woman with a naughty little girl side called lizzy is lovingly but very strictly disciplined by her husband/"Daddy". In this volume, Peytons... More > littlegirl side "lizzy" is sent to go get the hairbrush after she doesnt put away her toys and makes a mess. Also contains explicit description of sex between these two consenting adults.< Less
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Contrite Women By Katia Spade
eBook (ePub): $2.10
Monique and Sharon were getting together for the first time after meeting on a forum. These ladies were full of mischief, sass, and practical jokes. Only to find out later, the joke would be on... More > them. (Erotica Spanking Short Story)< Less
Working for Jessica By John Derek
eBook (PDF): $3.29
Melinda is not that great of an employee. She is paid to take care of Jessica's infant son. She does fine there, but cleaning and keeping the house neat isn't her favorite thing to do. Finally... More > Jessica has enough and decides she had better keep Melinda in line. How will that happen? Will Melinda's bottom pay the price? NOTE THIS IS A FETISH NOVEL THAT INCLUDES REFERENCES TO ADULTS NURSING ADULTS. Do not buy if this offends you.< Less
The Lady and the King By John Derek
eBook (PDF): $2.89
MATURE THEMES. Lady Jessica has been sent to the King's castle as a political hostage. And as she learns her duties as a Lady in Waiting to the Queen, the King has a different idea of service to the... More > Kingdom. Jessica's attitude needs some adjusting in the process. Will her bottom pay the price? Please note this is the first part of the novel The Lady, The King and The Queen.< Less
The Professor Spanks By John Derek
eBook (PDF): $3.25
Amanda tries to be a good college student but isn't always able to do that. Sometimes nothing works quite like a good reminder to the backside. This may be one of those times. Will her lady... More > professor set her straight? What will she stop up? Giving up control to another woman? A first person story. This is not intended for those under 18.< Less
Spanked by the Grocer's Wife By John Derek
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Jennifer works at a small store. Surely they won't miss a few dollars here and there will they? Imagine what happens when she is caught red handed by the owner. Especially when the owner is a woman... More > who wants to make sure that Jennifer understands there is a price to be paid. This is an adult spanking fetish novel. Only 18 and over please.< Less
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A Brush With Friends By Anthony Vaughn
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A paintbrush named Peebee visits many of his friends. His sister is also a paintbrush. Some of his friends include an airbrush, a cleaning brush, and a hairbrush.