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An Accursed Race and The Half-Brothers (Esprios Classics) By Elizabeth Gaskell
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Two short stories, from the English novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, whose writings can be seen as critiques of Victorian era attitudes, particularly those toward women,... More > with complex narratives and dynamic women characters. Some of Gaskell's best known novels are Cranford (1851–53), North and South (1854–55), and Wives and Daughters (1865).< Less
Wolf Brothers By Krystle Kuan & Erix19
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This is a story about a demon named Khoval, the wolf-man who saved the human race from his own kind and lived as their protector in a small village a long time ago. But there was another village... More > where humans lived had a mysterious case about the missing children, which needed Khoval's help. He couldn't leave his village because some demons would show up and attack again in his absence, so he sends his twin sons, Travis and Carlos, both were half-wolves and half-humans, to take over his place and they were also known as "Wolf Brothers".< Less
The Brothers Karamazov By Fyodor Dostoevsky
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When brutal landowner Fyodor Karamazov is murdered, the lives of his sons are changed irrevocably: Mitya is placed under suspicion, Ivan's mental tortures drive him to breakdown, Alyosha tries to... More > heal the family's rifts, and there is always the shadow of their bastard half-brother, Smerdyakov.< Less
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Brother Leper By Donn Harris
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Brother Leper is at once a haunting mystery, an emotional journey, and a cautionary tale illuminating the psychological dimensions of power and violence. Ellis Corvalis awakes, without memory or... More > knowledge of anything that had happened to him, in the blistering Arizona desert on August 3, 2055. From that point, he moves forward as an innocent child, first to heal the sick, later as a leader of a group abandoned after an inexplicable natural disaster. But his innocence does not last long: faced with the choices that echo what any leader must grapple with, Ellis Corvalis attempts to craft new solutions to old problems, only to find that he is forced into paradigms and positions that limit his options. Brother Leper is a story of poets and healers, visionaries and manipulators, loners and secret societies, a story that foreshadows a world of the next half-century in which people create their own countries at the touch of a keystroke and in which ancient hostilities metastasize in new, malignant ways.< Less
Leaving Half Behind By Camille Markovich
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Read about Elizabeth Johnson as she comes of age during the turbulant Civil War era. Eliszabeth starts out as a young daughter of a wealthy Virginian plantation owner and ends up turning against most... More > of her family and joining the Union with her brother, James. Spirited and determined, Elizabeth sets out to free herself and her "family" from the struggles of slavery and states' rights.< Less
Of Kings and Half Kings By M J Porter
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Edmund of the English, the aged Constantin of Scotland, Anlaf Sihtriccson of York, Idwal of Gwynedd, Hywel of the South Welsh. The year is 942 and the treaty of Eamont in 927 and the recent battle of... More > Brunanburh in 937 have inflicted an uneasy calm on the lands of the British Isles. The fledgling England, Scotland, Strathclyde, the warring Welsh kingdoms and the Viking stronghold of Dublin are held firmly apart. Or are they? Hinged on the power and resourcefulness of one man, Athelstan, first King of the English, his untimely death in late 939 has thrust his young half-brother onto the throne and the acquisitive eyes of Olaf Gothfrithson of Dublin, his close ally Anlaf Sihtricsson, Constantin of Scotland and Idwal of Gwynedd have turned once more to England’s land and her people. Can Edmund hold England firm against the over-mighty men? Or will the greatest English victory at Brunanburh amount to nothing and fade into obscurity, to be forgotten by all?< Less
Split in Ha/lf By Di Westfall
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Maria and Christine are identical twins. The similarities between both girls winds in and out of their young lives. Both girls look alike. But that is where the similarities often end. A large... More > Irish-Austrian family. Her father is a loving though troubled man. Her mother holds the family together, with the help of her older brothers. Maria would like to be close to her sister. But Tina keeps her wall up. Maria chips away at her twins wall, and once in awhile breaking through. This is a coming to age story in an era where morals and family life begins to crumble. Will this family be able to withstand society's norm? Humor is a large part of the Donnelly family. Book number one, features life from the 1950's to 1968. Parochial school and family trips. Love and laughter.< Less
Half Horse Book 6 Gain By Yvon Hintz
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When a wild animal escapes, Sierra and To Arvo go hunting in a most unusual location- an adventure that ends with one of them in a healing hall. So that the patient can recuperate Alapao suggest a... More > voyage on his transporter, the S’Tarn Hara. He, Sierra and his family and others, set off on what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday only to find themselves in the hands of pirates. Sierra is separated from Sally and I Reesh who are taken to a mysterious city in the far west of Cantella. With the help of Dana, To Arvo and his young brother Thax, the black horse attempts to rescue them. The brothers, to To Arvo’s disgust, find themselves having to play the part of women in order to enter the city where Sally and Rishi are being held captive. Sierra finds himself having to race against a local champion to win freedom for Sally and I Reesh. On his return to Zammar, a man he always believed to be a good friend, tricks Sierra into revealing his true origins.< Less
A brother from another mother By Jesse & Barry
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Een bundeling van 6 grote reisverslagen, gemaakt door twee vrienden die samen een half jaar op wereldreis gingen. Op een vrolijke en humoristische wijze beschrijven zij de alledaagse gang van zaken... More > op de verschillende plekken in de wereld.< Less

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