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Scrambled Hard-Boiled By E. R. White, Jr.
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Scrambled Hard-Boiled is classic American Noir where life isn’t painted in black or white, only in brutal shades of grey. When you need to hire a bastard to get the job done, contact Jay Dafoe,... More > private investigator. He’s in the Yellow Pages. Dafoe is an unscrupulous, greedy, profane man. His only redeeming feature is that he’s brutally honest both about his amoral nature and in his sardonic observations of the dark side of the world he has embraced. Nothing is sacred. Dafoe is on a case in a seemingly innocuous small town in North Carolina. What seems like an easy paycheck from a desperate father turns into a bloody killing that threatens the most important person in Jay Dafoe’s world…himself. Scrambled Hard-Boiled isn’t a parlor game mystery. There aren’t any saints in Dafoe’s life, only varying degrees of sinners, some of whom compensate him quite well. So when it comes to murder, Dafoe doesn’t really have a problem with someone getting away with it, just as long he isn’t the victim, and he gets paid.< Less
Cthulhu Hardboiled: The Shadow in the Tree By Jon Stout
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The investigators are hired to track down a grey ape called "The Professor" who's gone missing from a local zoo. It seems straightforward enough... but is anything in this game really as it... More > seems? Part II in the Cthulhu Hardboiled Campaign.< Less
Cthulhu Hardboiled: The Waters Over Heaven By Jon Stout
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The investigators are hired by an aging businessman to follow his young wife. From there on it's just your basic divorce case... until strange things start to happen, and the blood begins to spill...... More > Part I in the Cthulhu Hardboiled Campaign.< Less
HARDBOILED COMEDY - Three One Act Comedy-Mysteries By Bruce Kane
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Fictional Detective Justin Thyme returns in three more adventures sending up literary genres from the hardboiled detective to Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and the Brothers Grimm. "The Case Of The... More > Really Big Dog Of The Baskervilles” - Nobody is what they seem when Thyme heads to Sherlock Holmes country to find his client frightened to death by a four hundred year old hound the size of a Buick. “Hardboiled Dracula” - Thyme is summoned to Transylvania to find out why the country has experienced a sudden shortage of virgins. “The Big Snooze” - It's a Grimm case of murder when Thyme searches for the killer of his old pal William Jefferson "Humpty" Dumpty.< Less
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In these two one act comedy plays, it’s Big Bill Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before, through the eyes of hardboiled detective Justin Thyme, an operative of the F.B.I. – the... More > Fictional Bureau of Investigation. Thyme takes on the toughest dirtiest cases in English literature. That’s right… he’s a fictional detective. In "Hardboiled Hamlet" Thyme searches for the killer of old King Hamlet. Along the way he encounters the new king who wants Thyme dead, a prince who doesn’t know what he wants and a dame named Ophelia who wants everything, including Thyme. In "MacBeth The Knife", Thyme rekindles an old flame by the name of Lady MacBeth who may or not be mixed up in the murder of King Duncan.< Less
A Hard-Boiled Half Dozen, The Red Daley Stories By Daniel Rowe
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Meet Red Daley. He's a two-fisted ex-cop who traded his badge for a reporter's notebook but never lost his sense of justice. These are some of his stories.
Mysterious Affairs By Dumas
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Mysterious Affairs is a compilation of six short mystery stories in which a detective (either professional or amateur) solves a crime. It may sometimes be limited to the subset of detective stories... More > in which the emphasis is on the puzzle element and its logical solution (whodunit), as a contrast to hardboiled detective stories which focus on action and gritty realism.< Less
Chasing the Tiger: An International Mystery By Fritz Galt
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American novelist Fritz Galt (Double Cross, The Trap) triumphs again with another clever plot and glimpses into real life overseas in this gripping new international mystery. A small town private eye... More > is framed for a high profile mob assassination and must flee with the mobster’s wife to Barcelona and Bangkok while he tries to uncover who has set him up. Chasing the Tiger will totally mesmerize you as it takes you on an extraordinary journey of thrills and intrigue around the world.< Less
Seneca Point A Brandon Webster Mystery By Dan Riker
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When former CIA agent and covert Pentagon operative Brandon Webster investigates the murder of his estranged brother, the famous and powerful Supervisor of the Western New York Town of Lakeside, he... More > finds the identity of the killer is hidden in a web of town and family secrets, and a conspiracy of violence, kidnapping, fraud, and bribery inside a reclusive, and heavily armed religious group. Brandon first operates as a traditional private detective, working with a canny state police investigator. They discover that every suspect is hiding something except for the one who doesn’t have an alibi. When they are unable to uncover hard evidence, Brandon draws on his past life in the shadow world, using deception and disguises, and his skills as an interrogator and a commando, to uncover the town’s secrets, destroy the conspiracy, and force the killer into the open.< Less
The Big Bleep: The Mystery of A Different Universe By Lawrence R. Spencer
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The Big Bleep is a satirical tribute to Raymond Chandler's classic American noir detective story, The Big Sleep, that became the standard for crime stories featuring tough, cynical characters and... More > bleak, noir scenarios. The principle characters in his book were portayed in film noir by Humphrey Bogart and Laren Bacall.  The Big Bleep is the story of hard-boiled, Harley riding detective Sam Shovel, digging up the truth on a comedic, existential journey of self-realization. It's an investigation into a universe where a fictional character can become self-aware -- just like in real life! And, it's the only book that tells the truth about what REALLY happened to the Earth dinosaurs... (really).< Less

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