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How to Fight and Win Against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination In the Workplace By Vanessa Nelson
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It is possible to fight and win against sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. I know because I fought a very hard battle when I was discriminated against. It was like a David and... More > Goliath situation, but, guess what? I won! Therefore, I want to share, with readers, 10 steps to help fight and win against sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.< Less
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Many multinationals have been perpetrating discrimination in the country in which they operate. This has been manifested in their criterion for hiring and firing, promotion, and remuneration.... More > Discrimination can be curtailed through many international instruments. By harnessing into the unexploited potential of the marginalized and discriminated, multinationals gained a competitive edge over their competitors. This research paper investigated some of the current approaches that multinationals and its employees deployed to curb discrimination.< Less
Getting To The Left of Sharp: Lessons Learned from West Point’s Efforts To Combat Sexual Harassment and Assault By U.S. Army War College et al.
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The U.S. Army has been and is struggling with sexual harassment, assault, and rape in its ranks, but the future can be different. In this monograph, three seasoned officers and one cadet propose a... More > series of steps—based on West Point’s experiences—to “get to the left” of these incidents by changing the cultural structures that allow them to occur. This will only become more critical as the Army works on the policies that will fully integrate women into the combat arms, introducing women to sub-cultures that have, for years, equated martial virtues with masculine ones.< Less
The Legacy of Joseph Muscat and his Government – A Study of Rule-of-Law Violations, Politically Motivated Harassment and the Assassination of Journalism in the Republic of Malta By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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On 16 October 2017, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia died in a car bomb attack, while she was driving close to her home in Bidnija. Her death marks the sixth car-bombing in Malta since the beginning... More > of 2016, and the fourth fatality. Her blogs were a thorn in the side of both the establishment and underworld figures that hold sway in Europe’s smallest member state. Her most recent revelations pointed the finger at Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, and two of his closest aides. Six months after her killing, it does not appear that the Maltese authorities have made any progress to identify the masterminds behind her assassination. Critical, but also deeply sensitive and humane, this book endeavours to improve public policy in Malta. Social challenges – such as abuse of power, corruption and social inequality – are also explored in this work. Highly innovative and profound, this book explores social scientific- and ethical approaches, so that the rule of law and press freedoms can be improved in Malta.< Less
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 47. Sex Crimes (Age of Consent Laws, Sexual Harassment, Statutory Rape, Sexual Assault, Sex Offenders, Sex With a Drunk Person, Date Rape, Self - Defense) By Tony Kelbrat
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Sex laws are not as simple as what consenting adults do is fine because every adult's view is different. In my town, a stripjoint owner had the hardest time because everybody ganged up on this guy... More > for simply running a legitimate business behind closed doors. They found some technicalities to close him down. To me, this is absurd that we're still living like this in a supposedly free country. Know the law before you engage in sexual activities. A lot of men think that if they have consenting sex with a 16 year old girl, that's fine because it's consenting but in most areas, she is a minor so that's statutory rape, good enough to get you branded as a sex offender for life. If you have pornography laying around your house where your children can easily see it or if your 15 year old nephew comes over and you let him watch a porn film, that's contributing to the delinquency of a minor.< Less
The Rules of Engagement By GmB Bailey
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Harassment Support and Information, Real life lessons to help you survive harassment, Information that is not listed in the rule book, understanding what harassment is and it's overall effects,... More > helping you recover and survive harassment.< Less
Tiers of Slavery in Qatar By Ruby Salam
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Tiers of Slavery in Qatar is a political human social scientific biographic novel addressing much of what is hidden in Qatar and the Gulf states. A heroic tale on survival and the power of... More > strength, with doses of human entertaining moments. The focus is on Mami, an Ethiopian maid and Ruby, an ex-pat lecturer in a university. The two women have so much and so little in common, but for a strong bond while navigating the kefala racist, sexist system that surrounds them both. Within Mami’s slave class, there is stratification. Similarly, even within Ruby's middle class, there is stratification. Qatar’s society is a complicated infrastructure of levels within levels, and labels within labels. The impact of these levels and labels on the lives of the 2.6 million souls living in Qatar and those living in the Gulf is an emotional, political, philosophical and eye-opening journey. There are many tiers to slavery. Enjoy this journey into Qatar, Ethiopia at a very intimate level.< Less
Eyes Everywhere By Else Cederborg
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Danny is a nice boy who for some reason has got the idea that people don't like him. He feels that everyone is staring at him. Also he has nightmares of monsters. When he is being harassed at school... More > he doesn't even fight back - that is until the bullies start harassing a younger and more vulnerable friend because then he wants to protect him ...< Less
Workplace Bullying: The Complete 101 on How to Survive it Successfully By Omileye Achikeobi - Lewis
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According to statistics, some 53 million Americans stand to gain from this approach, as over 35% of the workforce have reported facing workplace harassment and bullying. The numbers are increasing in... More > these down times. This book helps you navigate your way through the maze. It speaks to the need to maintain mind, body, and spiritual balance in the workplace. Find many legal and wellness secrets inside.< Less
Make it Stop!!! By Jackie Toben et al.
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This is a book that will help you fight against bullying and STOP it. Note: This book's profits are going to an organization that provides technology for underprivileged schools.

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