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Healing Hands By Gregg Brekke
Paperback: $17.99
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Nancy Lott arrived in India in July of 1960, a newly commissioned missionary nurse from the United States eager to serve rural populations. In her first few years of service she learned the language,... More > became nursing superintendent of a mission hospital, and met a handsome and talented Indian surgeon, Virendra Henry. Their marriage and partnership in medical mission would take them throughout Northern India, transforming the operation and sustainability of many mission hospitals. Together they raised three children, went to America, and returned to India to continue providing health and educational opportunities in remote areas, even as they experienced heartache and loss. Their life's work touched and continues to assist thousands of people. Their love for one another and dedication to empowering the people of rural India has inspired even more.< Less
Healing Hands By Marlene Winberg
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Healing Hands of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.99
“Fighting is not the answer. You can impose your will by strength of arms for only as long as you are strong. Eventually you grow old and die and the empire is lost. The only real and lasting... More > change can be made through love, helping each other, setting a good example for all…” Ashida Kim has been trained to do things and seen things that other men can only dream of. He can break bricks with his bare hand. But, he chooses not to. Because the same energy that can break a brick or a bone or burst an internal organ, can be used to heal. Every martial art has healing techniques at the advanced levels of training, so that the masters, who are responsible for the welfare of their students, will be able to deal appropriately with any injuries they might encounter and teach them to heal others. This is the highest level of martial art, reserved only for the Meijin, the great teachers. Now, it can be yours.< Less
Healing Hands Devotional By Eva Francis
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Healing hands is a daily devotional for individuals aimed at encouraging the sick with the Word of God. It is designed to be a healing tool for all to study and meditate on t so they can understand... More > and embrace the healing power of God to themselves as well as the sick and afflicted in their sphere of contact. Studying this devotional will also help Christians enjoy divine healing , health and wellness as well as helping them to immune themselves against contagious diseases.< Less
Healed By The Hands of God By Cynthia D. Johnson
Hardcover: $22.00
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Healed by the Hands of God is a two-part book. The first part speaks about my journey through life and the second is called “The Emotional Cup.” The Emotional Cup is a journey you take... More > for yourself to sit and think about the different events that happened in your childhood. So many times, we as children go through too many events that scars many of us for life, unless we get healed from the traumas. What is the Emotional Cup? Emotional Cup is based on our relational needs have to be met. The question is will they be met legitimately resulting in healthy relationships where you feel good or will they be met illegitimately resulting in fractured relationships where you feel bad. EXAMPLES - A child needs attention. If it does not receive it then it will behave in such a way that people will notice and respond - behaving very badly in a supermarket or in the classroom.The child is determined to get the need for attention met.< Less
Healing Hands of Women By Steven Helmicki
Paperback: $13.95
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Poetry that reveals the key role women play in the lives of men.
Healing Hands of Women By Steven Helmicki
eBook (PDF): $7.78
Poetry that reveals the key role women play in the lives of men.
Life In My Hands: Healing Myself, Healing Others By Darcy Hotchkiss
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Darcy Hotchkiss chronicles her transformational healing journey starting as a single mother living on welfare and feeling powerless. When she made the decision to do whatever it took to break free of... More > a troubled life of poverty, she was led to join the United States Army. On that path she discovered herself, learned how to be of service to others, found adventure in world travel, and healed wounds unseen. The revelations that led her to this new life purpose at times defied words. Finally, she learned to take her future into her own hands.< Less
What Is Reiki Hands On Healing With Energy By Theresa Carver, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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Reiki: What is Reiki Healing? Learn Reiki, Gain Emotional Healing and Chakra Healing with Reiki Therapy and Reiki Meditation, the Benefits of Reiki Healing Touch Through Healing Hands, A Guide to... More > Self-Healing and Spiritual Cleansing Through Reiki Training< Less
The Angels Did Sing Through Her Healing Hands By Judy Beebe
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Let me introduce you to my reluctant guru, whose skin radiated with underlying light, whose magnificent countenance could make a thousand angels sing, and whose spirit voice lives on within... More > me. Learn about her healing tools and the gift of wholeness. A childhood of wonder opens up in the pages of this article.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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