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HARDCOVER By Lance Norris
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Imagine: you approach a stranger on a train. Ask them what they are reading. Have them ‘randomly’ select a word and still you are able to name the word they merely have in their mind with... More > no pumping, fishing, fisting or peeks. Too good to be true? I think not. It’s all in Lance Norris’ HARDCOVER. Perfect for walk around/street magic. What’s more, this miracle can be performed anywhere in the world or Canada with just a simple conversion. What’s the average cost of a book test these days? $150? $200? $400! And half the time you end up with some phony baloney paperback that no one has ever seen at any bookstore or newsstand. With HARDCOVER you use the hard covered best seller that your spectator happens to be reading at that moment. The book stays in their hands at all times! Again, no peeks, no pumping, no magnets, no loops, no actual minds were read during this trick, but it will sure look like it. What are you waiting for?< Less
Subterranea - Hardcover By Leah Olbrich
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Edmund is a young boy with a vivid imagination, but his mother never believes his wild tales. One day, he trips and falls into a storm grate, only to discover an underground realm plagued by dragons.... More > Is this another one of his concocted fantasies or did it really happen? This book is available in hardcover and paperback. Other work from this author includes the children's book "Guide to Egyptian Gods & Goddesses."< Less
Paltronis (Hardcover) By David V. Mammina
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(Lulu exclusive) In Mammina's first fairy tale novel, the theories of justice and corruption are tested. This tale is about a ghostly knight named Spirit Warrior who dared to defend his own people... More > against an assortment of villains, including that of an evil corrupt king and a vengeful sorcerer. In a quest to secure justice and peace, Spirit Warrior selflessly challenges all obstacles at once--giving rise to this classic saga. [no ISBN#]< Less
The Outcast (Hardcover) By Heyden LaBelle
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"The Outcast" is a fantasy novel based around the life of a young Luadi warrior. The Luadi is a race of Draconian descendants, resembling traits both human, and reptilian. They are strong... More > and wise, though looked down upon by the world of men. The story follows Methial, a young Luadi warrior retired from a life of combat to live alone in a small town, with no other Luadi for hundreds of miles around. Methial embarks on a journey to discover who he is, to find his purpose in life, and to ultimately to shape the future of both man, and beast.< Less
TreasureHouse Hardcover By Jonathan Christopher Martin
Hardcover: $61.95
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This special hardcover collectors edition features full color pages with artwork by Kevin Kelley, Andy Cooper and Stacey Kaylor.... In the year 2000, Jonathan Martin embarked upon a journey of... More > written self-expression. The result was Threkjshanelle. The word itself, meaning collection or gathering was borrowed from the Martin short story, Relliad. As a young teen, Jonathan admired Ron Glass’ portrayal of the suave detective Ron Harris, on the hit 80’s television show Barney Miller. Towards the end of the show’s run, the Harris character began to pursue a career in writing. Eventually, this inspired Jonathan to write his own ticket to worlds and words yet unknown….< Less
GH Hardcover By C. Ronald Johnson
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Twenty-six chapters and two appendixes compose this book, which the author shares out of his personal studies on the subject. Seven chapters contain the concept of Biblical faith set forward for the... More > rest of the study and several of these are about what Biblical faith is not. The other chapters, then, are a set of studies about Biblical characters and their stories. The Author contends that God teaches about this faith through the interactions in such stories that occur between a person or persons and Him. Included is Rahab the harlot, Peter walking on the sea, Gideon, Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. There are two chapters each on Jacob, Caleb, and Jonah. Also studied are Moses and Aaron when kept back from entering Canaan; included in that time frame is the prophet Balaam. Also, two chapters study all the characters in the story of Jesus' birth. Each and every Christian has Biblical faith.< Less
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The CIA's secret war against Al Qaeda is evolving. Al Qaeda and the CIA have gone mobile, and are chasing each other around the globe. Why Al Qaeda cells have left the relative safety of Pakistan is... More > a mystery. Is it money laundering? Drug smuggling? Recruitment? What does it take to defeat an enemy who lives only to fight, and fights to be martyred? What will it do to the souls of the men and women fighting them? Meet Agent Allen Fox, veteran of the CIA who knows the game must change and must get his people and his managers to follow. He is The Hawk. He knows what it will take. Meet Agent Sandra Griffen, a woman dealing with her own demons. Meet Agent Hamid Noor, American Muslim who is straddling the fence. Meet Muhammed Abdul Rassin, the father of one of the 9/11 terrorists, who wants to live up to his son's name.< Less
echo (hardcover) By assorted writers and artists
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"Echo" is a "Down in the Dirt" literary magazine collection book from Scars Publications of the July through December 2009 issues of "Down in the Dirt" (including a... More > bonus chapbook releasefrom "Down in the Dirt").< Less
The Persian - Hardcover By Gordon Watt
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Vahsalan Sahar arrives in London from Tehran to begin an art course at the renowned Monarch’s Academy. He is only barely aware of the horrible deaths hitting the news and settles in to his new... More > life, taking in the culture of the city and the nightlife in Soho, London’s popular gay district. But when he wakes up beside the next victim, apparently dead at Vas’ hands, he is drawn into a tangled series of events which seem designed to make him appear to be the killer. Vas and his new friends must figure out why he has been set up - before the killer can lead the police to his door.< Less
Smoke (Hardcover) By Alexander Brown
Hardcover: $17.03
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When an experimental aircraft crashes upon descent to Edwards Air Force Base, a woman's world, along with that of her daughter's, is turned upside down.