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The Binney Hill Haunting By Michael Lavoie Sr.
Paperback: $19.95
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A man buys a farm house in New Hampshire not knowing it would change his life forever. Read his owns words as he describes fourteen years of his families terror, self doubts, and the unforeseeable.
The Haunting of Stoneycroft Lodge By Angela Elizabeth Lord
Paperback: $11.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bertie is finding life as a ghost very boring and decides to make himself useful. He decides to pay a visit to his sister. Not able to resist playing practical jokes he throws a vase at her... More > housekeeper thus causing much unrest in the household. Peace reigns temporarily whilst Bertie is away acting as guardian angel to his nephew who is in the army.< Less
Pine Grove Farm By Douglas Saylor
eBook (ePub): $1.99
When Guy and Mara Halsey return to their family farm, strange things begin to happen. Is the old house haunted? Does it have something to do with the Native American Ghost Dance? Why are their... More > neighbors so distrustful, and what was the cult that Guy's family once belonged to? As the Halsey's family drama continues, the answers may have less to do with ghosts and more with the region's troubled history.< Less
Pine Grove Farm By Douglas Saylor
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When the Halseys are forced to return to their family farm, strange things begin to happen. Some say the house is cursed. Are the disturbing events caused by unhappy spirits or a malicious... More > neighbor? This short novel is, at first glance, the simple story of a haunted house. The bizarre ending takes readers to a different level, one that may make them question the foundation of the American dream.< Less
The Secrets of Hartleyvale Farm By Una Halberstadt
Paperback: $16.95
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(1 Ratings)
Catherine Crawford, a young qualified school-teacher, applies for a position as house-keeper/governess to three small children living on a dairy farm in the Natal Midlands, in the Republic of South... More > Africa. The old farmhouse is said to be haunted and to hold hidden secrets. Their father, Neil Middleton, is unpopular in the district, unapproachable and is known to have a filthy temper. Catherine goes to help him for the children’s sakes and wonders what she has let herself in for!< Less
The house of secrets By Louise Mullins
Paperback: $16.74
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Haunted by the memories of the fire which destroyed her family home. Isabella is sent to an asylum by her husband. Upon her return, unable to forgive him of his overbearing presence she flee's,... More > seeking refuge with Anne, a once fellow resident of the asylum. But Anne has her own troubles and they are soon forced to leave the safety of Manor Farm. Will her husband reach her before she can find happiness? Or will Anne's secret destroy her already fragile mind? Almost a century later, Lillian and her husband inherit the house. But as they prepare to rebuild it memories of her childhood begin to resurface. Leaving Lillian unsure of what memories are hers and what belongs to another. A woman to whom she relates to. A woman who seems to remain within the walls of Oldbury Court, even after all of this time.< Less
Faceless By Bill Chapple
Paperback: $5.00
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Bill Moves to Missouri. He moves to live with his family. He is not greeted with hi but likewise hears watch out for them. Bill quickly finds out that the farm is demon infested. He must battle to... More > unravel the secret to the farm before he looses his life and his familys.< Less
Summer of Ghosts By Doug Everly
Paperback: $14.74
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(2 Ratings)
Roger, his son Terry, and their friends have one goal: to make contact with the spirits still residing at Roger's haunted farmhouse. As they begin their search for answers, they have no idea what... More > awaits them at the farm...and at their own homes...and in their dreams.< Less
Dark Dreams By Crystal McGarry
eBook (PDF): $2.00
A passionate horror writer moves into a secluded old farm house, trying to create a creepy environment as background for new novels. With his roommate off at school and work, he has a lot of time on... More > his hands to dream up his stories. But then, the haunts of the old farm house begin to paint a colorful new story for him, using him as the main character. Driving his roommate crazy as his fiction harshly impacts his reality, he follows a horrific tale of murder into the bowels of the house itself. It is there that he finally manages to prove he may not be loosing his mind.< Less
The Time Cavern By Todd A. Fonseca
Hardcover: $24.49
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The mystery began a hundred years ago. It was never solved. Now it’s happening again... When ten-year-old Aaron moved from the big city to the country, he thought it was a boring sleepy town.... More > Then he met Jake, a know-it-all farm girl who said his house was haunted. She claimed an Amish boy disappeared without a trace after hearing the wind call his name. Aaron thought she was just trying to scare him…until the night he heard his own name in the wind.< Less