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He By Auburn Lindsay
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When the love of her life weds another, Isabelle Vincent flees to Tumbleton on holiday, in order to escape the heartbreak and potential embarrassment that awaits her at home. While a search for love... More > and direction ensues, Isabelle finds little time to savour the affection she once had for him. She is surrounded by new friends, furry companions, and little girls to give dancing lessons to. As well, new suitors await. Which one will "He" be?< Less
He Was There By Cathie Jo Floyd
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A book of devotionals.
Color Rendering Capacity of Illumination By Xu He
Paperback: $15.97
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To assess how many colors on earth can be vividly rendered by a given light source, or to see whether a given light source is capable of rendering a great number of widely different colors, a measure... More > called the Color Rendering Capacity has been devised. This book introduces the idea of the color rendering capacity of light, and explains the procedure for calculating the color rendering capacity of any light source.< Less
Undergraduate Portfolio By Claire He
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Claire He Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture Undergraduate Portfolio 9 Projects
Portfolio Undergraduate Selection (Print) By Claire He
Paperback: $7.18
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Claire He Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture Class of 2014 Undergraduate Selection 9 Projects
Snapshot Guangzhou By Venjin He
Paperback: $21.98
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Snapshot - A helplessly subjective travel guide? That seems to contradict the idea of a travel guide in general, providing information, facts and useful hints for the traveller. Venjin He,... More > international traveller with Chinese heritage and Finnish passport, offers the opposite: A very individual insight in places she visited in person. Short, concise, incomplete and full of surprises... and especially loaded with pictures showing what you wouldn´t find on the first sight.< Less
Happy Flight By Xu He
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how to fold and fly 10 high performance paper planes.
The Betrayal By Jessica He
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There are 2 friends. All of a sudden, the gingerbread man becomes the enemy of the monkey king. Throughout the story, the monkey king meets humpty dumpty and goes on a quest with him to find the... More > secret weapon that can defeat their enemy, the gingerbread man. There is betrayal, accusations, and much more.< Less
Happy Taichichuan By Xu He
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Learning to enjoy a fantastic sport on your own.
The Story of Europe By HE Marshall
Paperback: $18.67
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A wonderfully-written masterpiece of storytelling, originally designed for younger readers but which became popular with all ages because of its easy-to-read narrative, this book tells the story of... More > the development of all the European nations from the time of the fall of the Roman Empire until just after the Reformation. Acknowledged as an ideal introduction to the history of the European Middle Ages, this book is written in a rollicking early twentieth century style which pulls no punches in describing the racial issues which confronted Europe, as this quote from the section on the Ottoman invasion of Europe illustrates: “The Ottoman Turks were the last barbarian tribe to settle upon European soil. They did not disappear like the Huns, they were not driven forth like the Saracens, they have in no way become Europeanized like the Hungarians or Magyars, they have remained Asiatic and alien, a blot upon the map of Europe to this day.” Contains the full text and all the original charts, maps and tables.< Less